Vol. 2, No. 2  Feb. 2011
In this issue:
Options: more bus service to the Eastside, Route 99 now runs on 1st Ave
Tools: color coded bus stops, special service for nighttime bus riders and more
Inspiration: video of a family who bike commutes to work and daycare
Upcoming: Women on Wheels event, Bike Expo, Wheel Options and better taxi stands

ThemeMonthSpotlight of the Month: Taxis

Image of person hailing cabTaxis make it easier to leave your car at home or even own fewer cars.  For times when walking, biking, transit or other options do not meet your needs, you could always hop in a cab.


A few taxi tips:

  • Hailing a cab in Seattle is legal. Just raise your arm and wave.  Make sure the taxi has a place to legally park without blocking traffic, such as a passenger load zone or a taxi stand.  There are passenger load zones throughout the city and many taxi stands downtown, mostly near hotels.
  • A cab is available when its roof light is on.  If the taxi sign on the roof of the cab is illuminated, it is available to pick up a customer.  If the light is off, the cab already has a customer or is off duty. 
  • Calling ahead is a good idea, especially if you are outside downtown.  
  • Questions about taxis?  Call Craig Leisy at the City of Seattle at (206) 386-1296. 
  • If you have any taxi complaints, call the City/County taxi hotline at (206) 296-TAXI.    


Taxi companies serving Seattle

Keep this list handy or enter these numbers into your cell phone.

  • Farwest            (206) 622-1717
  • North End         (206) 363-3333
  • Orange             (206) 522-8800
  • Yellow              (206) 622-6500


OptionsHeaderOptions to Get Around

Click here for a larger map.

Bus service between Seattle and the Eastside increased in February

This gives you more alternatives to driving alone across SR 520.  About 130 trips each weekday have been added on SR 520 alone. 

Route 99 now runs on 1st Ave and Alaskan Way

This bus route now travels north on 1st Ave between S Jackson St and Broad St instead of along Alaskan Way.  Southbound routing on Alaskan Way did not change. 

ToolsTools to Help You Walk, Bike and Ride

Image of pothole rangersBikers and walkers can report potholes, too

Anyone can report potholes.  Call 684-ROAD or report online.  For more information on potholes, including the new Seattle Pothole Status map, visit SDOT's pothole page.  Here's a description of the mechanics of how potholes are created. 


Metro's new color coded bus stops downtown group routes by similar destinations

Metro recently added color coding to the tops of bus stops downtown.  Bus routes that serve the same part of town share the same colored bus stop.  This bus stop grouping may provide you with additional bus routes to get you to your destination.  For maps of downtown bus stops click here, then select "Major Changes..." in the right column.


Image of busAsk Metro to drop you off anywhere along your bus route at night  

Between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. you can ask the driver to let you off at any point along your bus route.  This service is called "Night Stop" and is especially welcome during these dark days of winter. 


Ask for a "taxi receipt" at the end of each taxi trip

This gives you a record of which taxi vehicle you used and a time stamp.  This comes in handy if you forget that umbrella in the back seat or need to report a complaint.




InspirationInspiration to Walk, Bike and Ride

UndriversThis family bike commutes and still gets their son to daycare

Meet Seattle's Hickey-Hamm family in this short YouTube video.



Women on Wheels (WOW) biking event at Gregg's Greenlake Cycle Thurs., March 3

Register to attend this free event to celebrate women and cycling.  Enjoy free entry, food, beverages and raffles.


Bike ExpoBike Expo March 12 and 13

It's the biggest consumer bike show in the U.S.  You can get gear, advice, information and much more. 


Wheel Options March 13 to 26

Choose not to drive alone to work at least twice between March 13 and 26 and you could win a trip to NYC and other great prizes.


Better taxi stands serving nightlife destinations 

In neighborhoods with concentrations of nighttime businesses, the City is working to create taxi stands that can hold four or five taxis and be in effect from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.  This is part of the City's efforts to improve late-night transportation options in these neighborhoods, which is one of the goals of Mayor Mike McGinn's Nightlife Initiative.

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