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November 2009
Table of Contents
1. "Get Your Mind Right" Conference
2. World AIDS Day
3. Books!
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I hope everyone gobbled up lots of turkey, stuffing, vegetables, cakes and pies! Yum:)

We've highlighted the "Get Your Mind Right" Youth Conference. It was a great event! I really enjoyed leading a workshop called, "Protect Your Cyber Rep." It was an all-female discussion of how girls represent themselves on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace) and how "sexting" can lead to major problems with family and friends. 

Tomorrow, December 1st, is World AIDS Day. We've included tips from a community health worker, so you can educate yourself about the disease.

December is also the last month of the year. It's a great time to share moments with friends and family. It's also a great time to plan for your next big goal(s).

To all my Double Dutch Girls, we will continue this great dialogue next month and throughout 2010 and like Jay-Z, "I'm on to the next one. . ."

See you next month,
"Get Your Mind Right" Conference Empowers Teens

The Juvenile Urban Multicultural Program (JUMP) Alumni Association and the Association of Black Social Workers of New York City (ABSW-NYC) Chapter joined forces to present the "Get Your Mind Right" Youth Conference on Sunday, November 8th, 2009. 

The JUMP Alumni program was formed at Binghampton University by multicultural students and expanded to aid urban teens through educational and self-esteem programs prior to college.

More than 50 students from various youth organizations participated in engaging and interactive workshops: Binghamton University's JUMP Nation, Vision and Voice Student Ambassadors of the Harlem Children's Zone Learn to Earn Site, and Rasheed Muhammed & Associates, Inc. "Building Bridges and Closing Gaps" program.

The conference began with a fun ice breaker with Kymberle Joseph, actress and author of the book, "Pieces of A Story." The workshop topics focused on self-esteem, self-presentation, and self-worth.  Rita Felton, community health worker at Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, presented an educational and frank discussion on HIV and safe sex practices. Henry Smart III, social worker and consultant, led a male-only discussion on presenting yourself in a positive and confident way.  Jennifer "Jen" Threat, publisher and editor of Double Dutch Magazine, led a discussion with the girls on the importance of protecting one's image on social media sites, also known as your "cyber-rep." 

Breakfast and lunch were provided for the students as well as goodie bags and prizes!  Companies who sponsored and donated to the event included Tommy Hilfiger, Essence Magazine, BEEING, YakBlak Vintage Sunnies, Jeans and a Tee, LLC, and KittyRose Lifestyle!

Mimi Woods, chair of the "Get Your Mind Right" conference planning committee and education chair of ABSW-NYC was very grateful for all of the generous support that enabled the event to be a huge success.  She stated, "This is just the beginning.  We are committed to bringing more organizations together to collaborate on events and programs."

me and akua
Photo by Idris Solomon.

Teen participating in role playing session.

me and akua
Photo by Idris Solomon.

Voicing opinion during "Protect Your Cyber Rep" session.

me and akua
Photo By Idris Solomon.

Holding hands and sharing what was learned and what will be taken to each others' communities after the conference.

If you'd like to learn more about the JUMP Alumni Association, you can find them on Facebook.

World AIDS Day

Each year, December 1st is designated as World AIDS Day. It is a day for us to remember those we've lost to the disease, celebrate those that fight the disease everyday and most importantly, to educate ourselves about the disease and its prevention.

me and akua
Photo by Idris Solomon.
Sample HIV/AIDS test being shown to "Get Your Mind Right" conference attendees.

Rita Felton, community health worker for the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, created tips for teens called, "HIV Begins and Ends with Me."

Below are just a few of the tips Rita shared during the recent JUMP Alumni Association and ASBW-NYC "Get Your Mind Right" event (see article above):
  • Know your status: Getting a HIV test is simple and in some cases, free or low cost.
  • Be Selfish: Be proactive about your own health and safety.
  • Learn about HIV/AIDS and all other STDs: You can get good information from your local doctor, hospital, neighborhood clinic or online.
  • Yeah, but do they love you: If they really love you, they'll protect themselves and you. Loving someone means looking out for each other.
For more tips and questions about HIV/AIDS, you can contact Rita directly at 718.596.9800 ext. 249

To learn more about World AIDS Day, visit the official AIDS website.
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