November/December 2011
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Navigating ADHD, Inc.

Navigating ADHD, Inc.


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By now your child or student should have just received their first report card of the school year.  This can sometimes be met with frustration and anxiety if the grades were not 'quite what was expected'.

Well, the flip side is it's a perfect time to assess the situation, make a plan to eliminate that frustration and achieve positive, stress-free results.  Our unique approach supports children, parents and educators by offering strategies for home and school.

We can help your CHILD, we can help YOU help your child and we can even help the TEACHER help the child too.  Just to show you one way...


Once again, we will be collaborating with the Cape Cod Children's Museum for a Workshop on November 29th.  This Workshop will specifically address Routines and Homework and will help parents and teachers alike.  See details below.


Please contact us to see how we may be of assistance to you, your child or student.




Tracey and Holly 

Parent/Educator Workshop   


November 29, 2011
6:30-8:00 pm 

at The Cape Cod Children's Museum   


This workshop is for Parents and Teachers/Educators affiliated with children/teens diagnosed with ADHD. Learn strategies for meeting the challenges of homework and daily routines. All of the strategies will emphasize having an awareness of the child's brain and are geared for developing tools for lifelong success!

Tracey & Holly's
Homework Help
Have a homework basket, drawer, or other space designated for homework supplies only!

This alleviates the opportunity for procrastination and the many distractions that come from searching for pencils, pencil sharpeners, paper, and markers.   

Remember keep it simple.





Q:   I saw you on Fox 25 News discussing the new AAP guidelines for diagnosing ADHD in children as young as four.  I have concerns about my four year olds challenging behavior, what can I expect if I bring up these concerns to my pediatrician?


A:   This is a question that many parents are wondering about.  First of all you can be assured that a diagnosis at this age will be given with caution and only when there are extreme challenges.  You can expect your pediatrician to ask questions about what you are experiencing and what others experience when they are caring for your child.  If warranted your pediatrician will give you forms that you, along with teachers or other caretakers will fill out.  These forms ask you questions related to attentional and impulsive behaviors.   After your pediatrician analyzes these forms along with the conversation you had they will decide whether or not a diagnosis is appropriate.   In some cases they may recommend further testing to learn more.  


If you have a confidential question, please email us and and we'll answer it! 


Tracey Bromley Goodwin 

 Tracey Bromley Goodwin, M.Ed. & Holly Oberacker, ATR, LMHC