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January 2011
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Everyone has their resolutions for 2011, right? I'm sure it's the usual things like lose weight, be nicer to people, get better grades, volunteer more, eat less. Just will remain a dream without a real action plan. 

You can start by making your goal a part of your consistent schedule. If you want to lose weight, dedicate two or three times a week to working out.  You can also take time to shop for healthy food at the grocery store.  By doing this, you're not tempted buy fast food or become a "regular" at the greasy chicken place up the block. Think about cutting back on TV in order to get things accomplished. I have my guilty pleasure shows like Atlanta Housewives and Brandy & Ray J, but if you're channel surfing you could be using that time to get closer to your goals.

Let this be the year for you to not just "talk about it, be about it." Jumpstart your resolution!



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Blog for Us!

We are doing it big in 2011! We are looking for teens who'd love to blog for us. Get your shine on and become one of our regular bloggers. Volunteer one entry per week and share the topics that are important to you: celebs, music, boys, film, poetry, etc. 

If you're interested, email why you'd be a great blogger (no longer than one paragraph please): 

Double Dutch Magazine T-shirts

Please support libraries, schools and other organizations that provide information and resources you enjoy, like Double Dutch Magazine! (hint, hint). Buy something special for that teen on your list or celebrate your "inner teen." Proceeds from t-shirts will be used to support programs and teen non-profits. In 2010 we held our first teen conference and look forward to providing more programs and services in 2011.

Click here to have one of our t-shirts delivered to your doorstep!!

Missed Us Last Month?
If you were drinking eggnog or helping moms with Christmas dinner, you may have missed our last issue of 2010. We included pictures from our teen conference and discussed new albums from Faith Evans and Kandi Burress.

Check out the December newsletter
Open Mic!
Urban Word NYC and Brooklyn Public Library joined forces to host a monthly open mic series for teens at the Brooklyn Public Library's Dweck Center.

This event began on November 3, 2010 and provides a safe space for teens to showcase their powerful messages as poets, spoken word artists, emcess, scholars and activists. These events are organized by teens. Each month the youth board invites one elder poet to share their words and insightful wisdom.

Wednesdays, 5:00-7:00 pm FREE!

Dates in 2011: January 5, February 2, March 2, April 6
May 4, June 1, July 6

Visit Urban Word NYC for more info or to participate.

Reach Teen Girls in Double Dutch!
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You have the opportunity to reach girls in their favorite place--the internet! Join us as an advertiser in our e-newsletter and digital magazine. Both can be viewed online! Our monthly newsletter includes the latest in music and fashion, while also elevating teens' self-esteem. We will include a link to your website, video or email address.

Our magazine includes cool digital features like page turning, key word searches, music and video. Check out our website to see examples of these features.

If you're a corporation, non-profit or other company that wants to reach urban girls that are confident and fashionable, please contact our publisher for media kit/rates information

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