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June 2009
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1. Michael Jackson
2. 4th of July
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June has been a month of events to keep us all glued to our computers, cell phones and TVs for celebration (black music month), political scandal (Governor Sanford of South Carolina) and loss (death of Michael Jackson).
In honor of Black Music Month and one of the greatest entertainers of our time, we'll discuss the influence of Michael Jackson. We'll leave the trial and gossip to the tabloids.

The Fourth of July is in a few days. Once again, we're sharing tips on how to have a fab celebration "on the cheap." Enjoy the summer, go all out for your dreams and as Michael Jackson said in his song, "Don't stop 'til you get enough!"

Michael Jackson
by Jen Threat

The Influence of Michael Jackson Will Live on After His Death

I write this with great sadness as we have lost one of the greatest musical artists of our time, Michael Jackson.

Many may not be familiar with the legacy of Michael Jackson and just see him as the the pale-colored singer with the weird nose, but he was much more. In his heyday, he was the Elvis Presley, James Brown and Sammy Davis, Jr. of our time. He was not only a singer, he was a songwriter, a composer, executive producer and choreographer.

My earliest memory of Michael was listening to his "Off the Wall" album (yes, album). I would come home and listen to it religiously. It was his first solo effort after parting ways with his brothers in the group, The Jackson 5. I was hooked and when his album "Thriller" was released, I became a super fan! I had a t-shirt, scarf, watch, every magazine and buttons that I still have in my possession. The release of the music video for the song, "Thriller" was an event. Thriller was one of the first videos to be aired with behind-the-scenes footage and was the longest videos of its time. It was a mini-movie because it had a story line and was directed by John Landis, a movie director.

As with most of Michael Jackson's albums, Thriller included words to all the songs. I memorized them and still remember them today. My friends and I practiced all the dance moves from his music videos and were attracted to boys with the Michael Jackson look (jheri curl, tight jeans, white socks and a Beat It or Thriller jacket).

Michael influenced kids of the 1980s generation to be writers, dancers, DJs, singers, etc. He was one of the few pop artists to embrace hip-hop culture. He included actual b-boys (break dancers) and gang members in his videos. He also brought poppin' and lockin' dance moves to the mainstream. In addition, he collaborated with several hip-hop artists and producers at the beginning of their careers like Heavy D, Naughty by Nature and Teddy Riley.

Despite whatever personal issues Michael Jackson had, he never disappointed as an artist and performer. Anyone that bought his cd or attended his concert knew that their money was well-spent. He's one of the few artists that crossed all generations. When I went to his Victory tour at the Cleveland, OH stadium, it was a family affair. I went with my parents, my cousin and my grandmothers. His music was uplifting, fun and exciting. His dance songs made you think you could move as fluidly as Michael Jackson and his lyrics made many of his fans want to do more for their families, communities and themselves.

Michael also influenced today's artists like Usher, Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Kanye West, P. Diddy, Maxwell, Ciara, Keri Hilson, etc. Michael also influenced this lover of music and hip-hop culture to give back to the world and follow her dreams as a magazine editor. I collected issues of Right On! magazine with covers of Michael Jackson, not knowing at the time where destiny would lead me.

Michael Jackson's Accomplishments:
  • Guinness Book of World Records:The album, "Thriller" is the biggest selling album of all time, with over 50 million sold worldwide.
  • Billboard: Michael Jackson had the most Billboard No. 1 Hits by any artist (13)

The Game brought other artists together to create a tribute song just days after Michael Jackson's death. The DJ Khalil-produced track included various musical artists: P. Diddy, Boys II Men, Usher, Chris Brown, Mario Winans and Polow Da Don.

Click on the Link below to hear the song:

Link to Michael Jackson Tribute Song on YouTube

Celebrate the 4th of July in Style and on a Budget

You can still have a blast at your Fourth of July party--on the cheap!

These are the best places to shop for BBQ bargains:
  • Dollar stores: decorations, plates, tablecloths, chips, etc.
  • Big box stores: Costco, BJ's and Sam's Club
  • Drug stores: CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreen's, Rite Aid
Party Theme Ideas:
  • Picnic: Take sandwiches, snacks and drinks to your local fireworks event. You'll save money and the food will taste better than what's being sold at the event.
  • Red, White and Blue: Ask your friends and family to bring food and drinks with these colors.
  • BBQ Potluck: Everyone brings a dish (homemade or not) to share.
Hope this helps you to save and celebrate the 4th of July!

Jen Threat is Winner of the 50 Most Amazing Women on the Web!
stilettowoman winner badge
Our editor and publisher of Double Dutch Magazine, Jen Threat, is one of the top five winners of Stiletto Woman Magazine's 50 Most Amazing Women on the Web!

Stiletto Woman magazine recognized 50 of the Most Amazing Women on the Web. Like Jen, many of the women are entrepreneurs and mothers who balance their time between their businesses and their families. They have also have created unique ideas to help teen girls, women and mothers live better lives. As a winner, Jen Threat will be featured on the cover of Stiletto Woman magazine's first issue. A printed version of the magazine will also be available on We'll keep you posted on the release of the digital and print magazines.

Congrats Jen!

For more information on Jen and the 50 Most Amazing Women on the Web click here:

Stiletto Woman Magazine

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