Volume II, Third Edition

President's Greeting

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Welcome to the spring semester, which started with an oustanding in-service week and I thank all who participated.  Of course, a special thank you goes to Professor Jane Horlings who has yet again done a superb job in coordinating the week. 

At the president's faculty breakfast and classified staff luncheon that were held on Thursday during the week, I provided an update on my top ten goals for 2009-2010, which are: 
President Burnett
1. Complete Accreditation Self-Study Report                   
2. Identify and Begin Implementing Efficiencies
3. Create One Stop Student Information Center
4. Complete 2010-2013 Strategic Plan
5. Prepare for H1N1 Flu Pandemic
6. Raise $260,000 for Osher Scholarship Match
7. Develop Plan for Meeting Capital and Scheduled  Maintenance Needs
8. Expand Alumni Contacts
9. Implement Internet Social Networking
10. Complete Veterans Memorial

I am happy to report that we're making steady progress to accomplish our goals.  Our accreditation self-study is well on its way to being approved with flying colors by the Accrediting Commission, the college has already begun implementing efficiencies, our one-stop student information center was successfully launched and will continue to improve with greater staff and student help, our 2010-2013 strategic plan is well underway with the development  of our strategic directions (Improve Student Preparedness, Foster Innovation, Excel in College Transfers, and Enhance Resources) and goals that were sent forward to the college's Planning and Budget Steering Committee, we prepared for the H1N1 Pandemic and provided immunizations to the community, we raised $138,000 for the Osher Scholarship last year and a new fundraising campaign will commence in February, we developed our first-ever twenty-year capital and scheduled maintenance plan and had it placed first among the district's goals, the college's foundation is working on expanding our alumni contacts, social networking is being used by several campus departments, and the veterans memorial is near completion, with a dedication scheduled for April 29th. 

Also during the faculty breakfast and classified luncheon, Director of Fiscal Services Carol Hilton provided an outstanding presentation on the state budget.  As she pointed out, we are thankful that in his State of the State Address, the governor stated that we should be spending more money on higher education than we do on prisons, and he has taken significant steps to protect college access at a very difficult fiscal time for the state. However, even with proposals to extend the community colleges' ability to bring in additional full-time students, enrollment will continue to exceed state support.  We at Saddleback College have been very conservative in retaining budget balances, enabling us to continue our services to students.  I commend all on this campus for everything you've done to meet the needs of our students in these challenging times.  It is by keeping our door open to students that we will continue to be highly regarded in our community and beyond.  As always, we will continue to keep a close eye on the work of our state legislature over the year as they attempt to close the current $20 billion deficit.

It's important that as we work to curtail the effects of the state budget and ensure that our community knows about the great work we are doing here.  As part of our outreach efforts, I was honored to attend the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, which features the nation's most elite high school football players and honors more than 300 of the most committed Soldier Heroes.  It was a treat to meet some of the army's most elite officers, including General Campbell, who is well aware of the great things we have going on here for veterans, including our VETS Center and the college's veterans memorial.

I wish you an excellent spring semester and will see you at the many events that will be held in the months ahead to congratulate our students for their many accomplishments.


Tod A. Burnett, Ed.D.
Chancellor Mathur Bids Farewell After 34 Years of Dedicated Service
As you are aware, Chancellor Raghu Mathur has announced his retirement from the South Orange County Community College District effective in June.  His statement, which was emailed to the district community on January 26th, follows:
After a great deal of reflection and discussion with my family, I believe it is the ideal time for me to consider and pursue my next professional challenge.

I am very pleased and proud of our tremendous accomplishments over the past eight years as your chancellor.  We balanced the budgets every year while maintaining substantial reserves for rainy days, and investing wisely in expanding our full-time faculty ranks to support existing and new educational programs.  Online course offerings have exploded over 200% in the past few years and our overall student enrollment has grown over 25%  in the past two years alone.   Major construction and renovation initiatives continue to flourish on college campuses in compliance with our education and facilities master planning efforts.  Investment in technology has increased services to students and resulted in bringing state and national recognition to our District.  All these successes are due to broad-based discussion of ideas from all constituency groups and support of our board of trustees. 


I derive great satisfaction in knowing that our colleges, the Advanced Technology and Education Park (ATEP) campus and District Services are positioned to successfully meet the educational challenges of the 21st century. 


My last day in the office will be June 30, 2010 and I look forward to working this semester with the board and executive staff  to foster a productive transition.  I consider it a privilege to have served our District for the past thirty-four years and have treasured every moment of working with each of you in dedicated service to our students. 


Thank you.



Our students, faculty, staff and management greatly appreciate the 34 years of dedicated service given to our district by Chancellor Mathur and we wish him and his family all the very best with his next professional challenge. 
South Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees President Donald P. Wagner stated, "On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to take this opportunity publicly to thank Chancellor Mathur for his years of service to the district and its students. He has been tireless in his efforts in the Chancellor's office and can take great pride in the many accomplishments listed in his email. We on the board are fortunate to have been able to work with him in pursuit of the district's goals. We wish Chancellor Mathur all the best in his future professional endeavors."
We wish Dr. Mathur all the best and thank him for his many years of dedicated service to our college and district. 
Self-Study Reviewed at Accreditation Tuesday

Accreditation Tuesday was held during in-service week and provided excellent information on the college's Anthony Tengaccreditation self-study where we reviewed the four accreditation standards -- Institutional Mission and Effectiveness; Student Learning Programs and Services; Resources; and Leadership and Governance -- tosolicit feedback from our campus community. Thanks to our presenters (Professor Diane Pestolesi, Professor Anthony Teng, Director of Fiscal Services Carol Hilton, and Professor Carmen Dominguez) who serve as chairs of the accreditation standard committees and the Accreditation Steering Committee for their continued hard work to ensure that the college's accreditation self-study will be accepted with flying colors by the accrediting commission.

A second draft of the self-study is currently being completed and the final report will be submitted to the Accrediting Commission in June.  The Commission's visiting team visit is scheduled for October 11-14, 2010.

Stay tuned for updates on the self-study and preparations for the team visit! In the meantime, t
o review the draft self-study and all other accreditation documents please visit the college's accreditation website
Click here to see our accreditation newsletter, which includes a timeline, information on each standard, and committee membership.
Faculty and Staff Awarded for Leadership and Innovation
During in-service week, President Burnett announced the winners of the President's Award for Leadership and Innovation for 2009, which was created to recognize members of Saddleback College's faculty, classified staff, and management who have demonstrated and exemplified the spirit of innovation and leadership over the past year.  Innovation and leadership refer to a new and more effective way of doing things or doing what it takes to make things happen that have a positive impact on our students, campus and/or community.  Four awards were presented, with one going to a full-time faculty, one to an associate faculty, one to a manager/administrator, and one to a classified staff member.  The winners, who were presented with a plaque and a $250 check, were chosen among dozens of nominations that were submitted by faculty, staff, and management. The winners follow:

Professor Diane PestolesiDiane Pestolesi
Full-Time Faculty
A Professor of Nursing, Diane Pestolesi also serves as the Assistant Director of the nursing department.  This past year she served as the Interim Assistant Dean of the Health Sciences/Human Services Division, while also taking on the enormous task of serving as Chair of the Accreditation Standard I committee.  Professor Pestolesi had the honor of recently being highlighted as a paradigm case in the newly published book entitled "Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation" by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.  This past year she established the nursing department's intensive care simulation center, which includes hemodynamic monitoring, EKG monitoring, and a ventilator.
Penny Skaff Penny Skaff
Associate Faculty
Penny Skaff is the Coordinator of the Career Technology Education Community Collaborative Grant and has been instrumental in developing training sessions with the local middle school faculty to learn about career planning theory and resources to make strong connections with our Career Center and help local 7th and 8th graders become interested in their future careers. She was instrumental in working with the Child Development Center to implement the new infant/toddler program, and established the very successful No-F campaign to assist students on academic probation.  Penny is a very energetic presence on our campus and in our community.
Audra DiPadovaAudra DiPadova
Director of Student Development Audra DiPadova started at Saddleback College only a year and a half ago and quickly made a huge and positive impact on the campus in general and on our Associated Student Government.  Audra used an innovative approach to student leadership by developing the first ASG funding and club manual; by improving ASG budget development, training, presentation, and appeal processes; by encouraging and facilitating more informed, mature and improved student communications through social networking, effective emails, texting, and website design; by working with student leadership to design and develop a more efficient and user-friendly space for students to work in a collaborative leadership laboratory, and by introducing and facilitating the college's chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. 

Matt BrodetMatt Brodet
Classified Staff
Matt Brodet, a Television Production Specialist, has shown tremendous leadership over the past year in helping the Communication Arts department transform its use of digital, high definition technology.  Matt took the lead in researching the technology, making purchasing recommendations, writing operation manuals for the faculty and students, learning how to perform maintenance on the equipment, and instructing the faculty and staff on how to use the equipment.  Matt's efforts have helped our students learn this high definition technology, making them marketable in the workplace and helping them acquire high paying and respected jobs in the entertainment industry.  Matt was the driving force behind the acquisition of this technology and the driving force behind writing the manuals to use the technology, which have become a staple of the department's curriculum.
Thank you to all who submitted nominations for the awards.  All nominees were impressive and it was truly difficult to choose among all of the fantastic finalists.  Congratulations to all of our nominees:

Full-Time Faculty
Cheryl Altman, Mike Bennett, Dr. Barbara Cox, Dr. Georgina Guy, Larry Radden, Rita Tamer, Anthony Teng, and Dr. Jim Zoval

Associate Faculty
Douglas Custance, Louise Jacobs, Ken Lee, Maria Mayenzet, and Brockton Schermerhorn

Mary Hall

Classified Staff
Jessica Cha, Janet Jacob, Don Lindboe, Lance Potter, Brooke Sauter, and Diane Smith
Save the Date: Veterans Memorial DedicationVeterans Memorial Logo
Mark your calendar for the Saddleback College Veterans Memorial dedication ceremony, which will be held on Thursday, April 29th at 5:00 p.m.  The dedication planning committee is currently working on the organization of the event, including the invitation list, outreach to veterans, and a traditional ceremony emphasizing the contributions of our veterans. If you're interested in serving on the planning committee please contact Director of Public Information and Marketing Jennie McCue at extension 4320.  
Community Education News 

Seeking Faculty Input!

Saddleback College's Community Education Department is a self-supporting entity that receives no funds from Saddleback College or the state of California and offers short-term classes that are not for college credit and separate from the college's academic offerings. Community Education directly supports Saddleback College by annually giving a percentage of its profits to the college to be used for campus-wide projects.

The Community Education Department encourages faculty to look at the classes and workshops described in the Gaucho Guide (formerly Spectrum Catalog) as a means to promote your courses. Community Education sparks the interest of our local community and when students are looking for a deeper understanding of the topics, Community Education refers them to the college's academic offerings. If you have flyers promoting your academic courses, Community Education would be happy to distribute them to our participants.

Please contact Community Education Director Estella Castillo-Garrison at extension 4326 to learn more about how we can cross-promote academic offerings with Community Education.

We also would like to hear your thoughts about new Community Education classes and workshop ideas. Three times a year the Community Education Department accepts proposals for new class ideas (January 1, April 1, and August 1).  Although all of the classes proposed cannot be offered, we would like to invite you to suggest classes that may fit the needs of our community. We look for classes that do not conflict with Saddleback College's current academic offerings, but rather look for those that spark the interest of our community as we endeavor to bring the community to Saddleback College.

Discounts Offered!

Saddleback College Community Education department is pleased to extend a 10% discount to all Saddleback College, Irvine Valley College, and South Orange County Community College District employees. This discount is limited to employees only and excludes material fees, Tours/Travel classes, Computers classes, and those classes that require an outside vendor fee.


Thank you for your service and support to our community and we look forward to your participation.

Upcoming Events
February 4th
Child Development Center Toddler Program Grand Opening Celebration/Open House
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Child Development Center

February 8th
"Rachel's Challenge" Sponsored by the Five Minute Project 
12:00 p.m.
McKinney Theatre

February 9th
Transfer College Fair
10:00 a.m. to noon

February 11th - March 11th
Small Teapot Competition
Saddleback College Art Gallery

February 19th
President's Cup Part II
Saddleback College Gymnasium
5:30 p.m.

March 25th
Senior Day
Saddleback College Quad
11:00 a.m.

April 29th
Saddleback College Veterans Memorial Dedication
5:00 p.m.

May 21st
Saddleback College Gymnasium
Time TBA
Presidential Highlights 

November 2009
Attended the US Department of Education Faith-Bassed and Neighborhood Partnerships Conversation About Education Reform at USC...Welcomed students at Tech Prep Day...Attended South Orange County Regional Chamber of Commerce Meet and Greet...Attended Picnic at McKinney Theatre...Attended the Saddleback College Foundation Gala...Attended CCLC Annual Convention and Partner Conference.
December 2009
Attended Southern California Education Leadership Forum...Attended the Saddleback College football team's awards banquet...Hosted a President's Club event at the Feast of Lights at McKinney Theatre...Hosted and played Santa Claus at the Saddleback College Holiday Party...Attended the District's holiday party.
January 2010
Hosted an in-service college-wide breakfast...Welcomed participants and attended Accreditation Tuesday...Attended Chancellor Mathur's In-Service Opening Session...Attended the SOCCCD Faculty Association Luncheon...Hosted faculty breakfast...Hosted classified luncheon...Hosted Management Team retreat...Attended U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Tod A. Burnett, Ed.D.
(949) 582-4722