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Navigating ADHD: Your Guide To The Flip Side Of ADHD 

Tracey & Holly's
Summer is a great time for organizing!

Help your children create zones in their bedrooms for their belongings.  You can have a clean laundry zone, dirty laundry zone, book zone, activity bag zone, etc. When is it time to clean up, you can say "Start with your book zone."  This makes cleaning their bedrooms less overwhelming.  


Check This Out! 

A favorite survival organizer item!


Daffy Frame with magnets and marker...  daffy frame


   ...endless possibilities! Reminders, chore lists, backpack organizer, to do lists, praise notes - just to name a few.


Available for $12.95 at Crate&Barrel   


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Navigating ADHD, Inc.

Navigating ADHD, Inc.


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We are happy to announce that our new book, Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD is officially published and available on our website and in book stores now!  We will be having an Author Signing at the Cape Cod Children's Musuem August 5th, 2011 which happens to be Free Admissions Day so bring plenty of kids!

We will be starting a Navigating ADHD Book Club in July, but with a will be a tele-seminar so you can call from your favorite place to listen in or interact live as we navigate through the chapters of our book.  We will address issues, concerns, questions and commentary as they occur during each chapter.  Register below.


Congratulations to Jessica C., the winner of our drawing for a signed copy of our new book!  Thank you all for entering.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please continue to visit our website for the various events planned throughout the summer.  We hope yours is a great one!


Holly and Tracey

Guided Book Club  

Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD

July 13-Aug 10, 2011
$50 for 5 weeks
Join us via tele-seminar as we navigate through each chapter of our new book.  We'll recommend appropriate strategies from the book to help you with any of your concerns.

Register Now 

(early bird special until June 23rd)

Join our 500 Club! 

Check us out on facebook!  Click 'like' and 'share' and you will be entered into a drawing to win our new Book Club Seminar.

Kids Groups  

Boosting Social Skills 

July 13-Aug 10, 2011
Two different groups for children ages 6-8 and 9-10 will join Tracey and Holly for several art and activity-based projects that will demonstrate and teach social skills.  The focus will be on building confidence, self-esteem, conversation skills and empathy in a fun and effective way.
Tween Girls Empowerment Group

Bully Prevention: 'Excluded & Ignored' 


July 13-August 10, 2011 7-8PM  $35/wk   

'Excluded & Ignored' is a hands-on workshop specifically for girls ages 12-14. We will facilitate activities and lead discussions on bullying. This group experience provides opportunities for self growth and effective communication skills while building
self confidence.

Author Signing  

Cape Cod Children's Museum


August 5, 2011
11 AM (Free Admissions Day!)

Join us at the Children's Museum in Mashpee for some fun and festivities.  We will be available
to sign copies of our new book and chat with you
while the kids enjoy loads of fun at the museum.



Q:  My child had a difficult school year and as a result has developed very low self-esteem.  How can I help him?


A:   Think about what you have noticed your child is naturally drawn to and then explore your community for opportunities to showcase his interests this summer. Some great places to start are recreation departments, community colleges, volunteer organizations, animal shelters, and libraries.  Help your child find an activity that can be his "own."  


If you have a confidential question, please email us and and we'll answer it! 


Tracey Bromley Goodwin 

 Tracey Bromley Goodwin, M.Ed. & Holly Oberacker, ATR, LMHC