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July 2010
In this issue:
Options: buffered bike lanes and new sidewalks
Tools: transfer between buses without getting out of your seat
Inspiration: Are we moving beyond the auto age?
Theme of the month: car-free tourism
Upcoming events: bike classes, Summer Streets and more

OptionsHeaderMore Options to Get Around

Buffered bike lanes are here

Example buffered bike lane
Roosevelt bike lane
Making it easier for all levels of bicyclists to travel, SDOT is installing buffered bike lanes.  The bike lanes are about five feet wide
with an additional two foot wide striped buffer between vehicles and cyclists.  This allows motorists to drive at a normal speed while offering cyclists a comfortable riding environment. Two buffered lanes have been built so far:


         In Bitter Lake on N 130th St from Greenwood Ave N to Linden Ave N.  For before and after photos, click here.

         Downtown on Seventh Avenue from Denny Way to Virginia St.  This connects to existing bike lanes on Dexter Ave to the north. For more information, including before and after photos, click here.


Both of these bicycle projects are part of the City's Bicycle Master Plan.   For more information on SDOT's 2010 bike lane projects, click here.


New sidewalk enhances new park and makes West Seattle Junction more walkable

The heart of West Seattle's largest business district just got even better with the opening of Junction Plaza Park.  SDOT complemented the park's construction by rebuilding the old sidewalks on two sides of the park.  The new sidewalk improves our transportation system and supports a beautiful, lively public space for the community. 

Junction Plaza before construction
Plaza before
Junction Plaza after construction
Junction Plaza after construction

ToolsTools to Help You Walk, Bike and Ride

Directional signs installed on Burke Gilman Trail 

SDOT just made it easier to know where you are when you're riding on the Burke Gilman Trail. Over 200 new bicycle wayfinding signs have been installed along the entire length, providing directions to other bike routes and nearby destinations.

For more information, click here.

Transfer between bus routes without getting off the bus

Sound too good to be true? Not always. At certain times of the day, some buses get to the end of their route and then "turn into" another bus route.


To find out which times of the day a route does this, look at the last column on the bus schedule under the heading "To Route."  For example, the last column of the bus schedule for route 55 shows which times of the day it turns into route 5. Below are some examples. 


Route A #

Route A Destinations

Route B #

Route B Destinations

# 54, #55

West Seattle

# 5

Fremont, Zoo, Greenwood


South Seattle CC, White Center, Delridge


Madison Park, Broadway


Golden Gardens, Ballard


Central District, Leschi

#21, #22, #56

West Seattle

#15, #18

Ballard, Uptown




N. Capitol Hill, UW, Laurelhurst



Eye to Eye campaign encourages safer use of our roads

Eye-to-Eye Seattle is an education and safety program aimed at all road users to foster a culture of awareness and respect. Eye-to-Eye reminds us about specific actions to be safer: make eye contact, look for bikes, stop for pedestrians, use lights at night, follow traffic laws, and signal turns. 


Take the pledge to travel safely and help spread the word. See you on the street.

InspirationInspiration to Walk, Bike and Ride

Are we moving beyond the auto age?  

Articles in The Atlantic, Esquire and Advertising Age Magazine talk about how Americans are driving less and cars are becoming less relevant to teenagers.  As a Way to Go! newsletter reader, you're at the forefront of a major national trend.


Enter the July Walk Bike Ride Challenge and win great prizes

It's not too late to participate in the July Walk Bike Ride Challenge.  Walk, bike and ride MORE to work, shop and play and cut two car trips a week in July, and you could win great prizes. In addition to the grand prize of an electric bike, more prizes have been added. 


If this person can cut car trips, perhaps we all can

This story about a musician who transports his double bass around town without a car may inspire us all to stretch ourselves a bit further in exploring green ways to get around.

ThemeMonthTheme of the Month: Car-free tourism

Summer is here and it's time to be a tourist 

For suggestions on tourism in Seattle and beyond by bike, bus, ferry, train and more, click here.

UpcomingUpcoming Events


Bicycle Sundays
Bicycle Sundays close Lake Washington Blvd to motorized traffic south of Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park. These events happen almost every Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. through September.


Scholarships to Cascade Bike Club commuter classes

Cascade Bike Club offers classes to increase your knowledge of and confidence for biking.  As part of SDOT's NE 45th St. Viaduct Project, people who normally drive in the project area can receive a $50 scholarship toward a class.  For details, click here.


Two Summer Streets events in August

It's everybody's street. Imagine the possibilities. Come walk, bike and play at Greenwood on August 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. and in Rainier Valley on August 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  For details

click here.

Free lecture: The culture of the automobile and its effect on our lives
"Carjacked" authors Catherine Lutz and Anne Fernandez Lutz discuss the complex impact of the car on society and how to develop a healthier relationship with cars.  Presented by Way to Go, Seattle and partners, the lecture is Friday, August 6, 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. at the Bertha Landes Knight Room in Seattle City Hall.

Explore a neighborhood on foot during an art walk

Art walks are a healthy way to explore our region's many vibrant neighborhoods.  Discover a new shop in your own neighborhood or discover the next Picasso.  For a list of art walks in the area click here.  

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