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Ventilation Systems
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Air Cleaning Specialists

of New England is the official regional distributor, certified installer and service provider for the following air quality systems manufactured by industry leaders.



Air King




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Client List
  • DPW maintenance garages
  • Fire / EMS facilities and vehicles
  • State and local police
  • Med flights
  •  Mass Transit Government and Military facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Cruise ships and commercial vessels
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and school transportation vehicles
  • Aircraft, airport facilities and Commercial buildings
  • Correction facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • Hotel and motels
  • Nursing homes





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1525 Hanover Street
Hanover, MA 02339



Congratulations to the Weston DPW on their new facility.
Dear DPW professional:


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Air Cleaning Specialists of New England e-newsletter. If you are just hearing about our company for the first time, this e-newsletter will serve as an introduction to our company. For those who already know of us and what we offer our customers, we thank you for your business during the past 33 years.


We are proud to represent major air quality systems and to offer those systems and services to commercial businesses and municipal departments like yours.


If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us.  


Chris Roche

Ventilation Systems

As the leading distributor, installer and service provider of Plymovent air filtration products ACSNE provides full turnkey solutions for organizations that need to control workplace air quality through efficient, effective source capture ventilation to manage their employees' exposure to airborne pollutants.


Vehicle  Exhaust Systems

Exposure to vehicle exhaust emissions can cause serious health problems for your employees. The most efficient way to combat that exposure is to capture the exhaust fumes at the source, eliminating   ingestion of harmful pollutants.
Our source capture systems remove hazardous emissions at the source, and provides solutions to properly ventilate your facility therefore providing a healthy and safe working environment.

Dangers of Diesel Exhaust

  • Exposure to diesel exhaust cause serious health problems in humans, including cancer, cardiac illnesses, respiratory problems and other serious health issues.


We Provide Engineering Support
  • FREE Layouts
  • FREE estimates
  • Installation 
  • Work with architects, engineering firms and contractors   

Why Choose ACSNE?

For more than 30 years, Air Cleaning Specialists of New England (ACSNE ) has been addressing the air quality concerns of the commercial and industrial marketplace. 

Founded in 1978, ACSNE provides first responders, medical and safety professionals, industry and manufacturing with effective, cost-efficient solutions to the management of complex indoor air quality hazards.  

We are the market leader in firehouse exhaust evacuation systems and have a strong and growing presence in air purification and decontamination for a burgeoning client base in a wide variety of industries, including, among others, the education, medical, hospitality and government arenas and military installations.

Operating out of our new 10,000-square-foot headquarters in Hanover, MA (photo above), ACSNE's is committed to serving the complex and essential air cleaning needs of the commercial and industrial enterprises with which we work.
ACSNE prides itself on providing quality design, installation and service of all the systems we distribute. Our trained and knowledgeable technicians and sales engineers are fully licensed and maintains all the appropriate certifications, registrations and credentials required by each New England state.


Don't hesitate to call us for more information at 800-445-4513.

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Air Cleaning Specialists of New England