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August 2009
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1. The New Boyz
2. Team Sports
3. School Supplies
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Since some of you have started school or you're on your way, we have included tips on how to save money on school supplies.

We've also included a section on sports to encourage you to join one of your school teams or to do sports outside of school. Lastly, we include a section on one of the hottest duos in the music biz, The New Boyz.

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The New Boyz
by Jen Threat

Join the "Jerk" Revolution!

me and akua
The New Boyz

If you were
rockin' this summer to the hit, "You're a Jerk," then you've seen the style and swagger of The New Boyz. Based in Los Angeles, California, they've created their own music and dance--jerk. Like the food, jerk is unique and addictive.

At age 17, The New Boyz have ushered their own dance, style and fashion (loud color and skinny jeans). Many dance styles like breakin', (b-boyin') and crumpin' originated on the West Coast, so it only fits that another dance craze would be created in sunny California.  The New Boyz felt the need to create something fresh that was unique to how they grew up.  "We're showing a different side of hip-hop and a different style from the West Coast, explains Ben J.

The dynamic duo of Ben J and Legacy first gained fame from MySpace and YouTube. They created the song, "You're a Jerk" in their closet and this bold track developed into their debut album, Skinny Jeans and a Mic. It will be released September 15th on Asylum/Warner Bros. Records. According to Legacy, "The album is about having fun and the typical teenage life. The show will also capture this."

Now you can see them "jerk" live as they tour with singer, Sean Kingston. Check out ticketmaster to get your tix.

Learn more about The New Boyz on their official website:
Link to The New Boyz website

See The New Boyz demonstrate fly moves in their video:
You're a Jerk video
Hurray for Girls' Team Sports!

My family and I went to a WNBA game and had a fab time!

I highly recommend girls (and boys) of all ages attend a WNBA game. The games are reasonably priced and a great place for families to have a fun time.

During the game, the WNBA paid tribute to Senator Ted Kennedy, who we lost last week after a long battle with brain cancer. He was instrumental in developing Title IX law, which helped to ensure equality for women/girls in sports and in the classroom.

The WNBA presented a touching dedication and it made me realize that many girls would not have opportunities to excel without sports. It's often the first place where we learn about teamwork, leadership, winning and losing.  The basketball game reminded me of all the women that have been able to live their passion by coaching and playing sports.

It's important for all of us to support women's sports and to keep ourselves healthy by participating in sports. If you're thinking, "I'm not good at sports," you don't need to be the next Venus or Serena to participate.  You can do it for fun!  I was on the volleyball and track team in high school and as an adult, I earned a black belt in my study of tae kwon do.  You can start off by walking with friends. It's free and everyone will have a good time!
Save $$$ on School Supplies
Here are some tips for buying cheap school supplies:
  • Graffiti Notebook
    • Buy three-ring binder
    • Add lined loose-leaf paper
    • Use permanent marker to make graffiti letters and designs
  • Ultra-Hip Book Cover
    • Use brown paper bag from grocery store
    • Turn over to side without writing
    • Fold, cut and tape paper to fit book
    • Decorate with stickers, permanent markers and color copies of photos
  • Fab Locker
    •  Use brown paper bags or wrapping paper as a background for your locker
    • Decorate with photos of your friends and your favorite celebrities, poetry or phrases from your favorite movies
    • Add school colors to your design or your school mascot (e.g. tiger)
  • Cool Pens and Pencils
    • Use stickers to make designs using your favorite colors
These are just a few suggestions to help you create unique book supplies that can help you make studying fun! (maybe)

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