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This December issue of the newsletter is the ideal opportunity to reflect on the past year.


2011 has been another fruitful year, with no shortage of new exhibition catalogues and art books to consider for inclusion in our approval plan program, and in this issue we have chosen to informally highlight a short list of staff picks from the thousands of new releases that we saw.


Other highlights of 2011 include the launch of our Facebook page, which features a mix of publication announcements, links to exhibition-related web pages, and entertainment; an update to our Web site that allows users to export search results to a database or spreadsheet; and our attendance at the ARLIS/NA conference in Minneapolis, where our irreverent vendor slam was quite the hit.


But this is not only a time for looking back: 2012 promises to be an exciting year for Worldwide as we look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary! Since 1962, we have served academic, museum and public libraries as a specialized source for art exhibition catalogues, assisting them in collection development through carefully selected offerings and custom-tailored approval plans, and we hope to do so for many more years to come.


With best wishes for the New Year from our entire staff.


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New Titles
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The staff at Worldwide routinely sees scores of beautiful new art books each and every day as part of our work selecting titles for inclusion in our approval plan program, filtering our selections as appropriate for specific customers, creating bibliographic records and filling orders. While we would never allow our personal preferences to color our selections, each of us nonetheless finds ourselves drawn to certain books and catalogues for one reason or another.


This holiday season we thought we would highlight some recent staff picks--books published in 2011 that spoke to us, impressed us, appealed to us, or just made us say "Wow!" Despite the tens of thousands of art books we have seen collectively, we are still inspired and enticed by the beautiful volumes we have the pleasure of seeing and handling each day.



Abe Frajndlich: Penelope's Hungry Eyes--Portraits of Famous Photographers  

(Worldwide 143789)

Photographic portraits are often compelling, but more compelling still are these masterfully composed images depicting such well-known photographers as Berenice Abbott, Immogen Cunningham, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Candida HŲfer, Gordon Parks, Ed Ruscha, Andreas Feininger, William Christenberry, Ruth Bernhard, Dennis Hopper, Lucas Samaras, William Wegman and scores of other celebrated figures usually standing on the other side of the camera. (kf)

Abe Frajndlich


Apple Design (Worldwide 34247)

With appreciation of Apple product design at a level of obsessive worship bordering on mania, it is refreshing to see that they did not conquer the world overnight. Instead, it was through an iterative design process and an understanding of what people want that Apple reached this zenith in the industrial design realm. This book also makes clear that Apple's designers, most notably Jonathan Ive, achieved these heights by standing on the shoulders of past industry giants like Dieter Rams. Reading the history of Apple design served as a reminder of Rams's range and longevity (and as a springboard to looking back at his work). (kz)


Artists' Handmade Houses (Worldwide 142727)

More than just a collection of beautiful interiors, this book provides insights into the lives of such diverse figures as Frederic Edwin Church, Sam Maloof, Wharton Esherick, Russel Wright, and George Nakashima, while also touring the finely crafted homes of lesser-known artists, including ceramicist Henry Chapman Mercer and the founders of the Byrdcliffe Art Colony, Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead and Jane Byrd McCall. (kf)


Atkinson Grimshaw: Painter of Moonlight (Worldwide 34259)

Stunning attention to detail in each brushstroke characterizes the atmospheric cityscapes of 19th-centruy London bathing in the soft glow of gas-lit street lights and the twilight landscapes of the English countryside by the lesser-known and self-taught Pre-Raphaelite painter Atkinson Grimshaw. Discovering the work of a previously unknown artist is just one of the many joys of working at Worldwide. (jdb)


Beautiful Bookbindings: A Thousand Years of the Bookbinder's Art (Worldwide 74783)

Surveys exquisite bindings that date from the 7th to the 21st century, all beautifully photographed and carefully described, just as you might expect from a catalogue published by the British Museum. Talk about books as objects! (kf)


Bold Expressions: African American Quilts from the Collection of Corrine Riley (Worldwide 75286)

Many of the innovative, vibrantly patterned quilts in Riley's collection were created in the American South of the 1920s and 30s, but suggest a modernity decades ahead of their time, evincing formal qualities characteristic of such mainstream movements as color-field painting and Op art. Bold expressions, indeed! (df)


Calder's Portraits: A New Language (Worldwide 74205)

Calder's seemingly effortless use of metal wire to create these striking portraits that appear as three-dimensional drawings is simply fascinating. (jdb)


The Curiosities of Janice Lowry (Worldwide 75075)

Wonderfully inventive collages, constructions and illustrated journals by the very productive California-based artist who passed away in 2009 at the age of 63. (kf)


De Kooning: A Retrospective (Worldwide 34125)

Talk about blockbusters! The catalogue of MoMA's de Kooning retrospective is the most complete account to date of the Dutch-born Abstract Expressionist's oeuvre, presenting hundreds of paintings, drawings and sculptures spanning the artist's seven-decade career. (df)


Defining Contemporary Art: 25 Years in 200 Pivotal Artworks (Worldwide 145559)

When I think of primers, I think of slim volumes laying out the basics on a subject. With that notion in mind it seems like an unlikely moniker to apply to this weighty book, however, for the uninitiated with a desire to know the foundational works of contemporary art, this is the perfect primer. With some of today's best-known voices in criticism as guides, the reader is shown (as the title says) 200 works of art that are pivotal to a well-rounded understanding of the output of today's artists. The beauty of the book's die-cut dust jacket is enough to draw you in, but you will stay for the education. (kz)


DIY Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide (Worldwide 146399)

DIY crafting has become all the rage these days, and people are discovering that making a pillow for their apartment or a print for their wall is a very satisfying endeavor. Making furniture takes this creative activity a step further and results in functional objects that can be put to use for years to come. Sitting on a bench that you made or shelving your vast catalog of art books on something you constructed can make you puff with pride. This book gives the reader all the necessary information to undertake 30 unique projects. (kz)


Eye to Eye: European Portraits, 1450-1850 (Worldwide 33712)

The cover of this book caught my eye the minute it came in and I couldn't help but pick it up. I found this book to be quite moving. The portraits, most of which I had not seen before, stare back from a different place and time giving this book a quiet, hauntingly beautiful feel as the luscious detail images create a poignant intimacy. (taz)


Fabergť Revealed at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Worldwide 34001)

Precious and semi-precious stones and metals are raw materials that do not allow for waste or flawed work. The jewelers from the Fabergť ateliers created exquisite pieces of a timeless beauty that required great skill and unerring attention to detail. (jdb)


Forever Foreign: Rina Banerjee (Worldwide 74352)

The first title we have seen on Bengali/American artist Rina Banerjee (b. 1963) with one volume documenting her colorful watercolors, which often depict the female form in mythical settings, and the other volume on sculptures that reflect both her Western and Indian backgrounds and combine found objects within unusual spatial constructions. (eb)


Francesca Woodman (Worldwide 34277)

Francesca Woodman 

Her hauntingly compelling images still captivate us thirty years after her suicide at 22. This landmark reconsideration of the brief career of American photographer Woodman (1958-1981) accompanies the first major U.S. exhibition of the artist's work in more than two decades. (df)


Furnishing Louisiana: Creole and Acadian Furniture, 1735-1835 (Worldwide 74489)

The publisher's description summarizes it nicely: "This magisterial study examines the distinctive cabinetmaking traditions that developed in the Mississippi River valley in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries through a melding of French, Anglo-American, Caribbean, Canadian, and African influences." Scholarly, comprehensive, beautifully illustrated and handsomely designed. (kf)


Die geretteten GŲtter aus dem Palast vom Tell Halaf (Worldwide 74713)

Old childhood dreams of becoming a famous archaeologist who uncovers the lost relics of long-gone civilizations are rekindled with every catalogue on ancient cultures that comes across my desk. This catalogue documents the efforts by a team of German scholars and restorers that took on the overwhelming task of reassembling about 40 sculptures that had been destroyed by an aerial bomb during the Second World War and after the rubble (over 27,000 fragments!) had been stored in the basements of the Berlin State Museums for 60 years. (jdb)


Islamophilies: L'Europe moderne et les arts de l'Islam (Worldwide 33929)

Explores not only the well-documented trend of Orientalism in 19th-century European art but also the concept of Islamophilia, "a determined effort to understand the formal structure of Islamic aesthetic traditions, particularly by European architects and designers." (eb)


Knoll Textiles (Worldwide 34013)

The resurgence of an appreciation for all things mid-century modern with today's design aficionados has led to a renewed interest in the work of people like Charles and Ray Eames and the products of companies like Knoll. The lavishly-illustrated pages of this book give the reader a complete overview of the work of Knoll's textile designers in collaboration with furniture and interior designers as well as architecture firms such as Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. For designers or design fans to understand how some of the legends from multiple fields came together to produce designs that remain iconic today is both fascinating and inspiring. (kz)


Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams (Worldwide 33428)

Rams's career spanned many years, and his iconic designs, notably his work for Braun and Knoll, remain favorites of today's designers and consumers all over the world. His ability to distill the function of a product into the simplest design was one key to his success, longevity and far-reaching influence. (kz)


Maria Pergay: Complete Works, 1957-2010 (Worldwide 146820)

I was not familiar with Pergay's work before this book came across my desk, but I am very glad I had this introduction. Although her style is not something that I am usually drawn to, I found myself very intrigued by her body of work and continue to think about it and talk about it months after this book's release. (taz)


Melozzo da Forlž: L'umana bellezza tra Piero della Francesca e Rafaello  

(Worldwide 33927)

A beautiful volume exploring the renaissance master in context with his contemporaries and followers highlighting impressive loans of transferred frescos from the Vatican Library. (eb)        


MichaŽl Borremans: Eating the Beard (Worldwide 74473)

Features excellent full-page color plates of paintings

MichaŽl Borremans

and drawings from the past decade by the Belgian artist (b. 1963), a painter's painter whose work is enigmatic, beautiful and masterfully executed. (kf)


The Modernist (Worldwide 143812)

Gig posters, redesigns of book jackets and movie posters, advertisements and much more are all represented in this lushly-illustrated book that showcases works by more than 50 international graphic designers and firms. Choosing design elements from previous decades like painters choose from a palette, these designers combine typography and pattern to create stylistic iterations based on the work of their predecessors from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Using the visual zeitgeist of the past to herald the graphic gestalt of today, these illustrators and designers forge a unique style all their own. (kz)


Mysterium Leib: Berlinde De Bruyckere im Dialog mit Cranach und Pasolini/Into One-Another: Berlinde De Bruyckere in Dialogue with Cranach and Pasolini  

(Worldwide 33961)

I love the idea of comparing the different disciplines in one exhibition that focuses on the intense visceral sculptures of de Bruyckere. I feel deep sadness, pain and struggle in all these works, which are so radically different and yet elicit the same emotions. (eb)


Patricia Piccinini: Once upon a Time . . . (Worldwide 34098)

I had been waiting for a major monograph on the artist after seeing a small catalogue many years ago and finding her work so intriguing, and this exhibition catalogue surpassed all my hopes. This large and luxurious volume brings her sculptures to life with gorgeous photographs of her animal-human hybrid creations that I find both repelling to look at and at the same time make me want to hold one of them as if cradling a baby. (eb)


La photographie n'est pas l'art: Collection Sylvio Perlstein (Worldwide 34111)

Photography is too art! It may be the most democratic artistic medium currently available, but still only a select few individuals can capture an image so compelling that it becomes impossible to ignore and demands our scrutiny. This catalogue of a private collection of outstanding photographs from the 1920s to today allows us to do exactly that. (jdb)


The Pot Book (Worldwide 145573)

This is a beautifully executed guide and a must-have reference book for anyone interested in ceramics. There are many new discoveries to be had in here and the juxtaposition between images, laid out in alphabetical order, lends itself to many interesting, amusing and thought-provoking comparisons. (taz)


Renaissance People: Lives That Shaped the Modern Age (Worldwide 145901)

Although not a traditional art book, this is a exquisitely illustrated set of biographies of people of note from one of the most important periods in art history. It is a charming book and would easily be at home in any art book collection. (taz)


Schinkel: In Berlin und Potsdam--26 Bauten in Farbphotographien von Gerrit Engel (Worldwide 143790)

Exceptional color photographs by Engel depicting 26 remarkable buildings by the celebrated 19th-century German architect. Schinkel never looked better. (kf)


Snapshot: Painters and Photographers, Bonnard to Vuillard (Worldwide 34148)

Featuring works by seven Post-Impressionist painters and printmakers (Bonnard, Breitner, Denis, Evenepoel, RiviŤre, Vallotton and Vuillard) that are shown alongside snapshots taken by the artists themselves, including many images that have rarely been exhibited, this beautiful catalogue examines the obvious impact of photography on their work in other media. (kf)


Visions of Nature: The Antique Weavings of Persia (Worldwide 140767)

Scholarly and lavishly illustrated, this beautiful volume features an authoritative text by James D. Burns along with great color photographs depicting a wide range of exceptional antique Persian rugs drawn chiefly from his own collection, amassed over more than 50 years, proving that you can never have too many beautiful rugs. (kf)


Visual Century: South African Art in Context (Worldwide 145931)

It's a pricey four-pack, to be sure, but this monumental boxed set delivers a panoramic, lavishly illustrated overview of 20th-century South African art, from its often derivative painting and sculpture of the 1920s and 30s to the cutting-edge new-media stylings of William Kentridge and Robin Rhode. (df)


Vitamin P2: New Perspectives in Painting (Worldwide 145562)

The latest installment in Phaidon's acclaimed Vitamin series, this massive volume provides an up-to-the-minute survey of important recent developments in international painting through a presentation of works by 115 artists from more than 30 countries nominated by a panel of distinguished curators, critics and art historians, among them such established and emerging practitioners as Tauba Auerbach, Nicole Eisenman, Wade Guyton, Chantal Joffe, Jitish Kallat, Martin Kobe, Lin Xiaodong, Paulina Olowska, Dana Schutz, Amy Sillman and Neal Tait. (df)


William Steiger: Transport (Worldwide 142550)

I was somewhat familiar with Steiger's work before and this book left me feeling very impressed with his body of work as a whole. My interests lean towards early 20th century American art and Steiger's work seems to echo that time and place so strongly and yet it is very contemporary. It is work that is as unique as it is familiar and it makes for a wonderful book. (taz)


Youth and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties (Worldwide 34152)

Documenting a major show that traveled to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Art after its debut in Brooklyn, this attractive and scholarly catalogue gives a fresh perspective on the strikingly original art of America's Jazz Age, featuring paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works by such important figures as Bellows, Hopper, O'Keeffe, Demuth, Stieglitz, Sheeler, Cunningham, Noguchi, Evans, Davis, Hartley, Strand, Weston, Stettheimer and Benton. (df)          



(Please note that although Worldwide carries all of these titles as part of our regular inventory, our stock fluctuates daily and we cannot guarantee the immediate availability of every title that is listed here.)



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