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Campos Thanks and Urges Mayor to Fully Implement Due Process for Immigrant Children 

Supervisor David Campos thanks Mayor Ed Lee for partially implementing a City law that provides undocumented youth the constitutional guarantee of due process. The law was introduced by Supervisor Campos and passed in November 2009 by a supermajority of the Board of Supervisors. At yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting, Mayor Ed Lee announced that San Francisco has stopped reporting undocumented youth arrested on suspicion of felonies to federal immigration agents for deportation if they are found to be innocent and if they have family in San Francisco. Supervisor Campos called the announcement "a good first step," but expressed that "it doesn't go far enough." He and Supervisors Kim, Mar, and Avalos, as well as civil rights groups, raised concerns with the Mayor's exclusion of children that don't have families here from due process. They are urging Mayor Lee to fully implement the law passed by the Board of Supervisors to avoid deporting innocent youth. To learn more:


Fog City Journal: Campos Calls on Mayor Lee to Uphold Sanctuary City Law 

SF Chronicle: City revises its stance on illegal immigrant youths 

SF Examiner: San Francisco changes policy on reporting juveniles to ICE after felony charges 

SF Bay Guardian: Campos urges Lee to implement entire due process law  


Crisis of Wage Theft
Supervisors Campos and Mar have called a hearing to inquire how city departments are working to address the crisis of wage theft. Wage theft occurs when employers do not pay workers their legally or contractually promised wages. Common forms of wage theft are non-payment of overtime, not paying for all hours worked, not paying the minimum wage, making illegal deductions from worker paychecks, and not paying a worker at all. Academic studies have found that wage theft costs workers billions of dollars in legally mandated wages each year. Wage theft also harms responsible businesses and government by creating unfair competition and denying tax revenue. The hearing will take place at the Government Audit and Oversight Committee on Thurs, May 12 around 11am. 


Hospital Consolidation Impacts Health Care Costs  Last month Supervisor Campos held a hearing on how hospital market consolidation in San Francisco is affecting health care premium costs for the City of San Francisco and its residents. A distinguished panel of experts in Health Care planning and economics testified that when hospitals consolidate into large systems that dominate a specific region, that hospital system has the power to demand contracts from health plans that include high reimbursement rates for their services and limit the ability of health plans to offer lower cost products and share the data consumers need to compare costs across providers. To watch the hearing click on the May 28, 2011 Government Audit and Oversight Committee on SFGTV.


Supervisor Campos Appointed to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission

The Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed Supervisor David Campos as its representative to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).  The MTC is the transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency for the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties.  Supervisor Campos will serve on the MTC Programming and Allocations Committee, which is responsible for reviewing funding applications and making funding recommendations. We are thrilled that Supervisor Campos will be advocating for San Francisco's transportation system at the regional level, where key policy and funding decisions are made.                                   


Working for You


Celebrate Small Business Week (May 16-21)


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Description: San Francisco Small Business Week (SF SBW) is a partnership that honors and supports San Francisco's small businesses through a series of educational and networking events that inspire, educate and connect the business community. SF SBW is part of a national celebration of the contribution of small businesses and entrepreneurs. San Francisco takes great pride in being the home to over 85,000 small and new startup businesses.

Agencies: The seventh annual SF SBW, is presented by Wells Fargo, produced in partnership with the Small Business Administration, The San Francisco Mayor's Office, Small Business Commission, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, SFentrprenuer and the Golden Gate Business Association.

For Small Business Week Events Info: Website

Spotlight on 9


el rioDuring Small Business Week, the Board of Supervisors will be honoring businesses in each Supervisorial district for their contributions to San Francisco.  This year, Supervisor Campos will be honoring El Rio, a Mission neighborhood bar that has been extremely generous and supportive of local community efforts.  We are grateful for their recent fundraiser to help the victims of the Mission & Valencia Streets fire that happened in April.

District Events
Event: Community Congress and Mayoral Candidates Forum
Organizer: Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
Date: Sat, May 14, 2011
Time: 9:00AM-1:00PM
Location: 515 Cortland Avenue (Muni buses 24, 67, 14, 49, 47)
Description: This year is an exciting one, as we've invited several mayoral hopefuls to attend and dialogue with the community. Interested in asking the candidates questions? Fill out this form and submit by 5 PM on Friday the 13th! A few randomly chosen questions will be incorporated in the candidates' Q & A. Attendees can also submit handwritten questions at the day of the event. 
For more information: Website

Event: Loveland
Organizer: The Marsh Theater
Date: May 13, May 20, May 21
Time: Fri. 8:00pm, Sat. 8:30pm
Location: The Marsh, 1062 Valencia Street (x: 22nd St.)
Description: The Marsh is excited to announce the premiere of Ann Randolph's new solo show LOVELAND. Join Randolph as she takes us on the irreverent, hilarious and deeply human journey of Franny Potts. Facing up to the greatest loss of her life while flying from LA to Ohio surrounded by strangers, Franny stumbles her way from awkward confusion through the mystery, tragedy and beauty that unite all us. A stunning performer, Mel Brooks compares Randolph to the late Gilda Radner for her audacious humor, her generosity and her ability to take us from tears to laughter in the same minute. Randolph's previous solo show, "Squeeze Box," was the Winner of LA Weekly's "Best Solo Show" and the Los Angeles Times Ovation Award for "Best Solo Performer."
carnavalEvent: San Francisco Carnival
Date: Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29, 2011
Time: 10PM-6PM
Location: Harrison Street between 16th and 24th Streets. 
Description:  Spanning eight blocks, the festival takes place on Harrison Street between 16th and 24th streets between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The festival grounds will offer exciting events planned for the whole family, from children activities, to local visual artists displaying their art, to contingent artists performing at several stages, and many local businesses given an opportunity to participate as well. There will be music on three stages and through the 5 block long 2-day festival, ethnic food, art and lots of fun to be had by all.
For more information: Website



Working for You
Spotlight on 9
District Events
Community Office Hours


Community Office Hours in the Portola

coffee cup

Please join us for our next community office hours. It's an opportunity to bring your ideas, concerns and comments directly to Supervisor Campos, while supporting a local business. Thanks to those of you that joined us at our last community office hours in the Bernal Heights neighborhood.


Date: Friday, June 3, 2011

Time: 12:00PM-1:30PM

Location: Fat Belly Deli, 2598 San Bruno Avenue (x: Burrows St.)

Neighborhood: Portola