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As we begin the New Year, it is my great pleasure to share with you the celebration of a milestone in Worldwide's history: our golden anniversary.


Founded in New York City in 1962, Worldwide Books initially focused on carefully identifying, prioritizing, documenting and supplying the most important exhibition and collection catalogues produced by hundreds of museums and galleries throughout the world. In 1969, Worldwide moved from New York to Boston, and in 1987 relocated to Ithaca, New York.


In 1992, Worldwide greatly expanded its offerings by including American trade and university press art books not related to exhibitions. In the first year of the program, Worldwide listed some 600 new trade and university press books to complement the more than 1,000 museum publications we offered that same year. Over the past 20 years, our trade program has grown steadily, with coverage expanding each year to include more titles and a wider range of publishers. Last year our Approval Plan Program encompassed some 2,200 new exhibition catalogues and more than 3,500 new trade and university press books.   


In July of 1996, at a time when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, Worldwide launched its innovative Web site. An initial group of some 30,000 records, all carefully categorized and coded by subject, medium, artist, period, publisher and other topics, was the basis of a unique, content-rich Web site featuring sophisticated search options. Today, Worldwide's Web site provides records for more than 107,000 titles, among them thousands of out-of-print volumes permanently retained in the database for reference purposes along with hundreds of forthcoming titles.


Since the very beginning, Worldwide's highly flexible Approval Plan Program has been a central part of our services, providing libraries with an efficient and reliable way to develop collections systematically, efficiently and economically. The titles that Worldwide carefully selects for inclusion in the program are also made available through our Web site to libraries that prefer to order on a title-by-title basis.


Worldwide's unparalleled inventory, which includes thousands of out-of-print or hard-to-find exhibition catalogues from the past five decades, has enabled us to compile unique and important opening-day and retrospective collections for libraries throughout the world, most notably for the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, Tainan National College of the Arts in Taiwan, and the newly formed library for the Hong Kong campus of Savannah College of Art and Design, which opened in 2010.


The past half-century has been marked by a great deal of change for publishers and libraries alike, and for Worldwide Books as a bridge between the two. Our role as a trusted and reliable source for museum publications and other art books is a responsibility we continue to take very seriously. As we celebrate our anniversary year, we also celebrate the permanence of the printed word in all its forms, the beauty of the illustrated book, and the scholarship behind the thousands of exceptional books and catalogues we have had the privilege of supplying to our library clients since 1962.


With our thanks, and our best wishes for the New Year,



Kelly Fiske



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New Titles 


To view all the new titles that we listed in December, click here

To filter the list by subject, use our Advanced Search page and select "December 2011" from the Recent Arrivals menu in combination with any other parameter or keyword to obtain relevant results on specific subjects, or choose one of the main categories below.

By region:

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Asia  |  Europe  |  Middle East/North Africa  |  Latin America   
U.S.  |  Canada  |  Australia  |  Russia

Non-Western (traditional)    
Africa  |  Near and Middle East  |  Far East 
Oceania  |  Native North America

By medium:

Painting  |  Drawing  |  Prints  |  Sculpture
Photography  |  Video  |  Installation Art          
Architecture  |  Interior Design  |  Graphic Design  |  Fashion

By period:

300-1400   |  1400-1600  |  1600-1800  |  1800-1900  |  1900-1945    
Post-1945  |  Post-1970  |  Post-1990  |  Post-2000

By topic:

Decorative Arts  |  Women Artists  |  Urban Planning  |  Design
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By approval plan:

Plan 1 (Basic)  |  Plan 2 (Supplemental)  |  Plan 7 (English text)

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Trade press  |  University press  |  Non-trade/Non-UP

By language of text:

English  |  French  |  German  |  Italian  |  Spanish


Staff Picks 
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From Israel   Included in this month's list is a selection of recent titles from Israel, most of them published by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Ranging from archaeology (Worldwide 75161) and ancient glass (Worldwide 75227) to photography (Worldwide 34189 and 75218) and contemporary art (Worldwide 75171), the catalogues document shows held at the Museum as well as some of its collections.
Two exhibition catalogues from the Design Museum Holon are dedicated to contemporary design in Germany and Israel (Worldwide 74897) and worldwide (Worldwide 74908).



New Museum  

Bentonville, Arkansas, is not the only place where a new museum opened last year: four Antwerp museums merged  

and moved their collections into a new building alongside the Schelde River to form the MAS|Museum aan de Stroom. The entire story and documentation of the new museum building is featured in The Making of the MAS (Worldwide 75202). The doors opened in May with a prestigious inaugural exhibition that takes a closer look at the evolution of image culture from the Middle Ages to today using masterpieces from the museum's collections and will run through the end of 2012 (Worldwide 34208).



Pacific Standard Time 

Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A., 1945-1980, the comprehensive Getty-sponsored project consisting of multiple events and exhibitions in Southern California, has already spawned several catalogues and four new titles can be added to that list. Currently on view at the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Gardens is a groundbreaking show on the furniture of Sam Maloof and the art made by his circle (Worldwide 34118), while the Santa Monica Museum of Art features the work of Beatrice Wood, most notably her ceramic vessels and sculptures (Worldwide 34207). A detailed overview of the feminist movement and the Woman's Building in Los Angeles is the theme of a current exhibition at the Ben Maltz Gallery, Otis College of Art and Design (Worldwide 34220). At the University of California Riverside, the recently concluded show Seismic Shift traced the evolution of landscape photography in California and the shifting focus from Northern California to the SoCal area (Worldwide 75276).

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For 50 years, Worldwide Books has served academic, museum and public libraries as a specialized source for art exhibition catalogues issued by museums and galleries throughout the world. For the past two decades Worldwide has also offered comprehensive coverage of new books on art, architecture, photography and design published by hundreds of leading American trade and university presses. Serving as a centralized source for a wide range of scholarly art books and exhibition catalogues, Worldwide is uniquely positioned to assist and guide art libraries in careful and efficient collection development.