November 2008

Dear Friend of the 337 Project, 
After months of planning, the Art Truck is approximately two weeks away from its maiden voyage and will soon be rolling across the Wasatch Front featuring the work of Dan Steinhilber and Maggie Michael.  Not only does the Art Truck offer wonderful opportunities to bring art to unexpected locations, it is also a unique resource for educators at every level who want to incorporate the very best contemporary art into their programs.  If you are such an educator, or know of one, please email me. 
In addition to the Art Truck, we have other ideas beginning to take shape for 2009 that we hope will bring contemporary visual art to new audiences and leave them wanting more.  In difficult economic times such as these, it is more important than ever to ensure that we have the opportunity to discover--in the middle of our everyday lives--the kinds of aesthetic pleasures and thought-provoking ideas embodied in the work of the 337 Project artists.  Your support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.
Adam Price
337 Project
In This Issue
The Art Truck Is Coming!
Urban Gallery Awaits Your Visit
Anne Watson Now in Salt Lake Film Center's Sidewalk Cinema
One Night Only: Kinny Blandford's Robots, Bikes + Pooing Cats
337 Artists Around Town: Nov. 21, 2008
337 Artist Profile: Tessa Lindsey
Special Event: Art Talk by John Trobaugh at Salt Lake Art Center
Art truck collage
(Mike McGlothlen constructs the Art Truck)
The wait is over as the Art Truck launches in early December!  The interior installation for the Art Truck's debut will be created by D.C.-based artist Dan Steinhilber, who will have a simultaneous opening at the BYU Museum of Art.  Curator Jeff Lambson has written of Steinhilber:
"During the last decade, [his] explorations have lead to fantastical installations of flickering fluorescent light bulbs, dangling dry-cleaner hangars, flying packing peanuts, inflated trash bags, and interconnected rings of PVC pipe. By utilizing a visual language familiar to most of us, he explores the beauty and the natural qualities of the mundane in a way that compels us to become more aware. 
"Like Marcel Duchamp or Andy Warhol before him, Steinhilber chooses familiar mass-produced objects for his medium. But instead of critiquing the art establishment or consumptive societies, he uses these seemingly unexceptional items to examine the wonder that can be found all around us.
"His sculptures and intuitive installations express the essence of a seemingly simple object without manipulating the medium against its will. Instead, he takes advantage of objects' natural properties and illuminates their inherent traits through subtle twists and formations."
There are only two places to see the work of Dan Steinhilber in Utah this year: at BYU MOA beginning on December 5, 2008, and in the Art Truck, coming to your neighborhood soon.
Urban GalleryThe opening night has come and gone, but Urban Gallery is still around.  With the unveiling hailed by Salt Lake Magazine as "one of the most exciting nights of art we've experienced," you'll want to see Urban Gallery before it is gone.  Head over to Neighborhood House at 1050 W. 500 S. (ideally during daylight hours) and soak it in.
Participating Artists:  Trent Alvey, Jann Haworth, Wren Ross, Caleb Workman, Margaret Willis, Joseph Thomas, Sri Whipple, Christian Arial, Trent Call, Biroe, and Ben Wiemeyer. 
Sponsored By:   Neighborhood House; Squatters Brew Pub; The Kanter Family Foundation; VSA Arts of Utah; BMW of Murray; the Salt Lake City Arts Council, and the law firm of Snow, Christensen & Martineau.
Anne Watson at Sidewalk Cinema
A series of short films created by 337 Project artist Anne Watson are now part of the Salt Lake Film Center's Sidewalk CinemaThe Sidewalk Cinema projects work by local and international filmmakers onto storefront windows in downtown Salt Lake City for 18 hours per day.  Anne's work consists of four different films, addressing subjects as diverse as grief, innocence, and the universal quality of language; they are currently screening at 122 S. Main St. and 254 S. Main St., and can be seen daily between 5:00 and 5:30 pm until December 10, 2008.  
Kinny Blake
The youngest artist at the original 337 Project building was Kinny Blandford.  Kinny delighted in the creative process, but it was always clear that he felt burdened by his lineage; Kinny is, after all, the scion of what is arguably Utah's first family of art.  (Three generations of Kinny's family are in the 337 Project, including: his grandmother Jann Haworth; his mother Liberty Blake; his uncle Alex Haworth; and his brother Biroe). 
Although Kinny's work at the 337 building received significant critical acclaim, the effort was more than he could sustain.  As soon as the show ended, an exhausted Kinny retreated from the local art scene for a period of recuperation and introspection.  Now, almost two years later, the results of that soul searching are on full display in a new show entitled Robots, Bikes and Pooing Cats.  The exhibition, which promises to be a tour de force, will be shown at
Nobrow Coffee and Tea (315 E. 300 S.) for one night only: November 21, 2008.   Don't miss it!
The Original 337 Project Building
If you have questions, comments or ideas, please contact Adam at adam@337project.org.
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337 Artists 
 Around Town As Of:
 Nov. 21, 2008
Dave Doman
Autumn Garage
2258 E. Fort Union Blvd. #B6
Dave Hall
Evolutionary Healthcare
461 E. 200 S.
Amanda Moore
Westminster College
1840 S. 1300 E. 
Dan Christofferson
Susan Beck
Adam Bateman
Salt Lake Art Center
20 S. West Temple  
John Bell
Phillips Gallery 
444 E. 200 S. 
Trent Call
Main Library
210 E. 400 S.
CJ Lester
Utah Arts Alliance
127 S. Main St.
Rachael Domingo
Brad Metcalf Gallery
620 W. Girard St. 
Patrick Weeks
Signed & Numbered
221 E. 300 S.
Trent Alvey
Trent Call
Sri Whipple
Phoenix Gallery
508 Main St.
Park City
(Nov. 28 Opening) 
Other Notable Showings
Tanner Frames
Steven Stradley
Namon Bills 
337 Artist Profile: 
 Tessa Lindsey
Tessa Lindsey
Tessa Lindsey was born in Provo, Utah. She studied fine art at the University of Utah, where she discovered her interest in the decorative arts.  After studying at The American Academy of Decorative Finishes and The Finishing School, Tessa went on to specialize in historic techniques and raw materials at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, and Kremer Pigments in New York.  Tessa subsequently studied at the Accademia Caerite near Rome, where she learned traditional fresco painting technique, going on to become a recognized expert on the subject. Her work has shown at the Salt Lake Art Center, the Springville Museum of Art, the Utah Arts Council Rio Grand gallery, and the Utah Arts Festival.  Tessa was named one of eleven "up and coming" young artists in Salt Lake Magazine in 2004, and one of 25 artists to watch in City Weekly.  She works at Captain Captain Studios.
Special Event:  Art Talk by John Trobaugh at the Salt Lake Art Center
Art by John Trobaugh

November 21, 2008
6:30 p.m. 
Alabama photographer John Trobaugh, whose work appears in the current Art Center exhibition Liberties Under Fire: The ACLU of Utah At 50, will address themes of gender and LGBT equality.  
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