Volume II Issue VIIAugust 2010 
New Faculty and Classified Staff
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Faculty Spotlight: Bob Cosgrove
International Students
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President's Greeting

Welcome to the fall semester! I am thrilled to be starting this semester with a great group of faculty, staff and management. A special welcome to our newest faculty and staff who are
President Burnett and Professor Horlings
Burnett Horlings
going through their first fall rush at Saddleback College! I hope you have as much fun as I do. I also want to thank Professor Jane Horlings who organized yet another fantastic In-Service week. I was lucky enough to be able to go to many of the presentations and am impressed at the knowledge and commitment that our faculty, staff and managers have for this college. I am truly inspired!

At the President's Faculty Breakfast and the President's Classified Luncheon, I presented my annual State of the College report, titled "Achieving Greatness," where I talk about me top ten projects for the 2010-11 school year. My ten projects for this year are - Accreditation Reaffirmation, Economic and Workforce Development, Alumni and Foundation, Osher Scholarship Match,   Strategic Plan Implementation, Science Building, Efficiencies,  Management Team Development, 20-Year Capital and Scheduled Maintenance Needs and Educational and Facilities Master Plan. Last year's projects were all completed and I am confident we can complete these as well!

Now comes one of the most exciting weeks on campus - Gaucho Welcome Week! Welcome Week runs from August 23-25 and  I encourage faculty and staff to participate in the week's events and meet as many students as possible. Throughout the week ASG will be hosting free barbecues and information booths and entertainment will be provided by Saddleback College's own OC Rock Radio. It will be an exciting week for the returning and new students and we need everyone to be ready to answer any questions they have!

Thank you to everyone who continues to make Saddleback College a great place to learn and work. I hope everyone has a fun and productive fall semester!


Tod A. Burnett, Ed.D.
Saddleback College Welcomes new Faculty and Classified Staff
During In-Service Week, President Burnett hosted a faculty breakfast and a classified Staff
New Faculty are Pictured with Trustee Milchiker, President Burnett and Academic Senate President Carmen Dominguez
faculty 2010
luncheon where he introduced the 17 newly hired full-time tenured track faculty and the 19 newly hired classified staff members. President Burnett said that the ability of the college to hire new employees, instead of laying people off or taking furlough days, like other colleges are being forced to do, is a testament to the strength of Saddleback College.

Our new faculty members are Renee Bangerter,Kim Branch-Stewart, Betsy Brewington, Linda Call, Carolyn Danko, Ruth Grubb, Lisa Inlow, Rebecca Knapp, Ralph Meza, Candy Nelson, Christina Nigrelli, Thomas O'Leary, Marcelo Pires, Gina Shaffer, Matthew Sherman, Robert Glen Stevenson and Amina Yassin.
New Classified Staff are pictures with President Burnett and Classified Senate President Russ Hamilton
classified 2010

Our new classified staff are Leanne Bean, Cristi Bristol, Paul Bonkowski, Suzie Bugay, Fariba Dai, Michelle Deyo, Chirley Gauthier, Kimia Fahimi, Jennifer Gleizer, Chelsey Gray, Christian Hanson, Dona Kristen, Katrina Macasaet, Martha Medrano, Romeo Mercado, Jenny Soto, Catherine Tibbitts, Pheolin Truong and Amy Wheeler.

Saddleback College Picnic is a splash!
Faculty and staff celebrated the upcoming semester out in the sun with food and games. The picnic was an excellent way for employees to get to know each other and to mingle with departments that they don't regularly interact with. Faculty and staff enjoyed some friendly competition with a water balloon toss, which eventually turned into a full-on water fight! Thanks to everyone who came out!
water balloon toss

Faculty Spotlight: Bob Cosgrove
Bob Cosgrove began teaching at Saddleback College in 1981 where he has taught a variety of writing, reading and literature courses.  Recently Cosgrove just completed his fifth term as CosgrovePresident of the Academic Senate and he has served once as President of the Inter-College (IVC/Saddleback) Academic Senate.

Cosgrove has had a huge impact at Saddleback College during his 29 years at the school. In the early 80s he helped to bring IVC and Saddleback together by designing with others the DRAC model for financial allocations and be serving on the Inter-College Academic Senate. Recently, Cosgrove helped to resolve the college's 2009 Accreditation Progress Report so Saddleback College was clear of WASC/ACCJC recommendations. He also introduced, with VPI Ev Brewer department chairs at Saddleback, eight-week classes. He also served on Saddleback's Lecturers' circuit providing various business clubs and service clubs with talks on American humor, humor in business, talks on Mark Twain and Will Rogers.


He has taken several sabbaticals--one to the University of Chicago to work with George Hillocks, one to Athens, Greece, and Rome, Italy to work on Greek and Roman mythology (one of the courses he teaches at Saddleback) and one stint of 1 1/2 years to work at a Capital Relations, Inc., a high tech/PR marketing company in West Lake Village, CA. Much of what he learned there he used in his writing and reading classes to help students ready themselves for transfer to colleges and universities and the world of work.

Bob is also a commercial beekeeper who occasionally lectures on the insect in biology classes and who occasionally teaches beekeeping classes through Community Education. He was president of the Orange County Beekeepers Association for several years in the 1990s and took grand Sweepstakes Awards at both the LA and Orange County Fairs for quality of honey, mead, pollen, and beeswax products.

He attended St Procopius College, Lisle, IL, University of Illinois, and Purdue University (where he earned a Ph.D). He also served as the Assistant Director of Writing at Purdue.

Before coming to Saddleback College, Cosgrove worked as the Director of Writing at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX. Prior to that he was the Director of the Writing Program and Assistant Department Head of English at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. He also taught 3 years at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. He was tenured both Texas Tech and Southwest Missouri State universities.
New International Students Come from More than 25 Different Countries

This semester, Saddleback College welcomes 39 new international students from five different continents and more than 25 countries! This is in addition to the 120 international students who will be continuing their education.
international students
Students from all around the world are recognizing the advantages to studying at Saddleback College and our new International Program Specialist, Monika Pinto, is helping them navigate the oftentimes tricky waters of student visas, living expenses and relocation.

The international students came to Mission Viejo a hugely diverse list of countries, including South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Ireland, Sweden, Chile, Iceland, Canada, France and Bulgaria. These students can provide wonderful insights into their culture and we encourage faculty, staff, students and managers to welcome them all! Providing these students with a positive experience at Saddleback College may make the students more apt to recommend us to their friends and, we all know, word-of-mouth is huge in the community college world!

Our new international students (listed with their country of citizenship) are
Ali Al Balushi, Oman;  Mohammad Al-Hennawi, UAE; Nawaf Alhooti, Oman; Eren Altinsoy, Turkey; Mousad Altoaimi, Saudi Arabia; Lindsay Carelse, South Africa; Gisheilla Costa, Indonesia; Natasha De sa, India; Bayron Guajardo, Chile; Ashley Harris, Canada; Marielle Hermansson, Sweden; Tran Hung, Vietnam; Ke Jia, China; Mohamad Khodr, Lebanon; Aye Kyaw, Myanmar; Jin Seok Lee, South  Korea; Shinpei Lin, China; Risa Matsushima, Japan; Graham McCarthy, Ireland; Sara Luna Micciche, Italy; Jieun Moon, Korea; Jade Nabulsi, Great Britain; Marie Nachon, France; Tram Nguyen, Vietnam; Cassandra Ong, Malaysia; Wenshan Ou, China; Minjeong Park, South Korea;  Farhang Razzaghi, Iran; Dustin Shimbashi, Canada; Eydis Sigurdardottir, Iceland; Fernando Soto, Chile; Mana Sugano, Japan; Aye Thu, Myanmar; Anna Thulin, Sweden; Aagje Van der Meer Netherlands; Korne Viskil, Netherlands; Milush Yanev, Bulgaria; Tomoko Yokoyama, Japan; Changmin Yoon, South Korea.
Saddleback College Online Math Aid Named One of Nation's Most Effective Online Tools  
Larry Perez and Patrick Quigley accept the awards for Algebra2Go
Saddleback College's online instructional tool,
Algebra2go™, was named an effective practice winner by the Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C), an organization dedicated to integrating online education with traditional teaching methods. Algebra2go™ was the only community college program recognized at the organization's annual awards ceremony. The program was also named as the winner of the 2010 MERLOT Mathematics Classic Award. MERLOT is an international initiative enabling faculty to integrate technology into higher education.
"Saddleback College is dedicated to reaching students in the most effective ways possible," said Dr. Tod A. Burnett, President. "Algebra2go™ is a great example of how our professors are using student feedback to structure classes in a way that will be successful."
Agebra2go™ offers free resources for pre-algebra and beginning algebra students who need help outside of the classroom. The tutoring aids include video lectures and worksheets, homework, study guides and hand-written class notes. Many of the resources are available in both English and Spanish. The materials were developed after Saddleback College Mathematics Professor Larry Perez collected feedback from his current and former students to determine exactly what they needed to improve their understanding of the subject.
"The goal of Algebra2go™ is to make math less threatening to students. We know it can be a scary subject, so we try to make topics as natural and as least threatening as possible," said Perez. "Ultimately we plan for the Algebra2go™ materials to span the curriculum from arithmetic to college algebra."
Sloan-C recognized the Algebra2go™ team of Perez, Patrick Quigley, mathematics instructor, and Candice Harrington, a math teacher at local Capistrano Valley High School, for the innovation, replicability and student satisfaction of the program. Bruce Chaloux, President of Sloan-C, and John Bourne, Executive Director of Sloan-C, presented the awards on July 21 in San Jose.

Student Outreach Aides are Know-it-Alls!

L-R: Paddy Webster, John Hilton, Julietta Galkina, Nicole Rice, Nwahil Idris, Hiroshi Toshiyuki, C.J. Serrano
(Photo courtesy of Leslie Humphrey)
The Saddleback College Outreach Office is charged with the huge task of attracting new students to the college and providing them with vital information when they get to campus. The office would not be able to accomplish everything without the help of the student Outreach Aides.

Saddleback College's Outreach Aides help recruit new students to Saddleback College. The Aides assist through various activities such as; high school visits, school presentations, participation in college fairs, campus tours, community outreach and coordinated campus events.  Campus events include Welcome week, Family Night and Senior Day. 

Another function of the Outreach Aides is to assist with the Student Information Center, which operates the campus switchboard and also has counter service available. The center provides students with general information regarding college programs, services and course information, office hours and locations, and directions to and within the campus. The center also provides students with quick access to their academic schedules and various campus publications, including the catalog, schedule of classes, student handbook, and campus maps. Outreach Aides answer questions or direct individuals to the appropriate destinations on campus and in the community.

Paddy Webster is a recent Mission Viejo High School graduate. Paddy's goal is to pursue a degree in film, and eventually make movies in Hollywood.

John Hilton attended Saddleback College before transferring to UCSB where he graduated last fall. He has returned to Saddleback to take prerequisites for a master's degree in nursing.

Julietta Galkina immigrated to the U.S. in 2008 from Ukraine. She is fluent in three languages and is majoring is business administration with concentration on international business.

Nicole Rice is studying to get her A.A. and plans to transfer to Long Beach State. After graduating from Long Beach State, she plans to enroll in the Peace Corps.

Nwahil Idris is studying to get a degree in business management and plans transfer to Cal State Fullerton after completing her general education.

Hiroshi Toshiyuki is studying to ultimately earn a bachelor's degree in Asian American studies and a then go on to complete a master's in Business administration.

C.J. Serrano is a television production major who loves to help people, especially recent high school gradtuates.

Saddleback College Coach Named Track & Field Coach of the Year
Saddleback College Assistant Track and Field Coach Simon Arkell was recently named the California Community College Assistant Track and Field Coach of the Year by the State Track Coaches Association.

L-R: Nick Jennings, Simon Arkell, Katie Espinoza, and Griffin Simmons at vaulting practice
(Photo courtesy of Joseph Espiritu & the Lariat)
Arkell, who recently completed his eighth season as the pole vault coach with the Gauchos, has coached two state champions, three Southern California regional champions, and 10 conference champions at the college, including this year's state champion in the men's pole vault, Nick Jennings.  Jennings cleared 16' 8" to win the state title while teammate Cameron Savage cleared 15' 8" to place fifth.  Andy Miller won the state pole vault title in 2008 with a vault of 16' 3".

Since Arkell started coaching at Saddleback, the school record for men's pole vault has been elevated from 15' 6" to 17' 1", a mark set by Jennings this season.  Arkell has had eight pole vaulters reach the 15' 6" height or higher.  He has also had five women pole vaulters reach or exceed the previous school record of 9' 0", including the current school record of 11' 8" set by Alissa Miller in 2005. 

"Simon means a lot to this program," said Matt Sherman, a long-time assistant coach who was recently hired as the women's cross country and track coach.  "He could be the best pole vault coach at any college level, two-year or four-year.  It's unheard of to take a vaulter and improve their best mark by two feet, but he's done that with almost all of our vaulters."

Saddleback's head track and field coach Mark Blethen agrees:  "The most telling part of this award is that I did not nominate Simon for the honor this year.  His colleagues from other colleges realized what he has done with our student-athletes and actually nominated him for this award.  That alone speaks volumes about his success as a coach and the impression he makes amongst his peers."

Two Saddleback College Honors Program Alumni Awarded UCLA Transfer Alliance Program Scholarships
Melisa Gokkes-Vining and Daniel Filippi, who transferred to UCLA through Saddleback College's Transfer Alliance Program (TAP), were among only 40 new students to receive TAP Scholarships for the 2010-11 academic year. Selection as a TAP scholar entitles transfer students to an academic scholarship of at least $5,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable for a second year it the students have achieved a UCLA GPA of at least 3.0. This is the first time a Saddleback College student has received this award.

Daniel finished his time at Saddleback College in the Spring 2010 semester and it was a very rigorous semester. Daniel simultaneously took Honors Humanities 10A and 10B. These courses are intellectually rigorous, and students are strongly encourage students to take only one
HH10 course per semester. Daniel proved himself to be an exceptional student, giving a sophisticated presentation on the music of Aaron Copeland in the HH10B class and then a superb presentation that focused on the late medieval School of Saint Victor in the HH10A class. Throughout the semester, he developed research papers and took exams in two very demanding and different intellectual terrains, manifesting himself to be an exceptional student. Daniel will be majoring in Geography/Environmental Studies at UCLA.
Melissa participated last Spring in the Honors Transfer Council of California Conference presenting her original research that explored how economic changes may have impacted Europe broadly during the late Medieval/proto Renaissance eras. Her paper, which emerged from a class taken with Alannah Rosenberg, manifested the type of intellectual inquiry that the Program seeks to foster amongst its students. Melissa said, "I'm very excited on being chosen as one of UCLA's TAP Scholars! I am going to be majoring in psychology while at UCLA and am also going to go pre-med (I am very interested in psychiatry)."
Congratulations to the students and the entire Transfer Center staff for running an amazing program!
Two Saddleback College Students Receive Scholarships for Auto Tech
Recently, Saddleback College students Anthony Sardegna, 21, and Peter Sardegna, 20, found out they were among 26 auto technology students countywide to receive scholarships from local automotive dealers as part of the California New Car Dealers Association Scholarship Foundation.

Anthony and Peter Sardegna Photo by Anthony Sardegna
"This is so awesome," Anthony Sardegna said upon getting the news. "We wouldn't have been able to go to school without this."

The Sardegna brothers are both starting their second year at Saddleback. Their dream is to open up a tuning or automotive business when they get their certification.

"At 12, I started taking apart lawnmowers and go-peds," Anthony Sardegna said. "They always came together differently but that's how I learned. It's like a passion, it makes me feel happy. I'm a gasoline freak, I guess."

Anthony Sardegna credits Clifford Meyer, his Automotive Service Excellence teacher at Saddleback, with the opportunity for the scholarship.

"He inspired us and teaches us not only out of a book but life stories," he said. "He's been the best auto tech teacher I've experienced. He told us how to go about applying for the scholarships."

Since its founding in 1995, the CNCDA Foundation's Auto Technician Scholarship program has granted more than $365,000 in scholarships to 260 students. This year, Orange County students, will get between $500 and $1,000 each per semester. The scholarships are awarded based on several criteria including the applicant's intent to pursue a career as an automotive technician, the students GPA, and enrollment in a post-secondary mechanical automotive technician training program.

John Sackrison, executive director of the OC Automotive Dealer Association, said, "This is also a good way to show students an opportunity for a great career. About 11,000 nationwide are expected to be hired between now and 20106. These are fantastic careers where the students are trained on the latest technology. Master mechanics can make paychecks of upwards of $100,000."
Saddleback College Nursing Program Hailed as a "Prime Example"
In a recent article in
Inside Higher Ed, Saddleback College's Nursing Department is praised for its implementation of competitive admission, which has led to higher completion rates and perfect pass rates for the nursing licensing exams. The program bases student admission on completion of prerequisites and nursingGPA, instead of a first-come, first-serve basis that some nursing programs use. Students with low GPAs may be more likely to drop out, which is expensive for the nursing program. The competitive admission also helps Saddleback College's program achieve the National League for Nursing's recommendation that community college nursing programs should aim for a two-year graduation rate of 70 percent

Patricia Benner, professor emerita at the University of California at San Francisco School of Nursing and lead author of a recent Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching study on nursing credentials, believes all community college nursing programs should adopt competitive admissions.

"Community colleges with as high as 50-70 percent drop-out rates moved to accepting the students with the highest grades in prerequisites, or at least a minimal grade of B," Benner explained. "This lowered the failure rates, repeat course rates, and the drop-out rates. ... It is expensive to take students who are likely to fail and/or drop out. Saddleback Community College nursing program in Southern California is my prime example of this policy. They have a high completion rate, and they also have 100 percent pass rates for the nursing licensing exams."

Presidential Highlights - July & August
Education Cause BBQ... Bill signing in the Ronald Regan Library honoring the former president's accomplishments and contributions to California... College-wide welcome reception for Juan Avalos, Vice President of Student Services, and Done Busche, Vice President of Instruction... Counseling Services and Special Programs Football Division luncheon... Meeting with Jerry Butkiewics, Workforce Readiness Manager, SDGE and So Cal Gas... Spoke at the football team's eligibility meeting... South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce Recognition Reception... Welcomed the new international students... Saddleback College Management Retreat in Palm Springs... President's Welcome Breakfast and Social... Accreditation 2010 Question and Answer Session... Chancellor's Opening Session... President's Faculty Breakfast... President's Classified Luncheon... New Faculty Reception... Foundation Executive Meeting... Faculty Orientation... ASG Fall Retreat Luncheon... Attended all division meetings... Kick off for Educational and Facilities Master Plan... College-Wide barbecue... Emeritus Division Meeting
Upcoming Events

August 23rd
First Day of the Fall Semester

August 23rd - 25th

Gaucho Welcome Week

August 23rd
Carnival Fest!

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
SSC Quad/SSC 211

August 24th
Spirit Fest!
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
SSC Quad/SSC 211

August 24th
Evening Music Fest!
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
SSC Quad/SSC 211

August 25th
Gaucho Fest!
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
SSC Quad/SSC 211 

August 26th
Saddleback College Foundation Board of Governors Meeting
Saddleback College

August 30th
SOCCCD Board of Trustees Meeting
District Offices Building, Ronald Reagan Board of Trustees Room

September 11th
Welcome Back Football Game
6:00 p.m.
Saddleback College Football Field
vs. Bakersfield College 
September 13th-14th

California Board of Governors Meeting

October 18th-21st
Accreditation Team visit