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February 2010
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Live Hacking Book

The Live Hacking CD is out! Maybe that is an unusual start for a newsletter, but I am excited! This month we released the Live Hacking CD after two months hard work to produce an easy to use and practical penetration test live CD. The ISO image is available for free at LiveHacking.Com and it has been downloaded more than 380 times in less than 4 days. Try it and let us know what you think.
I also have more exciting news that I want to share with you! We have created an information security news website at SecurityPuls.Com. This website simultaneously collects and processes the latest Information Security stories from different sources such as Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle to keep you posted about the latest trends in Information Security.
We look forward for your comments and feedback.

Kind regards,
Dr. Ali Jahangiri
Live Hacking CD
Security Expert Releases New Linux Distribution for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing; Introducing the Live Hacking CD

The Live Hacking CD is a new Linux distribution packed with tools and utilities for ethical hacking, penetration testing and countermeasure verification. Based on Ubuntu this 'Live CD' runs directly from the CD and doesn't require installation on your hard-drive. Once booted you can use the included tools to test, check and ethically hack your own network to make sure that it is secure from outside intruders.

Dr. Ali Jahangiri, the well known security expert and author of Live Hacking: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Techniques & Countermeasures for Ethical Hackers & IT SecuLive Hacking CDrity Experts, is pleased to announce the launch of the Live Hacking CD, a new Linux distribution designed for ethical hacking. The Live Hacking CD contains the tools and utilities you need to test and hack your own network but using the tools and techniques that more malicious hackers would use.

As a derivative of Ubuntu this 'Live CD' runs directly from the CD and doesn't need installing on your hard-drive. Once booted you can use the included tools to perform penetration tests and ethically hack on your own network to ensure that it is secure from outside intruders. As well as the standard Linux networking tools the Live Hacking CD has tools for DNS enumeration and reconnaissance as well as utilities for foot-printing, password cracking and network sniffing. It also has programs for spoofing and a set of wireless networking utilities.

Dr. Jahangiri, the world renowned security expert and the brain-child behind the Live Hacking CD, has made it freely available to the public to encourage IT professionals and others to enhance their knowledge and to prepare for the malicious activities of the unscrupulous hacker.

'I am really happy to see we accomplished this public domain project and we had a strong response, from IT professionals, in the first hours of releasing the Live Hacking CD' said Dr. Ali Jahangiri. 'I would like to thank the Live Hacking CD team members and our senior consultant Gary Sims for their efforts and non-stop work in the past two months.'

The Live Hacking CD is based on open source technology and uses the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution as its base. All the tools included can be freely found in either the Ubuntu repositories or on the Internet. The CD is designed to be a platform to help IT security professionals (as well as those with a general interest in information security) to start, understand and conduct penetration tests and ethical hacking.

As with all community and open source projects, Dr. Jahangiri and his team welcome all comments, and suggestions along with possible cooperation opportunities to make the Live Hacking CD as complete and useful as possible.

Accompanying the Live Hacking CD is the LiveHacking.com website which contains information about Dr. Jahangiri's book "Live Hacking: The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Techniques & Countermeasures for Ethical Hackers & IT Security Experts" and details of the Live Hacking Workshops which Dr Jahangiri runs internationally to introduce IT professionals to the world of hacking and empower them with the knowledge they need to thwart the criminal elements in cyberspace.
Dr. Ali Jahangiri to Speak at 7th Annual Worldwide Security Conference
Dr. Ali Jahangiri, a world leading information 7th WorldWide Security Conferencesecurity and cyber forensic expert, is pleased to announce that he will be participating in the 7th Annual Worldwide Security Conference in Brussels.

This year's Worldwide Security Conference will bring together leading policy-makers, specialists, business executives, community leaders and journalists from around the world for debate and networking with the aim of stimulating progressive improvement in the way global security is managed and reviewed.

As part of the conference, the EastWest Institute will convene a special one-day consultation, 'International Pathways to Cybersecurity', on February 17, 2010. The consultation, to be held in Brussels, will assemble leading specialists including Dr. Ali Jahangiri, officials, business leaders and other public figures to understand, communicate and stimulate breakthroughs in international dialogue about Cybersecurity. The event itself, which is sponsored by the Financial Times, Dell and Deloitte, is invitation-only for high-level participants. 

Dr. Ali Jahangiri has also been invited to participate in other WSC meetings, including the main public event, which will take place on 18th February at the World Customs Organization (WCO) headquarters. Other high profile guests at the conference will be Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, and Peter Albatef, President of Dell Services.

'I am very excited to be part of the 7th Annual Worldwide Security Conference" said Dr. Ali Jahangiri. "I would also like to thank John Edwin the Mroz, President of EastWest Institute and his team members for their efforts to make the world safer and securer by organizing this conference."

During the main event, Dr. Ali Jahangiri will be a panelist for the Cybersecurity: Asia's Priorities workshop along with Karl F. Rauscher, Distinguished Fellow, EastWest Institute & Bell Labs Fellow and Harry D. Raduege Jr., Chairman of The Deloitte Center for Cyber Innovation.
Up Coming Events:

  • LIVE HACKING  2010 Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa, March 08 - 10, 2010
  • LIVE HACKING  2010 Europe, Prague, Czech Republic, March 16 - 18, 2010