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March 2012
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Sara K. Vogeler, LMT, BMC, premier NeuroMuscular Therapist and Movement Analyst
Sara K. Vogeler, LMT, BMC,  NeuroMuscular Therapist and Movement Analyst


March has arrived! It's time to breathe now that spring is on the way.
Hibernation will soon be over, so we can stretch and free up our bodies in the sun! You can lie on a massage table and let someone help you.

If you need some new ideas for exercise, let me know.  Eat greens, organic meat, and good fats. Concentrate on feeling positive!

If you feel creaky or sore, I can warm up your joints, fascia, and muscles, and guide you to pain-free living with inner vitality!

As for eating right, here are some great articles on wheat, cholesterol, and sugar:

Protect your Breasts! 

Mammograms may increase your risk of breast cancer.
Read Dr. Mercola's important article on preventing breast cancer! 

Thermograms can pick up irregular heat patterns that may indicate a diseased area in your breast way before a tumor develops. They are non-invasive, consisting of a video camera and a computer.

Sign up for the Thermogram Clinic in Hohokus, New Jersey on Monday, March 12.  Call 856-596-5834 to schedule your time and get the details. Or in New York contact Sandra Fields at 212-877-3181. You can mention I referred you.

Massage your breast using a counterclockwise method, circling from outer to inner pressing with your fingers for irregularities.  


Iodine reduces fibrocystic breast disease over time. Read Dr. David Brownstein's book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without it. 


Use saliva testing to determine whether your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA are working together in the proper balance. (Blood tests do not measure the free, unbound hormones in the tissues where the hormones are most active.)


For more hormone info on balancing hormones naturally,  join the group at:   Hormones and Health Naturally 



Spring Classes in Body-Mind Centering�    

Take a Sunday afternoon to learn something new about your back. Would you like specific techniques to help your back feel better? Need help with better posture? Want more understanding? Looking for new ways to think about your body?

Sunday March 25: Embryology of the vertebrae, developing the spine in utero, exploring primal movements

Sunday April 22: Anatomy of the spine, development of the four curves ex utero, rolling, sitting, and standing, the core support

at The NeuroMuscular Center, 148 W. 23 Street, apt. 1H NY NY 10011
1 to 4 pm, taught by Sara K. Vogeler, Director

Register Now:  $60 per class, or $100 for both.


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Sara K. Vogeler, Director
Center, Inc. in NYC.
 --in practice 35 years--
 pain relief, posture, rehab and nutrition


B.S. in Dance Therapy at NYU
Pre-med studies at Hunter College
Certified Teacher, BMC�
Licensed in Massage, NYS
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified TMJ

Specialist in treating neck, back and shoulder injuries, ankle, knee and hip problems,
TMJ, headaches, whiplash, carpal tunnel, Parkinson's and other neuromuscular conditions, developmental delays in infants, movement challenges in performers and musicians, hormonal imbalances that affect healing

Call  212.242.4962
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Save $200.

Five Treatments in NeuroMuscular Therapy

If you buy a series of five sessions in NeuroMuscular Therapy. That's a discount of $100 off the first visit, plus $25 off the next 4 visits.
Normal value of first visit is $200, and follow-ups are $125.
New clients only.
Offer Expires: 3/15/12