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September 2009
Table of Contents
1. Young Women of Color Conference
2. Travel On the Cheap
3. Organize Your Room
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It's Double Dutch Magazine!

Fall season is fast approaching! It's time for homecoming football games, leaves on the sidewalks, cool weather and accessories to match.

While you're pulling out those sweaters, it might also be a good time to organize your closet and your life! Since we're just a few months away from the end of year, we've included organization tips so you can make the best of your time now, before the holiday season and finals approach.

Just in case you're thinking of taking a trip, we give ways for you and your family to save during the Fall season. Lastly, in this issue we've highlighted an upcoming teen conference in the Washington DC/Maryland area.

Wishing you a fabulous Fall!
Young Women of Color Conference
The Young Women of Distinction and Hip Hop Education have joined forces to present its 2nd Annual Young Women of Color Conference for middle school and high school girls. The theme of the conference is one that represents confidence and strength, "I Am Powerful!" Local radio and television anchors, as well as other "powerful" women, will share encouraging words with girls. Plus, Tiara Smith, Miss Junior Teen Maryland 2009, will also be a guest speaker for the event. Here are the details for the Young Women of Color Conference:

Who? Powerful teen girls
What? Young Women of Color Conference
When? Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 10 AM to 6 PM
Where? The Conference Center, College of Southern Maryland
La Plata, MD
Why? It will be inspirational!

Learn more about the conference on the website:
Young Women of Color Conference

Travel On the Cheap

Save Money on Travel
This is a time when many start to get an itch for taking a trip. Of course, as you've read with other Double Dutch newsletters, we have dynamic ways to save money.
  1. Staycation: This term simply means you go somewhere close to where you live or in a neighboring city or town. This can be a simple day trip or a weekend.
  2. Be a Tourist in Your Own City: Take advantage of cultural places like tourist sites, zoos, museums, playhouses or theaters, dance company studios and restaurants featuring other cultures' foods, i.e. Ethiopian or Japanese.
  3. Search for free or discounted admission: Museums often have free or reduced admission days for students. Check your local paper for coupons, too.
  4. Purchase the Entertainment Book: This book has thousands of coupons that includes restaurants, cultural institutions, etc. There is a different Entertainment Book for most major cities. Visit
  5. Try different transportation: Yes, flying gets you to places faster, but sometimes that comes at a higher price. Taking the train, bus or driving with your family can save you lots of money!!
  6. Pack Your Own Food: Don't be afraid to brown bag it. You'll save money and it's healthier.
  7. Raise Money: Some schools will offer trips and give you the option of raising money for special trips. Sell some candy, sausage or holiday gifts; you can save money and you might get a prize for what you sell.
  8. Organize a trip: You're a leader, right? If you work with companies and organize a group trip, sometimes you can get your trip for free.
Whether you stay in your city or leave it, there are many ways to enjoy the season.
Organize Your Room
Here are some tips to declutter your space:
  • Donate clothes you don't want or organize a clothing swap with friends.
  • Shred and throw away paper you don't need.
  • Recycle old electronics.
  • Use magazines to create a vision board for yourself so you can keep track of your goals.
  • Buy a bookshelf or an inexpensive organizer so you can find things you need easier.
  • Do a little at a time so you don't get overwhelmed.
  • Set aside time daily or weekly to keep yourself organized

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