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Sunday April 15 at noon

Shoulder Class at 1:00 ($25)

Looking at the Shoulder Blade

Sara Vogeler, BMC, LMT, MFT discusses the scapula and rotator cuff
Sara Vogeler, BMC, LMT, MFT discusses the scapula and rotator cuff muscles

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Sara K. Vogeler, Director, is a certified Body-Mind Centering´┐Ż Teacher, a NYS licensed massage therapist, a certified Personal Trainer, a certified Myofunctional Therapist, nutritionist, and Founder and Director of The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc. in practice over 35 years.

April 2012

Happy Spring!

All shapes and sizes can workout!

Losing weight is easier if you eat less bread, potatoes, rice and grain. Work out at least 3 times every week to build muscle. Muscle burns fat. Balance your hormones and get enough protein, green vegetables and good fats like coconut and olive oils. Stop the sugar!!!

I can bring you out of hibernation--realign your body, relax you, and break up the adhesions in your muscles and joints. I can teach you new patterns that can relieve the pain in your body, and get you stronger. You will feel much better!

I can coach you to a better golf, tennis and swimming season with interesting exercises specific to you. Get rid of that rotator cuff tendonitis that has been bothering you, or that low back pain. Learn to strengthen your whole body and feel great!

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David's Shoulder

Fell skiing and later, jogging

David fell hard skiing, and then four weeks later tripped on a broken sidewalk while jogging. He suffered injuries to his face, hand, and shoulder, which hurt the worst.

It hurt him to place his arm behind him, and to cross his body, and annoyed him so much he took time from his busy law practice to seek treatment!


After one treatment, his range of motion was restored. After two more treatments, pain in the rotator cuff dropped from a level 8 to a 1. We focused on associated problems--his neck pain and his poor posture with his head being too far forward. Now he is seeing with "eyes in the back of his head" which keeps his head over his shoulders, where it belongs!

David says, "I am amazed! In one visit I felt immediate results. I had the idea that a doctor would not help me; he would do 'tests' and tell me what my problem wasn't. Sara actually worked each tendon until it was much freer and easier to move. Sara is a healer."

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Class in Anatomy and Free Evaluation
Sara Vogeler 3/16/12Come for an understanding of the shoulder joint on Sunday, April 15 from 1 to 2. Learn what the rotator cuff muscles are and what they do, and how you can help yourself. Integrate this knowledge with movement that makes you feel better.

For people with shoulder injuries, practitioners, and anyone interested.

Come at noon for a free analysis of your whole body, and stay for the class on the shoulder!
Call 212.242.4962 to register or use this link:           Buy Now   
Tips for Golfers

Avoiding Injuries
The three most common causes for injury are playing too much, poor swing mechanics, and hitting the ground when you swing. You could have a muscle imbalance, a postural imbalance, or just be weak.
It's best to see a professional who can evaluate your body and look at your biomechanics. But if you want to check your own alignment, make a plumb line in front of a full-length mirror, and measure your symmetry. See if one shoulder is higher. Look down and see if one hip is forward.
What movements do you need to make to bring more symmetry and therefore better weight distribution throughout your body into your feet?
That will help you play better golf.

When you swing, your head and sacrum should remain in the same plane, while your arms and rib cage spiral around your center line, an imaginary axis along your spine. You feel like you are winding up on the upswing, and then unwinding to bring the club down, without moving your spine.
Free Evaluation of Your Body!!     Meet Sara!!

April 15  Sunday  at noon

Come for a free analysis of your body at The NeuroMuscular Center on Sunday April 15 at noon. If you have noticed poor posture, neck pain, low back tightness, or any problem areas, this would be a good time to address them.

Stay for the shoulder class at 1, which costs $25. We will identify and explore the muscles and bones of the shoulder, and learn strength and range of motion exercises.

Call 212.242.4962 to register or send me an email: [email protected]. Address is 148 W. 23 Street, NY NY 10011.



Sara K. Vogeler, Director
The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc.
If you sign up for an initial consultation, pay only $100. (Normally the first visit is $200). That includes an evaluation and a treatment, which lasts about an hour.
Share this offer with friends and family if they have never been to see Sara. New patients only.

Pay now through PayPal:       Buy Now       You can also call 212.242.4962 or email.

Offer Expires: April 30, 2012          [email protected]