March 2009
Table of Contents
1. Self Esteem
2. Money Matters
3. Stiletto Woman
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Welcome to the March 2009 Double Dutch newsletter!

We hope that all of you have honored your mothers, grandmothers, and historic figures during Women's History Month. One of our key missions is promote sisterhood among our readers. It's important for us to celebrate each other's accomplishments and not "hate on" them. Stay tuned for organizations that are helping to empower you to be your best!

The newsletter also includes ways to save money and info on a new magazine that is honoring amazing women on the web.

See you next month!

Self-Esteem: Love Your Sisters!
All of us have had our moments of "hateration" or times when we've been jealous of other females. Take our quiz and see if you hate on your girls or celebrate them.

Jealousy article
Money Matters

Are you a diva like the one BeyoncÚ sings about in her song? If not, we'll give you tips on how to save money. In this economy, maybe you can develop a sidehustle or part-time biz that can help you get some money:)

Saving Money

Stiletto Woman
stiletto finalist

We're happy to announce our Double Dutch publisher, Jen Threat, is a finalist for Stiletto Woman Magazine's 50 of the most amazing women on the web!

If selected, Jen will be featured in the inaugural issue of Stiletto Woman Magazine. The magazine empowers women to navigate successfully in their lives as mothers and career women. It also gives tips on how to look and feel fabulous. The magazine will launch this Spring and will be available on the Stiletto Woman website and

Check out the site!

Stiletto Woman website

We hope you've enjoyed the mini-version of Double Dutch Magazine! Please forward to your friends. Please let us know any ideas to make the newsletter better.

Jennifer Threat
Editor & Publisher
Double Dutch Magazine