Vol. 1, No. 4  December 2010
In this issue:
Focus of the Monthgetting out in winter
Options: new sidewalk in Northgate, Water Taxi runs through December
Tools: getting around in the snow
Inspiration: walking, biking and riding as part of emergency preparedness and more
Upcoming: Metro fare increase, Walk Bike Ride Challenge for 2011
Take the Transit Master Plan Survey:  What transit improvements do you suggest?

ThemeMonthFocus of the Month: Getting Out in Winter

Keep moving! 

Outdoor winter exercise isn't always that fun, so it's important to keep walking and biking for transportation.  Taking transit also adds exercise to your day because every trip starts and ends with walking.


Be safe and be seen in the dark days of winter

         Read these tips provided by the National Center for Safe Routes to School and keep the kiddies safe.

         Biking in the rain works better with good riding technique and gear.  General advice on rain gear and these reviews are helpful.


Ped Safety CampaignSDOT's Holiday Pedestrian Safety Campaign encourages pedestrians and motorists to take a few simple steps to make sure they arrive at their destinations safely.


         Never pass a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk

         Put away cell phones

         Yield to pedestrians

         Make eye contact with pedestrians before going through a crosswalk or intersection


         Use the sidewalk and marked crosswalks

         Wear bright clothing

         Turn off headphones

         Make eye contact with drivers who are approaching

The campaign kicked off on December 3 with carolers singing safety songs at the Figgy Pudding event downtown.


Celebrate the holidays downtown and in your neighborhood

         Downtown Seattle shines for the holidays with arts, entertainment, shopping and more.  Getting to downtown is a snap with so many travel options.

         Your neighborhood shopping district is an easy walk or bus ride for many residents.  Many neighborhood shopping districts have special events in December, so shop and celebrate locally.  This can reduce stress and decrease travel times.

OptionsHeaderOptions to Get Around

New sidewalk along 1st Ave NE in Northgate connects Maple Leaf and North Seattle Community College to the Northgate transit center and the mall. 

1st Ave N Before1st Ave N After 
Before                                  After 


West Seattle Water Taxi now runs through December

Heading downtown this holiday season?  The water taxi can make the trip more of a fun event.

Even more good news is that the water taxi announced will run all year in 2011.

ToolsTools to Help You Walk, Bike and Ride in the Snow

SDOT's snow map and winter weather brochure shows which roads are plowed first during snow storms.  Remember, if possible, park your car and walk or take transit.  The brochure also provides tips and handy contact numbers.


Snow routes

During a snow storm Metro bus routes may switch to a modified route to avoid hills and use the roads SDOT plows first.  The snow route is shown on a bus schedule's route map. (In the upper right section of Metro's homepage enter your bus route number under "GET A TIMETABLE".  Then select "Route Map and Snow Route" on the right side of the light blue header.)


Metro Transit tools for bad weather

See which parts of King County have buses on reroute, easily find the snow route for your bus and find tips on using transit during storms.


Receive Metro alerts on the status of bus service such as, "Is my bus on a snow route today?"  Choose which routes you want to hear about and receive messages via email or text message.


InspirationInspiration to Walk, Bike and Ride

Another reason to walk, bike and ride: snow 

Walking, biking and transit can be the most reliable way to get around during a snow storm.  LINK light rail stayed on schedule in the November storm.  This illustrates that knowing your transportation options is an important part of emergency preparedness.  A Seattle Times reporter shared a personal story of biking home during the snow storm.


People are healthier in cities where more people bike according to this NPR story.


Just for fun

Bus routes are part of a neighborhood's fabric.  Check out this contest to identify views in Beacon Hill as seen from route 36.


Metro fares increase by 25 cents on January 1


New Year's resolution? 

Consider increasing your active transportation (walking and biking).  How about walking or biking to at least one new place each month?


The Walk Bike Ride Challenge starts another round on January 1, 2011.  This would fit nicely with a New Year's resolution to walk and bike more often.

We Want to Hear from You

Transit_surveyTake the Transit Master Plan Survey

SDOT is updating the city's Transit Master Plan, a 20-year look ahead to the type of transit system Seattle will need through 2030.  Tell us what you think about transit in Seattle and how it could be better.  January 13 is the last day to complete the survey.


As you think about transit improvements needed for the future, consider what you can do today to make transit work better for you.  Your transit trip can be transformed by using Onebusaway, which tells you when your bus will arrive; bringing a good book with you; or giving up your bus seat for someone with kids or packages. 


Current and past newsletters are on our newsletter web page.  Each month we focus on a different topic.


Dave Allen
Way to Go, Seattle! Team

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