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October 2009
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1 Be Thankful!
2. Vote!
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It's Double Dutch Magazine!

I hope everyone went to a fun Halloween or Harvest event!

November is an exciting time for voting, spending time with loved ones at the Thanksgiving table and preparing for the holidays.

Election Day is next Tuesday, so please exercise your right to vote. If you're not able to vote, please support your families and neighbors by helping them prepare to vote.

In this newsletter we also include inspirational poems to remind all the ladies to be thankful for who they are.

Peace & Love,
Be Thankful!
I was talking to one of my homegirls who was going through some challenging times and was in the process of rediscovering herself and her passions. She'd spent time with friends and family and realized how "fabulous" she is. It's not an arrogant statement at all, but as girls we sometimes need reminders that we are smart, talented and beautiful.

We spend so much time working, going to school or doing for others that we make ourselves last on the list. We don't say 'no' enough or we don't speak our minds for fear of hurting others' feelings. Sometimes we need our own "team" of people to keep us focused, motivated and inspired. While you're out in the world helping others, don't forget to take the time to be thankful for who you are, too! You're not only fabulous, you're phenomenal!

Below are poems to help keep you inspired. Please read page 31 of Double Dutch magazine:
Inspirational Poems

Here's another inspirational poem by the Queen of Poetry, Dr. Maya Angelou:
Phenomenal Woman Poem by Maya Angelou

Many of you may know the history of voting and how women and minorities were not allowed to vote for many decades. You may also be aware of the stories of how these groups organized, marched and gave their lives so you can vote today.

We are not in a presidential election year; however, it is important that you cast your vote. Your vote still counts. If you're not 18, you can still help your friends and neighbors vote:

(Below is an excerpt from a previous newsletter article written by Ashley Ferguson)

Not old enough to vote?

  1. Research: Understand which candidate you agree with concerning the most important issues.
  2. Babysit: Spend time with children so parents can vote on Election Day.
  3. Encourage: Tell everyone that you know over 18 to vote.
  4. Support: Wear a button, t-shirt, or put a sign on your locker to support your favorite candidates.
  5. Talk: Discuss campaign issues with your family.
  6. Celebrate: Plan an Election Day party to celebrate the campaign. In honor of the American flag, have a red, white and blue theme.
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