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In response to our recent grants and new memberships, we join with BDPA Chapters and BDPA interns in saying thank you to all of our readers and sponsors for their generosity in 2011.


We are seeing increased evidence of more young men and woman from our communities embracing new technologies while launching exciting CS-STEM careers and IT business partnerships.  We also are noticing more workers changing careers and rapidly adapting to emerging cyber ecosystems within their respective industry sectors.


Thanks to your generosity, our industry is sending more students to colleges, universities, and community colleges to attain information and communications technology (ICT) industry certifications and STEM degrees. Moreover, BDPA Chapters are training more parents and students to embrace BDPA's SITES programs and participate more with BDPA's local and regional IT showcase events, cyber challenges, robotics competitions, and computer competition training events.


Here at bdpatoday, we join with all of our members  and volunteers in wishing everyone a very prosperous and safe New Year.                                                         bt
Washington | Government Relations
New Bill to Protect Cyber & IP in 2012 
Washington, D.C. -- American businesses will  better be able to protect their computer networks and intellectual property (IP) from cyber attacks with the help of groundbreaking bipartisan legislation introduced late last month by Chairman Mike Rogers and Ranking Member Dutch Ruppersberger.  The bill gives the federal government new authority to share classified cyber threat information with approved American companies.


The "Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011", H.R. 3523, passed the House Intelligence Committee markup earlier this month with a decisive vote of 17-1.  The bill is not only receiving strong bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, it also is receiving strong support from major US corporations and ICT industry trade associations.                                                            bt

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Source: house.gov 
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HSCC Alumnus Keynotes 20th Anniversary Milestone

Richmond, VA
-- Just over 20 years ago, shortly after National BDPA's 1990 National Technology Conference in Washington, D.C., Ruffin Bell (left), one of the Chapter's founding members, presented newsletters and magazines about BDPA to his co-workers, one of whom was Ms. Annette Yates (center) now one of the Chapter's Past-Presidents. With support and recommendations from BDPA-DC and BDPA Baltimore, BDPA Richmond (RMAC) received its charter from NBDPA in 1991. While a student at Virginia State University (VSU), Dr. Carlos Buskey (right) discovered BDPA RMAC during a National BDPA regional event hosted by BDPA RMAC at the same hotel where he worked part-time. Ms. Yates invited [Carlos] and his Computer Science classmates to the very next BDPA RMAC meeting. Dr. Buskey is one of BDPA's distinguished High School Computer Competition (HSCC) alumni who is a Principal Consultant; Mainframe, Technical Sales; for CA Technologies. Dr. Buskey was the Chapter's keynote speaker.      photo bdpatoday
stemIT Showcase & HSCC Alumni | BDPA's Emerging STEM Pipelines


Above (L-R), Ms. Jessye Bemley, North Carolina A&T State University; Midshipman Second Class [Junior Year] Lisa Stevenson, Duke University; and Mr. Francisco Nunez, of Morehouse College are BDPA IT Showcase (ITSC) and BDPA High School Computer Competition (HSCC) alumni pursuing STEM careers.  Each of them, along with hundreds of other BDPA student member alumni, is a current beneficiary of your generosity.

After 36-plus years of dedicated community service, let's have another great year together! In an exploding trillion-dollar industry, we greatly appreciate year-end support and contributions to National BDPA, local BDPA Chapters, and BETF as we successfully close out our first year of this exciting decade.  bt

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