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February 2010
Table of Contents
1.Protect Your Cyber Rep!!
2. Express Yourself!
3. Black History Month
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February is the month of love!

It's a great reminder that love starts with ourselves first. Draw inspiration from the article, "Love Yourself" written by one of our writers, Ashley Ferguson. She gives us suggestions on treating ourselves for Valentine's Day.

Self-love begins with how we present ourselves to others. We give you some tips to protect your cyber rep. The Double Dutch team wants you to realize the impact "sexting" can have on your future.

I've talked to girls at teen conferences to empower them through discussions on cyber reputations. Please contact us if you'd like us to discuss this topic with your youth group, school, or church organization.

In this issue, we also discuss the "Express Yourself" workshop for teen girls. To honor February as Black History Month, we've included a timeline of key moments in black history.

Enjoy the newsletter and have a great February,
Protect Your Cyber Rep!!
by Jen Threat

't get me wrong, technology is great. Cell phones, social networking and email definitely make our lives easier. Unfortunately, the price we pay for convenience may come at the expense of our reputations.

We've heard different stories discussed on Tyra, Oprah, Dr. Phil and our local news channels. After a break-up, a girl's nude picture or video is emailed to everyone in her school. We want to help you avoid explaining to your family how your picture ended up on TV.

Things to Remember about protecting your cyber rep:
  • He may not be your boyfriend forever: Someone can be your "boo" today and your enemy tomorrow. There have been many cases of ex-boyfriends who released nude photos because their girlfriends broke up with them. Protect yourself and don't do it at all.
  • Online profiles can impact your future: Employers and colleges now look at profiles (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace) before hiring employees or accepting students to schools.
  • YouTube reaches a national and even, international audience: If you post anything revealing or show out-of-control behavior on YouTube, you can become a story on the local or national news. (For example, girl fights and girls performing lap dances to songs).
  • Lead the Way. If you receive an inappropriate email photo of a friend from someone else; tell your friend about the message. It's important for us to support our girls and not pass on these emails.
  • Be Yourself online. If someone is pressuring you to be super-sexy online, they don't deserve to be your friend or boyfriend.
Express Yourself!

Powerhouse Media Group presented the "Express YourSELF" workshop on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA in Brooklyn, NY.
feona and girls
Photo by Jazz. Feona surrounded by girls attending the workshop.

Feona Huff (pictured above), president of Powerhouse Media Group, developed the workshop to help girls nurture their creativity. Huff led the girls in creating vision boards to help them plan goals for 2010. Jennifer Mack, a New York City public school art teacher helped attendees make collages and journals. Double Dutch publisher, Jen Threat, joined forces with Tachelle Shamash Wilkes (author of Amanda's Ray) to present a writing workshop for girls. The girls were also entertained by the sounds of DJ Chocolatte.

dj chocolatte
Photo by Jazz. DJ Chocolatte selects hot beats for all to enjoy.

clara holding vision board
Photo by Jazz. Clara, daughter of Feona, shows her vision board.

girls in workshop
Girls express themselves in the writing workshop.

jen with girls in workshop
Jen Threat listens as girls share their personal essays and poems.

The event ended with an awesome performance by the Lady Dragons step team of Brooklyn Tech High School, led by Coach Ramona. See the picture below for yourself.

lady dragons
Photo by J. Threat. The Lady Dragons of Brooklyn Tech in action. 

audience watch bk steppers
Photo by Jazz. Audience watching the Lady Dragons step team. Art teacher, Jennifer Mack, far right.

Everyone had a great time and there are plans for more community workshops for teens in the future.
Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, we've included a link to It includes a timeline of black history from 1960-2010.
The Root Black History Timeline
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