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Sara Oct 08
Sara K. Vogeler,
Director, BMC, LMT
Join me for an informal, yet informative Sunday afternoon Aug. 7, followed by 5 more monthly seminars on the perceptions.


Issue: #4August/2011

I will be teaching the anatomy and experiences of our 6 senses--the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, skin, and perception--once a month on Sunday afternoons, called "Moving into the World!" Based on Body-Mind Centering®, you will have a chance to look at the beginnings of your development, and see how your senses help determine who you are today. See the brochure!

These explorations of the senses will offer insight into your psyche--and give you a chance to repattern your reactions. You can enliven your body, increase your awareness, and make discoveries that lead to  improvements in your self and others.

This is great for dancers, actors, educators, body therapists, psychologists, and those interested in the body/mind connection.

Hope you can make it! I look forward to having you!


Sara K. Vogeler is a Certified Practitioner and Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®. She has taught movement and anatomy in colleges and centers in Europe and the U.S., and founded The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc., in 1990 in New York City. She has a  private practice using hands-on techniques to treat pain and injury, movement challenges, and developmental delays. She also works with balancing hormones naturally, without synthetic drugs.


Beating Diabetes
medical sign Eating 600 calories a day

A recent study showed that people diagnosed with diabetes could eliminate this disease by limiting their food intake to 600 calories per day. This seems to enable the body to use up the fat clogging the liver and pancreas, which may improve insulin production.

Be aware of the new blood test for screening against diabetes called the Hemoglobin A1c Test. When there is too much sugar in the blood over a two-to-three month period, sugar molecules latch onto hemoglobin. This test is much better than the old glucose test, which measures your fasting glucose level for the day.  
mother, daughter, and baby

Natural  approaches


Are you getting hot flashes, feeling emotional, and 
gaining weight? Balance your hormones naturally by first finding out what your levels are. Saliva carries the free, unbound fraction of hormone that is active in your body, and is easily collected when you spit into a little vial. You send this to a lab for less than $100, and get progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA levels back.

Learn more at yahoo groups:

Contact me for more information.



Private Appointments


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At my home office, I will work with you to get rid of your pain, get you stronger, lose excess pounds, and feel better about yourself. I have been in practice over 35 years--teaching anatomy and movement, doing hands-on neuromuscular therapy, relieving TMJ, strengthening injured people, and balancing hormones for optimal well-being.




Sara K. Vogeler, Director
The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc.
148 West 23 Street, #1H
NY NY 10011
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Your initial consultation with Sara Vogeler will include a medical history, your goals, and a treatment. If you pain or discomfort, Sara will evaluate you and then give you a treatment based on your needs. You are measured before and after a treatment, so that you can actually see the difference as well as feel the improvement. With this coupon, you save $100, as the first visit normally costs $200.


Offer Expires: August 8, 2011