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Teach your child to name his or her emotions.
You may be surprised that an outburst is the result of embarrassment or sadness, not anger. When you know the source of your child's outburst you will be able to help your child work through the emotion.


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Upcoming Winter Workshops and more!

Welcome to our first ever e-newsletter!  Each issue will be filled with helpful tips, a question and answer section, upcoming events and our personal favorite, survival items that we recommend to help you move from frenzy to focus.
We would love to help you help your child or student succeed.  Send us a question you'd like answered, join us for one of our upcoming events or send us a note to let us know how we can make a difference for you!


Tracey Bromley Goodwin & Holly Oberacker

Tracey Bromley Goodwin

Bully Prevention- Excluded & Ignored:

Tween Empowerment Group for Girls


January 26, 2011 7pm-8pm $35

'Excluded & Ignored' is a 6-week Empowerment Group

Workshop specifically for girls ages 12-14.  Together Holly and Tracey will address current bullying and cyberbullying issues that often result in poor self esteem and isolation.  Participants will:

        Discuss the bully, the target, the bystander, and the ally
        Learn to protect themselves from cyberbullying
        Build confidence while enhancing communication skills
        Share stories and learn from each other
        Move from isolated to connected

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From Frenzy to Focus
Guided Workshop
      January 29, 2011  9am-1pm   $95
Wnavigatorhat ADHD is and isn't
ffective behavior management techniques
   Tools for morning, homework & evening routines
   Organizational strategies

Communicating with the Brain in Mind
Success Seminar
February 9, 2011 8pm-9
pm  $35
Communicate effectively with your child or student
Learn proven strategies
Gain immediate results

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Ask The Experts!


Q:   My child gets very nervous before tests at school.  How can I help my child deal with the anxiety she experiences?

A:   Everyone has probably told their child to take a deep breath at some point in time but have you told your child why?  Explain to your child that when she gets nervous before a test her brain is probably not getting enough oxygen because she is holding her breath without even realizing it!  Make sure to explain that when her brain doesn't get enough oxygen she can't think clearly.  Suggest to your child that she takes a couple of deep breaths before a test to get that oxygen flowing back to her brain.



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