Sexuality Workshop
February 19 & 20 2011 


Great News!!!  

The Summit Sexuality Workshop is coming next weekend, February 19th and 20th!

This really is an amazing workshop and most participants have said that it's the "most valuable" of our graduate workshops that we have. 

This is a two-day workshop, held on a Saturday and Sunday, where you will create breakthroughs and take amazing ground in all areas of your life!

Read below to find out more...

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 Sexuality Workshop

    Time to get your sexy on!!!


This is an incredibly valuable, powerful, exciting and FUN workshop and just wait until you get your "homework" assignment! Most people say that it is one of the most valuable workshops we offer graduates. 


Some people say they created more value around relationships than they did in their Breakthrough Workshop!!!

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 Here is a little information about the Sexuality Workshop:


We are all biological, spiritual, psychological, emotional and sexual beings.  Many times we underestimate the importance of our sexual and sensual sides in determining the joy, connection and success we experience in life.  In the Sexuality Workshop, you will uncover and breakthrough the underlying beliefs that have determined who you are in the sexual domain of your life.  In this fun, open, direct and honest environment, you will have the opportunity to generate the passion and power in being a full human being, free from past interpretations and self-imposed limitations.  We know how much energy we all put on this domain of our lives!



  •  Redefine your beliefs about women and men to ones that serve your relationships.
  • Experience acceptance and freedom.

  • Wholeheartedly accept your body for the beautiful creation that it is.
  • Live free from past beliefs that keep you stuck.
  • Understand how men and women relate to sex rather than resist it.
  • Create your own sexual self; distinct from your parents, religion, cultures, or past conditioning.
  • Open up new levels of intimacy in your relationships.
  • Free yourself from all of your sexual guilt.
  • Integrate the sexual, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of your humanity..
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Sexuality Workshop Details

Who, where, when and how...


The Sexuality Workshop is open to all Breakthrough/Advanced graduates and higher.  It will be on February 19-20 in Broward County. 
at the Sheraton Suites in Plantation.


Registration is Saturday at 9:00 AM The workshop hours are 9:30 AM through 7:30 PM on Saturday and 9:30 AM through 7:00 PM on Sunday.


The tuition for this workshop is normally $295 but you can enroll in this workshop for only $200.00, couples can enroll for their combined tuition of only $300 for couples.


If you are a past Sexuality participant and would like to audit the Sexuality workshop, tuition is only $100!!!



Make sure to mark your schedule and enroll to reserve your seat today.


 To enroll go to our website or fill out a card and fax it in today!


So get ready to get your sexy on and make sure you bring everyone else that you want to do it with and we will see you on February 19 and 20th!

In Love & Sexy Service
Ken Cushman
Summit Education Inc