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April 2009
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In this issue we profile a great event for teen girls, the GNEP Youth Summit. It's a very informative event that empowers girls for college, health, finance and relationships.

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Girl Power!

Teen Girls United for Sisterhood at Youth Summit

More than 100 teen girls gathered at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY with old and new friends to celebrate self-love and empowerment at the "Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit."

The Youth Summit was created by Akua Soadwa, founder of the Gye Nyame Empowerment Project (GNEP). She was on a mission to find an organization that would empower girls of Pan-African descent. Like many entrepreneurs, she didn't find the non-profit organization that she was looking for, so she created her own!

The March 2009 conference was the second year of the GNEP Youth Summit. The summit consisted of panel discussions and workshops.  Several subjects were addressed including women working together to impact community change, self-respect, defining one's passion, finance, health, personal accountability and media. The panelists and workshop leaders represented companies that included the NYPD, UMASS-Dartmouth, BET, MTV, Black Enterprise, Black Girls Rock and a host of organizations that service teen girls.

Click on the link below for a full schedule of the Youth Summit:

2009 Youth Summit

I had a great time discussing personal accountability with the girls in my group. We talked about achieving goals by planning for college applications, job search, interviews and guarding one's cyber reputation.

The summit also included a dynamic keynote from Lauren Lake. Many of you may have seen Lauren on numerous TV shows as a lawyer, interior designer, relationship expert, motivational speaker, and she sings, too. She's witty, funny and "tells it like it is." She believes that she doesn't have to choose one career, because she "loves them all." Lauren is also a co-founder of the Women's Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN), which promotes the positive portrayal of women and girls in entertainment and society.

The girls also had a chance to unwind with great entertainment from D. Wood, singer and former member of Danity Kane.

me and akua
D. Woods!

Before D. Woods graced the stage, a dj played every girls dance favorite by Beyonce, "Single Ladies." Two of the girls at the summit jumped up and performed all the dance steps from the video. Everyone cheered them on. This was a great example of sisterhood and the purpose of the summit-- to support our fellow sisters.

me and akua
The Beyonce Girls!

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