Volume II Issue III April 2010 
Thank You Lise Telson!
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Veterans Memorial Dedication
Medical Assisting Receives $378,000 Grant
Wellness Center Update
10th Annual Senior Day
Men's BBall Wins State!
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President's Greeting
Dear Faculty and Staff,
President Burnett at Senior Day
Welcome to the midway point of our Spring semester! This is an exciting time for our students, faculty and staff, as big milestones and events, such as commencement, the Veterans Memorial Dedication and the scholarship ceremony, are right around the corner.

As you may have heard, I unexpectedly spent most of spring break week in the hospital. Thanks to all of you who visited me and sent beautiful flowers, cards and warm wishes. This was a traumatic experience for me and your thoughts have been of great comfort.  For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I should provide you with a little background. On Thursday, March 11th, I underwent a routine out-patient procedure to open up one of the airwaves in my nostrils so that I could breathe easier and I anticipated being home by early afternoon.  Unfortunately, I did not wake-up until the next day in the intensive care unit at Hoag Hospital and I have been told that I experienced a Flash Pulmonary Edema in the recovery room shortly after my surgery.

The good news is that the surgery was a complete success-in fact, I can already feel the improved air flow in my nostrils. The cause of this was more than likely isolated to this one occurrence and there should be no on-going serious medical or health issues.

Through my experience I was able to learn more about our healthcare system and the many jobs and occupations for our students. This comes at a good time when our college is actively working on many efforts to enhance our allied health and human services programs, including the potential for an unprecedented campus-wide health and wellness center in partnership with Mission Hospital and St. Joseph Health System. I also learned this week that we have been awarded a $378,182 state economic and workforce preparation grant to start a new Health Information Technology program at Saddleback College which will make us the first community college to offer this program in south Orange County.
I am excited to continue to make significant progress on our many college projects and initiatives we began last summer. Our college-wide strategic planning process is almost complete. We are currently developing strategies for implementing our goals and strategic directions which were developed by our four Strategic Planning Groups and approved by Consultation Council several weeks ago. Once these strategies are approved by the Consultation Council, we will be sending out the final draft strategic plan for review and feedback from the entire campus. Once the strategic plan is finalized, we will then begin the process of integrating the plan with our annual budgetary process. As you know, our state fiscal situation has not improved and may be getting worse. We are expecting continued severe cutbacks to some of our student services categorical programs and there is no expected cost of living adjustments or enrollment growth. Our college is working hard to defray these expected cuts by increasing our campus efficiencies that not only better utilize existing resources but actually enhance services to our students.             
One of my favorite efficiencies has been the success achieved with our new one stop student information center located in the lobby of the student services building.  While not yet fully operational, the information center has already shown to be a tremendous benefit to students and visitors alike. In addition, we have been able to reduce some of the foot traffic to many of our student services program offices. This relief has allowed these programs to spend more of their time and resources helping students with more complex questions and issues rather than responding to basic and unrelated questions that now can be easily handled by the student information center. 
Efficiencies are not all about making due with less, they are also about bringing in new resources. I am pleased that our newly emphasized Grants Office has made tremendous progress in a relatively short period of time. Since last summer, we have submitted 12 grant applications worth over $4.5 million, more than double last year's awards.
We are already beginning to work on implementing our draft strategic plan. Two of our four strategic directions are directly related to our students: 1) increase student transfers to four-year colleges and universities; and 2) ensure that students gain the foundational skills necessary to complete college level work and achieve career goals. We have already identified a new and expanded transfer center location that additionally will allow us to bring much needed support to our Career Placement Center. We have placed greater emphasis on our basic skills efforts that will soon be fully integrated with all of our student preparedness programs on campus. Our faculty have worked hard over the past couple of years to get these programs up and running and we are committed to helping them get to the next level and make significant gains with student success.   
Scheduled maintenance and construction of our campus facilities have always been a major challenge. After several hiccups, it now appears that the village expansion and library renovation projects are back on course. We also plan to have the library bridge seismic retrofit completed in time for the opening of the newly renovated library. The new Sciences Building is our number one priority for new construction on campus. This project has made the state funding list, so now we wait with bated breath for the Governor and Legislature to include this funding in the final state budget. If successful, we will be able to go full speed ahead in getting this long-awaited and much needed building constructed as soon as possible. 
I would be remiss if I did not mention our college accreditation efforts. Our four accreditation standards teams and steering committee have worked incredibly hard over the past few months keeping our process on a tight schedule and we all owe them a great deal of gratitude. We expect to have the final draft self-study completed by the end of this month, distributed for college-wide review in April, final self-study presented to the Board of Trustees in May and final signed copy delivered in July to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.  
The second half of the spring semester will most certainly be busy and fulfilling. I am thrilled each day that I see the amazing accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and management and I remain humbled and honored to work with you in making Saddleback College the best that it can be for our students.


Tod A. Burnett, Ed.D.
Thank You Lise Telson!
Our Vice President for Student Services, Lise Telson, has decided to return to counseling on a full-time basis.  Vice President Telson will certainly be missed at Saddleback College, but we are happy for her as she begins a new opportunity at Irvine Valley College working directly with disabled students which was initially her chosen career path after earning her master's degree. 
VP LiseVice President Telson has worked at Saddleback College since 2003.  We valued her expertise in the services and admired her tremendous compassion for students.  We are proud of her innovative and caring leadership provided over the last seven years to our comprehensive student services programs, including campus police, student discipline and rights, child development center, admissions and records, financial assistance and scholarships, EOPS/CARE/Calworks, disabled student programs and services, career and life development, counseling, transfer, articulation, matriculation, health services, student development, athletics, outreach, and veterans support services.

Under Vice President Telson, our student services departments implemented new technologies to help students including My Academic Plan, online admission application, online scholarship application, Student Information System, Career Cruising, Perfect Interview, Nacelink, and Facebook.  Vice President Telson developed and presented ongoing student contact and discipline workshops for our faculty, staff, and management, as well as for several statewide programs.  Working closely with Chief Harry Parmer, a system was developed and expanded to help faculty and staff in matters of student discipline.

Several new programs have been introduced at our campus under Vice President Telson's leadership including the VETS program, student outreach office, student information center, teacher preparation grant, emergency planning and preparedness implementation and training, Fulbright Egypt Technology Scholars program, and Community Collaborative Grant which provided resources for the creation of a new infant/toddler program in the child development center, middle school program, and professional development externships.  Vice President Telson also coordinated the development and submission of the college's first student equity plan, oversaw student surveys to get student feedback and improve services, and developed the annual student services professional development workshop.

As you know, Vice President Telson has always been a champion of our students and our faculty, staff, and management whose contributions put Saddleback College on the map as a community college that truly cares about student  success.  In her recent parting message to student services personnel, she stated, "I want to share with the Saddleback College Family that I have loved being a Vice President for Student Services, and have been honored to work with outstanding staff, faculty and administrators.  I will miss the students and feel honored to have served at Saddleback College."

We thank Vice President Telson for her years of dedicated service to our students and college.  Irvine Valley College is fortunate to have her as a new counselor and we wish her all the best.

Dean Jerilyn Chuman has agreed to serve as Acting Vice President for Student Services effective immediately. We have begun a search to fill this position permanently and expect to have a replacement by the end of summer.
Congratulations to Our Professors of the Year!
Saddleback College named Rich Goodman, a professor of Human Services, and Louise Jacobs, an Emeritus vocal associate professor, as the 2010 Professors of the Year. Professors Goodman and Jacobs will be nominated for the countywide Teacher of the Year award, selected by the Orange County Department of Education. 

RicGoodman TOTY 2010h Goodman, a Mission Viejo resident, has been a professor in Human Services at Saddleback College for 33 years, the last 19 being full-time. He teaches the primary courses in Corrections and additional classes in Alcohol and Drug Studies. Before coming to Saddleback College Goodman was the Los Angeles County Probation Department Narcotics Trainer for five years. He also ran a mandated drug education program for minors sentenced to Juvenile Camp. 

Jacobs TOTY 2010
Louise Jacobs (pictured right with Emeritus Institute Director Sandra Marzilli), who lives in Tustin, joined the Saddleback College Emeritus Institute Faculty in 1999, teaching voice and music fundamentals to older adult students. Jacobs was featured as a Registered Music Therapists on a segment about music therapy on "The Today Show," has led the singing for San Pedro's Tuba Christmas for four years and is an active volunteer for Pacific Symphony.
Congratulations to Sara Sheybani, the Classified Employee of the Year!
Saddleback College recognized Sara Sheybani, Senior Chemistry Laboratory Technician, as the Classified Employee of the Year. Sheybani, a Saddleback College and UCLA graduate, helped to create a Science Lecture Series, which has attracted such distinguished speakers as Nobel Prize winning Laureate Kary Mullis and National Medal of Science Winner Francisco J. Ayala. She was also recently nominated for the President's Award for Leadership and Innovation.
Sheybani EOTY 2010
In the fall semester, Sheybani secured a $12,000 grant from the Saddleback College Associated Student Government to begin the Science Lecture Series and then chaired the committee that scheduled nine lectures by key leaders in biology and chemistry. She has also been the key to ensuring that the chemistry labs are well-maintained and experiments and demonstrations are ready for students.
Horticulture Students Lay Down the Landscape for the Veterans Memorial
Horticulture Students Landscape Vet Memorial
Veterans Memorial Dedication to be Held on April 29th at 4:00 p.m
The dedication of the Saddleback College Veterans Memorial will be held on Thursday, April 29th at 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the completion of the nation's most significant tribute to veterans at any college campus. Attendees will also have the opportunity to see the Veterans Education Transition Services (VETS) Center, a one-stop center devoted to helping our student veterans succeed.
In addition to honoring the service of our veterans and military personnel, the dedication will include a Color Guard, military band, official military recognition of a veteran, and raising of the American flag at the memorial.  The flag is the first American flag that was flown over the United States Embassy in Vietnam, a gift from Chapter 785 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, which was obtained from Pete Peterson, the first U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam.

Please join us for this very important and memorable ceremony. Everybody is
encouraged to consider contacting our Saddleback College Foundation to learn about ways to support the memorial and honor a veteran close to you.
Medical Assisting Program Receives $378,000 Grant
Saddleback College was awarded a $378,182 state grant that will be used to expand the Billing and Coding Program within the Medical Assisting Program. The expansion will allow more students to access the entry-level Billing and Coding Program, helping them complete their education and enter the workforce. The State Chancellor's Office's Economic and Workforce Developmenimage from nursing homepaget Division awarded the grant based on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, in which the President stressed the importance of a nationwide health information infrastructure. 

Health Information Technician training is the next logical step on the career ladder for those with Medical Assistant training who are either looking for work or seeking promotional opportunities. 

Saddleback College is planning to develop a simulation capability, which will allow students the ability to hone their skills through the use of "practice set" materials that will simulate the actual workplace. The Funds will also be used to purchase a scanner and 15 computer stations to expand the existing lab.

Wellness Center
Mission Hospital/St. Joseph Healthcare, as part of its commitment to healthy populations, is creating large Wellness Centers focusing on education, exercise, and healthy practices, and following extensive market research has identified Saddleback College as the ideal location for its new Orange County facility.  The potential for innovative educational opportunities and creation of a unique collaborative model between education and the healthcare service area were additional influencing factors in the proposal to build a Wellness Center in collaboration with Saddleback College. 

Construction of this state-of-the-art facility would be funded through Mission Hospital/St. Joseph Healthcare and the facility would be self-sustaining. As a non-profit organization, all proceeds would be reinvested into the Wellness Center. Opportunities for student internships and learning experiences are extensive, not only for Allied Health and Nursing students, but for students studying in such areas as business, graphic arts, child development, and kinesiology, to name a few.  Recent insurance data suggest faculty and staff participation in Wellness Center activities could lead to discounted healthcare premiums for the District.

The proposed Wellness Center would include: an indoor therapeutic pool; classrooms for Wellness education; exercise/dance studio; cardiac and physical rehabilitation; and state of the art exercise equipment utilizing techniques that channel the energy generated through exercise into power for the building.
Senior Day
 Saddleback College's 10th Annual Senior Day Senior Day event was incredible! We distributed 1,500 t-shirts to perspective students and In-N-Out served more than 2,100 burgers! Not only did students from local high schools attend the event, but 300 middle school students also participated.

After collecting their free shirt, the students were free to browse the many tables in the quad where they got information on academic programs and athletics. In the Bowl, students were treated to lunch from the In N Out trucks, cotton candy and information on student clubs and organizations. A bounce-house obstacle course, balloon jousting and a dunk tank provided students with hours of entertainment.

Senior Day 10 Dunk TankSenior Day 10 Teacher Senior Day 10 InNOut
Men's Basketball Wins State Championship!
2009-10 State Champions!
Men's BBall wins state champ
The Saddleback College men's basketball team became the second straight number four seed from the south to win the California community college state championship by defeating City College of San Francisco! The Gauchos held off the Rams for a 63-57 win, capturing the schools' second state title in nine years.

Perry Webster was named as the tournament MVP after finishing with 19 points and seven assists in the title game. Tyler McManaman and Robert Curtis were also named to the all-tournament team.

A Big Thanks for the Dedication of our Classified Staff!
The following staff members received pins for their years of service.

30 years - Beth Brokaw, Lurdes Casillas, Dennis Wyche

25 years - Edward Grijalva, Sue Hines, Lynn Martin, Colette McClellan, Lori Parra                  

20 years - Elva Araiza, Linda Bashor, Carla Conn, Jimmy Crabtree, Corinne Jackson, Mark Kruhmin, Michael Looney, Efren Malagon, Gretchen Peregrine, DianeSmith, Tasha Trankiem, Robert Woolfenden            

5 years - Deborah Dautel, Agustin Espinoza, Kianoush Farshidpour, Kenneth Fernandez, Monroe Lee, Lance Potter, Pablo Saldana                   

10 years - Mary Anstadt, Willie Baldwin, Jeanne Barnhill, Roman Bernal, James Dreyer, Rick Founds, Harmon Hook, Sandra Malagon, Kathy McGann, Mike Sauter              

5 years - Jose Araiza, Sue Brown, Kan Buth, Lito Gonzales, Jeffrey Harvey, Alejandro Hernandez Camacho, Rosa Lothian, Luz-Maria Luna, Gloria Martin, Tu Pham, Rosann Rios, Aurelia Salazar-Herrera, Nicholas Schmidt, Barbara Sendaba, Marlene Weintraub

New Student Technical Support Page 
The Distance Education Committee, Admissions and Records, and the Library have worked together to create a one page technical help document for our students. Our goal is to create one location for students to receive reliable technical information and assistance. Please refer students to this page or use the information from this page when assisting students with technical questions.
The page is called Student Technical Support -
The page is linked from two locations:
  1. Under the New and Continuing Students drop down menu on the home page.
  2. Under the Online Education drop down menu on the home page select Online and Distance Education.
Presidential Highlights
The following is a quick overview of Dr. Burnett's schedule:
February 2010

Met with Allen Gutierrez of The Latino Coalition...Attended the Army Advisory Council at Mission Viejo City Hall...Attended Rachel's Challenge Presentation in McKinney Theatre...Met with Scott Lay and CCLC...Hosted the President's Cup basketball game...Attended the District-Wide Goals Session...Attended ACCCA Conference in San Francisco...Met with Bobbie McDonald of the Black Chamber of Commerce for Orange County... Attended the Saddleback College Foundation Board Meeting...Welcomed attendees to "High School Counselor Day."
March 2010
Met with Andrew Munoz for the OC Workforce Investment Board...Met with Jack Smart, Susan Cooper, Ephraim Smith from Cal State Fullerton...Commission on Athletics Conference in Ontario...Attended the Orange Empire Athletic Conference Meeting at CSU Fullerton...Met with Greg Dunn of the Orange County Business Council...Judged the International Student Potluck at Saddleback College...Attended the CEO Leadership Conference in Napa.
Upcoming Events

April 12th-16th
Awareness Week

April 15th

President's Chat
BGS, Room 144
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Transfer College Fair
Saddleback College Quad
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

National Day of Silence
Saddleback College Quad
11:00 a.m.
April 19th - 24th

Earth Week Celebration Events

April 29th
Saddleback College Veterans Memorial Dedication
4:00 p.m.

April 30th
Improv Team's Last Show
BGS 254
8:00 p.m.

May 3rd
ASG Jam Session
SSC 212
12:00 p.m.

May 5th
Transfer Celebration
SSC 212
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

May 21st
Saddleback College Gymnasium
9:00 a.m.

May 21st
Scholarship Ceremony
Saddleback College Gymnasium
2:00 p.m.