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February 2009
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1. Love Yourself
2. New Artist: Tynisha Keli
3. DD on Facebook
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The main focus of Double Dutch magazine is to encourage you to have self-love and that includes keeping yourself safe in relationships. We've included a link of a previous article which discusses the signs of domestic violence.

As always we love to introduce our readers to new artists. See who we've discovered this month. Plus, we have a link to our new Facebook page.

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Love Yourself!

In light of all the media attention surrounding the drama of R&B singers, Chris Brown and Rihanna, the Double Dutch magazine staff felt that it was important to have a dialogue about domestic violence.

No one really knows what happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna. We'd just like to be clear that any violence in relationship should not be tolerated. Period. End of story. Many of us have known people that have experienced it, but some may not know how to recognize the signs. We hope that this article will help to shed some light on domestic violence and save your life or someone that you know.

Here's the link:

Pain is Not Love article

New Artist: Tynisha Keli
Warner Bros. artist and YouTube sensation, Tynisha Keli, is well on her way on to everyone's fav artist list.

Who knew such a big voice could come from such a small person? The Bedford, Mass native, who now calls Los Angeles her home, has struggled in life and welcomes the challenges of the music industry. She's ready to drop her cd soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, watch her sing Beyonce's, "Broken Hearted Girl" with all her might on YouTube.

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