March 2009

Dear Friend of the 337 Project,, 
This month we were very honored to have been identified by High Country News as an innovator in the "New Frontier for Ideas."  Please read the article to learn more about the 337 Project and other new pioneers in the intermountain West.  
We are also now knee deep in preparations for our second Urban Gallery event at Neighborhood House, which will occur on June 12-13, 2009.  This year we will invite nine artists to work on the Neighborhood House garage doors for 18 hours over two days, at the end of which time the audience and a jury will each award a prize of $1000.  If you've never had a chance to see the magic of a group of artists creating large-scale works (or even if you have), this is an event you, your family, and your friends won't want to miss!  Mark your calendars: 2 pm to 8 pm on June 12th, and 8 am to 8 pm on June 13th!
I'd also like to thank CJ Lester, Maggie Willis, Jonathon Baker, Trent Alvey, and Tiffini Widlansky who came out for our first training for Art Truck volunteer docents and drivers.  As always, if you would be interested in helping us to bring the Art Truck to area schools, please contact me at adam@337project.org.
And last but not least, if you subscribe directly to our newsletter (just click on the "join our mailing list" button in the upper right corner) you can win a visit from the 337 Project Art Truck. The Art Truck currently features work by nationally-recognized artists Dan Steinhilber and Maggie Michael and has been hailed by Salt Lake City Weekly as "perhaps the most ingenious use of boxes in art since Andy Warhol took brush to a Brillo box!"  
This month's winner is  . . . Amanda Finlayson, who should contact me to arrange a time and place for a visit.  If you didn't win this month, don't despair; you can see the Art Truck this Friday evening, March 20th, at The Dada Factory, 930 S. Rio Grande St. in Salt Lake City.
Adam Price
337 Project
In This Issue
337 Project at SLC Film Center
Edie Roberson at David Ericson Gallery
Urban Gallery's Last Days
"I am Chris Purdie" at Sego Art Center
337 Artists Around Town: March 20, 2009
"Who Does She Think She Is?" at the Salt Lake Art Center
Art Now at UMFA
Poor Yorick Open House
Dan Steinhilber at BYU MOA
 337 Building Mid-Demolition

Nearly a year after the destruction of the original 337 Project building, a series of works from 337 Project artists Trent Alvey, Jann Haworth,  
Alex Johnstone and Davey Davis are now part of the SLC Film Center's  
Sidewalk Cinema. The Sidewalk Cinema projects work by local and  
international filmmakers onto storefront windows in downtown Salt Lake  
City over 15 hours per day. New creations by Trent Alvey and Jann Haworth are bookended by two clips from Johnstone and Davis's  documentary film Afterimage: The Art of 337. The opening footage gives viewers a chance to stroll once more through the brilliant creations in the rooms, stairwells, and corners of the 337 Project building.  The final clip documents their destruction.

Sidewalk Cinema screens are located at 122 S. Main St. and 260 S. Main St. Images of work by 337 Project artists will screen at 4 p.m. daily through April 16th.

Edie Roberson's The Gentlemen's Club
337 Project artist Edie Roberson has a new show opening at David Ericson Fine Art Gallery ( 418 S. 200 W. ), this Friday, March 20th.  As Edie explains, "Art is a passion for me. My creations come from a gestation period of whatever time it takes, then come to life in special magical moments in the present. Whatever goes into my paintings are chosen intuitively. They must 'feel' right to me, and also in their relationship to each other. I would like each viewer to explore what they see, without limits imposed by me. What's 'real'.....and what's not? What's going on here? What do they see or imagine? What are the individual stories that they get from my paintings? Some of my work may be 'surreal whimsy,' but a little bit of humor is not bad, these days! Beauty, light, color, texture, and gesture are, and have always been, extremely important to me, in whatever art genre I happen to create." 
To see more of Edie Roberson's work, visit her website at www.edieroberson.com.
Neighborhood House
The original Urban Gallery is in its final days, and will soon be destroyed to make way for new works of art that will be created on June 12th and 13th, 2009.  With last October's unveiling hailed by Salt Lake Magazine as "one of the most exciting nights of art we've experienced," you'll want to see Urban Gallery before it is gone.  Head over to Neighborhood House at 1050 W. 500 S. (ideally during daylight hours) and soak it in.
Participating Artists:  Trent Alvey, Jann Haworth, Wren Ross, Caleb Workman, Margaret Willis, Joseph Thomas, Sri Whipple, Christian Arial, Trent Call, Biroe, and Ben Wiemeyer. 
Sponsored By:   Neighborhood House; Squatters Brew Pub; The Kanter Family Foundation; VSA Arts of Utah; BMW of Murray; the Salt Lake City Arts Council, and the law firm of Snow, Christensen & Martineau.
I am Chris PurdieUntil March 28th, 2009, the Sego Art Center will feature 
I am Chris Purdie, a new performance art exhibit from 337 Project artist Chris Purdie. 
At most opening art receptions, one of the highlights of the evening is the opportunity to talk to the artist about his or her art.  I am Chris Purdie is an art exhibit that explores the meaning of this event, helping the audience rethink the concepts of self-portrait, conversation, art and performance.  By placing numerous dopplegangers inside the gallery, Purdie multiplies "that possibility of people talking to the artist to the point that this concept becomes the art," Purdie says.  "The viewer will come in and have a literal dialogue with the art and the artist at the same time." 
On Thursday, March 26th, and in conjunction with its current show, the Sego Art Center will present its monthly Evening with the Artist lecture and discussion series.  The artist will lead a discussion of his work with members of the community.  The event will begin at 7pm and will run until approximately 8:30pm and is free and open to the public.

The performance and exhibition will remain open to the public through March 28th and will be viewable from 12 - 8pm Tuesday through Saturday, Mondays by appointment.  Special appointments can be made by calling Jason Metcalf at 801.599.0680.
The Original 337 Project Building
If you have questions, comments or ideas, please contact Adam at adam@337project.org.
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337 Artists 
 Around Town As Of:
March 20, 2009
Sri Whipple
Kayo Gallery
177 E. 300 S.
 Adam Bateman
Rio Gallery
300 S. 455 W.

Margaret Willis
Red Espresso
509 E. 300 S.
Shauntay Ramsey
Oni Tattoo
325 E. 900 S. 
 Amy Caron
Margaret Willis
Elmer Presslee
"Waves of Mu"
Rose Wagner
138 W. 300 S.
Trent Alvey
Sundance Resort
8841 N. Alpine Loop Rd.
Jann Haworth
Plan B Theatre
Rose Wagner
138 W. 300 S. 
Julie Pattee
Brad Metcalf Gallery
620 W. 540 N. 
William Thompson
Saans Gallery
173 E. 300 S.
Other Notable Showings
   Philliips Gallery
Gary Vlasic 
Kami Wilde
444 E. 200 S.
Dexterity Salon
Students of Cara Despain
777 E. 300 S.
Springville Museum of Art
Alex Bigney
Talking to Tesla
126 E. 400 S.
Who Does She Think She Is?, Playing at the Salt Lake Art Center
On Friday, March 20, at 6:30 p.m., the Salt Lake Art Center, will present the documentary Who Does She Think She Is? by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Pamela
Tanner Boll. This documentary profiles five women who refuse to choose between motherhood and career, including renowned ceramist and BYU graduate, Janis Wunderlich. Following the film, there will be a discussion about this project with the artist and director.
Art Now at UMFA
Kim Martinez
The UMFA celebrates the 60th anniversary of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah with a biennial exhibition of artwork by faculty of the College. 

At UMFA from March 11 through May 10, 2009, Art Now reflects new trends in contemporary art as well as traditional practices in a variety of media, including ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital imaging, and video.

Featured artists include: Edward Bateman, Larel Caryn, Alison Denyer, Justin Diggle, Dave Eddy, John Erickson, Beth Krensky, Joe Marotta, Kim Martinez, Ray Morales, John O'Connell, David Pendell, Brian Snapp, Carol Sogard, Paul Stout, Maureen O'Hara Ure and Sam Wilson.
Poor Yorick 
Open House
Poor Yorick
On March 27-28, Poor Yorick Studios will have its Spring Open Studio.  Featuring a Metropolis-themed invitation worthy of our current economic climate, and over 50 artists (including 337 Project artists Lenka Konopasek, Brad Slaugh and Peder Singleton), the event is sure to be a winner.
Poor Yorick Studios is located at 126 W. 2950 S., South Salt Lake.
Dan Steinhilber, at BYU MOA
Branded at SLAC
The BYU Museum of Art continues its stunning exhibition of creations by nationally-recognized artist Dan Steinhilber.  By utilizing a visual language familiar to most of us (light bulbs, hangers, packing peanuts, trash bags, and other common objects) Steinhilber explores the beauty and the natural qualities of the mundane in a way that compels us to become more aware.
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