Thanksgiving Gift--50% off !!
 Pain? Poor Posture? Injured?

Come before November 23 for an evaluation and treatment to reduce pain, restore movement, and increase well-being for the holidays. 

Give yourself, your patient, or your client a hands-on, Neuromuscular-based massage to reduce stress and align the body.

NeuroMuscular Therapy focuses on six primary sources of pain and dysfunction: poor blood flow, trigger points, nerve compression, nutrition, and emotional signals. It involves pressing on painful spots to balance the nerve/muscle units, improving posture, and repatterning faulty coordination.

Sara Vogeler, Director of The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc. brings 35 years of practice along with her experience as a dancer, personal trainer, TMJ specialist, nutritionist and massage therapist to the table. She is an Advanced Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® and has taught anatomy and movement at various colleges in Europe and the U.S.  

For the next two weeks the cost is $100 for initial consultations, that's 50% off!!!
in Chelsea, New York City

One-on-One Exercise Class
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Learn gentle exercises that are right for you, that will avoid injuries yet build strength. The NeuroMuscular Center is in a beautiful triplex apartment with privacy and beautiful surroundings.

One-on-One Class: $100.

Build Strong Bones and Protect your Breasts !! 
In menopause? Nutrients like calcium and vitamin D help your bones, as do weight-bearing exercises. If you want a better alternative to Fosamax and Actinel, then Sara Vogeler is the person to see. She will design a program that considers natural hormone balancing, blood tests, protein and fat intake and digestion, the right vitamins and  probiotics, and strengthening exercises.

For your breasts, hormone balancing is essential, with thermographic testing and MRI's for any hot spots. Learn what you can do!

Initial Consultation: $100 (50% off) per hour. Usually 3 hours.

FREE Lecture this FRIDAY at 5pm (November 18, 2011)

Call for reservations: 212.242.4962.
Location: 148 W. 23 Street, #1H NYC between 6th and 7th Avenues

Sara will be presenting her hands-on philosophy and demonstrating neuromuscular therapy on a volunteer from the audience.

Special message: Watch my colleague Dr. James Dillard on the "Dr. Oz Show" this Wednesday, November 16, talking about revolutionary methods of managing pain on Fox 5, 4:00pm. 


148 West 23 Street, #1H

NY, NY 10011

Find the natural beauty of a healthy body that is aligned, strong, and vibrant! Call The Neuro-Muscular Center for an appointment with Sara Vogeler, LMT, BMC,  Movement Therapist, ACE Personal Trainer, TMJ specialist for 35 years!

Gary Null, Ph.D, radio show
host, author, nutritionist

Sara-a very dynamic, beautiful, caring, sensitive, extremely gifted healer. A unique and insightful life force. A joy to know.





Sara is clear in her explanation, demonstration and understanding of the importance of the feedback process. Her clarity, patience, and ability to articulate appropriate images make her patterning of others a dynamic and responsive experience for those with whom she works. She is inventive, thoughtful, sensitive and encourages the best in her students.


--Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, O.T.

Founder, School for Body-Mind  



Save $125 more
If you sign up for 5 follow-up visits after your initial consultation!

Each follow-up usually costs $125. With this coupon, you can purchase 5 follow-ups for $100 each!

Offer Expires: November 30, 2011                    For new clients only