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November 2008
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Fashion: Baby Phat
Politics: Obama
Hotness: Lloyd
New Artist: Breje
The Yard: College
Health: HIV/AIDS Awareness
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Since Double Dutch Magazine is not published on a monthly basis, we will publish a newsletter, in addition to the magazine. We want to keep our readers aware of the latest in music, fashion, politics, etc.

We've created this newsletter to discuss this historic election. Plus, to keep you entertained, we have some hot songs for you to rock to and college tips to keep you ahead in the application process.

There are website links (underlined words) included in the articles below to find out more about music artists, politics and Double Dutch Magazine in this newsletter.

P.S. We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with food and fun!

Fashion: Baby Phat
baby phat
Photo by Andrew Jones

Baby Phat Keeps it
for Fall

By Jen Threat

There were so many looks that we loved from the fashion show. It was very hard for the editorial team to narrow it down to one look, but we did it!

This is definitely "a good look!" You can't go wrong with black. You can easily make this look your own. All you need is a black sweater or shirt, pair with a black pant or skirt. Accessorize with metallic (gold or silver) belt and shoes with a bright colored handbag. That's it. You're all done. And don't forget the shades! This look can take you from date night to a holiday party.

No need for a high-fashion budget, you can use your imagination and easily duplicate this look, on the cheap, at your local Kmart, Target or Wal-Mart.

Politics: Obama
Photo Courtesy  of

Congrats Mr. President!

From this day forward, you'll probably remember where were you on November 4th, 2008. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Barack Obama was elected as the first black president of the United States. 

This exciting election season had everyone talking from music mogul, P. Diddy to political strategist, Donna Brazile to you and your girls--which may have been different for you, because you haven't always been into politics. And though the commercials were starting to get out of control and you're parents were taking over the TV with all their political shows. This was more than an election. This was a major victory for everyone in America, especially you.

It was only 53 years ago that black students were integrated and permitted to go to public school with white students. Not long ago, restaurants, water fountains and public theaters were segregated. Separate entrances were marked with "white" and "colored" signs. Back then legal racism (Jim Crow)  and unfair treatment of blacks was the law of the land. People of color were prejudged and really didn't have a fair chance to succeed.

Whatever political party you follow or your racial group, it's amazing to see a black man of Kenyan and American descents, who was raised by a single mother, rise to the ranks of Harvard, the U.S. Senate and the Office of president, in the U.S. where racism and hatred and injustice used to rule. It's definitely worth celebrating. Barack Obama was not judged by the color of his skin; he was judged by "the content of his character" like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of in his "I Have a Dream" speech. In fact, President-elect, Barack Obama will take his oath as president a few days after the King holiday.

This election proved that anything is possible if you remain hopeful and believe. So for all the haters who try to knock down your dreams and tell you something is impossible, remember that a lot of people thought it wasn't possible to have a black president, but we do. His name is Barack Obama.

Hotness: Lloyd

Photo Courtesy Universal Motown Records

A Double Dutch Magazine Exclusive with Lloyd

By Ashley Ferguson

If you haven't already been schooled on Lessons in Love, be sure to get Lloyd 's latest album on Universal Motown Records. We got to chat with him between rehearsals about his start in music, his album, and what he does when not performing.

Double Dutch (DD): So how did you get into the music business?
Lloyd: You know, I'm still trying to figure that out myself! I went to Avondale Elementary for performing arts, here in Atlanta. I had a recital in the fourth grade. I stayed after school to practice in the cafeteria and met Joyce Irby. She just happened to be at my school scouting talent for Warner Brothers. She must have picked up the phone book and started calling elementary schools statrting with letter A. You know it was God smiling down on me; being the outgoing center of attention that I was, I just grabbed the mic and auditioned for her.

DD: What artists have influenced your music?
Lloyd: Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Bobby Brown, BBD (Bell Biv Devoe), Jodeci. My friend Sammy.

DD: Oh yeah, I remember him.
Lloyd: Yeah, he was a little kid with the biggest voice ever. We would push each other a lot as kids; we found a healthy competition.

DD: You mentioned your influences, but what do you think about music these days?
Lloyd: It's really a great time in muusic. You got people like Gnarls Barkley pushing the envelope on sound. Santogold, I'm a big NERD fan.

DD: A lot of your songs are very respectful and adoring of women. Why is that? And what do you think about artists who aren't as respectful to young women?
Lloyd: I think this is the year of the lover. I think that love, it never went anywhere it's just been suppressed. Love is something we speak on and want to explore. When I'm angry, I don't want to listen to my love songs. As youth we have a lot of anger and energy we need to release. When I need to release, I turn to music. The scales were tipped over to the aggressiveness a little too much, I think, but we even it out. I like being in balance.

DD: What's on your iPod?
Santogold. NERD album. Tha Carter 3. I have my Lessons in Love --joints that I cut with Dream, Nelly, Polow the Don. I've got my boy Rocko from the ATL and I got the new Coldplay, Gnarls Barkley's cd, "Odd Couple ."

DD: You seem willing to try new things as far as fashion goes. How do you describe your overall style? What is your style inspiration? What are your favorite colors to wear?
Lloyd: There's no one side to my styles. I have a lot of different styles that I like to rock.

DD: So, now to the questions all the Double Dutch readers want to know. Are you single?
Lloyd: I'm single. I'm young, kinda just chillin' right now. Love is not something that I'm looking for. I'm just taking my time, going with the flow. I'm getting to know myself more and more. It's a balance I'm trying to find between my family, my love life and my music.

DD: What's your type of girl?
Lloyd: Knowledgeable girls. I like thoughtful girls. My mom is a pharmacist; she's very educated. I'm really into girls that are non-complacent with just being girls. I think that's the most attractive thing in a person you can find. I used to think that looks were everything.

DD: What do you like to do when you're not on tour or performing?
Lloyd: I like to go to the lake with my brothers and ride jet skis. I'm really imaginative. I'm really into movies and things that push the envelope on reality. I read a lot of books. I take a lot of time out to visit charities. I go to church on Sundays with my sister. I do dumb silly things around the house to get rid of the butterflies. I like to stand on my head and just relax.  It gets me off my feet.

DD: Are you being real with me right now?

Lloyd: I'm at about 2min 30sec right now. (Laughs)

Tell me about your CD. What's it like? What can we expect? You can expect to be schooled on topics ranging from knowing  when you'r e in love and getting back a lost love. I talk about what love is. How you know if she loves you back, you know, how you know it's real.

DD: How you do know all this?
Lloyd: I'm an expert, like the in the movie, Hitch.

DD: I'm not mad at you.

DD: So do you do a lot of writing and producing on your records?
Lloyd: I executive produce my projects. I'm very hands on with everything, from the appetizer to the dessert. I really like to be involved with the ingredients. It started with my cd, Street Love.

DD: Do you also have a record label now? Tell me a little about that.
Lloyd: Yes, I do. It's called DOPE music which stands for Demonstrations of Personal Excellence. It's about doing you the only way you know how to do you.

DD: That's what's up. Well I'm wrapping up here. I think I've asked all I needed to ask. I just want to say thank you for taking time out to do the interview.

Can't get enough Lloyd? Visit his MySpace page and website for hot music and photos!!
New Artist: Breje
Photo Courtesy of Switchhouse Press/Cinnamon Chips

Learn more about this up-and-coming cutie. His music will make you bounce and and his looks will make you swoon.

A Special Twist for the Ladies!

By Morgan Bolah

With the mere mention of his name, girls will swoon and scream at the top of their lungs! He's everything a girl could want in a pop idol. He has hot lyrics, unforgettable moves on stage, and he's cute, too. Think of Chris Brown fit into a fun size package and you've got Breje (pronounced Bre-jay).

Although Breje is only 11 years old, he's no stranger to the music industry. His two sisters, Sadiea and Nyla, are both part of the group, IQ. This year, they released the single, "Crush on U." Breje has gained notoriety by sharing the stage alongside music sensations Ne-Yo, Omarion, The Jonas Brothers and Pretty Ricky. Plus, he was a featured performer of the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 2, 2008.

Not only is Breje talented, he radiates charm and stays grounded with words of wisdom from his family and great-grandmother. His various music inspirations, which were influenced by his parents, include blues and jazz legends, and singers like Michael Jackson and John Mayer.

Breje is destined for greatness and has the tools to help him get there. He's a regular kid with extraordinary talent. He loves soccer and basketball, because of their frequent change and non-stop pace. He also enjoys acting and musical theater.

His cd includes the song "Twist Wit' It," which was released by WPE Music, LLC/Bungalo/Unversal. The singer is a hip-hop version of Chubby Checkers dance craze in the 1960s. With the debut of his single, "Twist Wit' It," there's no stopping this young artist. Breje is coming full force.

Want more Breje?

The Yard

We've compiled a list to make it easy for you to start getting everything done to make it into to college and out of your Mom's house: applications, scholarships and shopping!

Plan for College Now!

By Tara Rajiyah

Seniors, it's time to shine, reach your goals, and go out with a bang! You'll be busy, busy, busy with classes, jobs, applications, and friends, not to mention prom and graduation. Your keys to success AND fun this year? Organization.

  • Research colleges online. Visit the Princeton Review's website at to register for free access to their college database. Answer a questionnaire and receive college suggestions on finding the best college for you!
  • Visit your favorite colleges. Visiting campus and talking to current students, is the best way to know if a school is a good fit. Don't have time or the budget to visit one of your choices? Request brochures online or chat online with current and prospective students.
  • Make a calendar of deadlines. Post all SAT/ACT, college application and financial aid deadlines on a calendar in a place you'll see it everyday, like your bedroom or kitchen. And, don't wait until the last minute! Letters may get delayed by mail; and, if you submit something online at the last minute, website server traffic could make you miss deadlines.
  • Keep copies of everything. Save yourself time! You never know if a college application, financial aid application or recommendation could get lost. If that happens, you'll have an extra copy, and won't need to fill out paperwork all over again.
  • Find scholarships.  Visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at and apply for federal based aid. Various non-profit organizations, religious groups and college departments offer scholarships based on need and area of study (major). Visit to find local and national scholarships.
  • Start saving money now. Work at your favorite clothing store or start your own business, such as babysitting, baking, styling hair, etc.  You can also visit job websites such as,, or
  • Go dorm shopping. Make your room your first home away from home. Your room is going to be tiny, so make the best of your space. You'll be sharing with at least one roommate (maybe even two or three!), so make the best of your space. Here are a few college essentials you don't want to forget:
    • Lofts: These will create under-the-bed storage room.
    • Plastic Bins: These will add more space for clothing and school supplies.
    • Shower Caddy: Store shampoos and toiletries in one compact place. Plus, you can grab and go when you're still half-awake in the morning.
    • Plates/Bowls and Eating Utensils. Whether you're Rachel Ray or not, you'll probably order lots of Chinese food and pizza or eat a late night snack like Raman noodles, anyway? Don't worry, even if you don't have a microwave, some dorms have a common kitchen.
    • Mattress Pad or Egg Crate Mattress: Most dorm beds aren't all that comfortable so these additions will go a long way to help you get a better night's sleep.

Plan for college today and make a smooth transition from high school!

Health: HIV/AIDS Awareness

Jami Jackson

BET Reality Show Dispels HIV/AIDS Myths

By Jen Threat

Do you think you can spot someone with the HIV/AIDS disease by looking at them? You may think that you can, but a new Black Entertainment Television (BET) reality documentary hopes to challenge any stereotype you may have.

In honor of World AIDS Day, on December 1st, BET will profile four young adults in the reality documentary, "Are You Positive?" BET challenges viewers to select the two young adults with HIV/AIDS. The goal of the program is to teach viewers that HIV/AIDS has no particular look and to make smarter choices. According to the program sponsor, the Kaiser Foundation, HIV/AIDS are higher for black women ages 25-44 than any other racial/ethnic group.

One of the young adults featured is soul singer, Jami Jackson, as she hustles as an up-and-coming singer and pre-med grad in New York City. Jami, age 23,  works at a hospital and searches for performance gigs. Two of her songs, "Let Love Live" and "I Will Survive" are featured in the reality program. Jackson has also partnered with the HIV/AIDS advocacy group, Lifebeat, to help educate young people about HIV/AIDS through music.

Hear Jami Jackson's music and see her performance schedule on her MySpace page:

Tune in to Are You Positive? on December 1st at 7:30PM EST.
To learn more about the documentary and to educate yourself about HIV/AIDS visit BET's website,
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Jennifer Threat
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