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Bird-Friendly Wind Power Brings Manufacturing Jobs to New Jersey
Our Capabilities: Fiberglass Pattern and Mold Making
People Power: Charles Horvath, Engineer Tech, SIGMA

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Customer Testimonials:

"Sigma proved to be a professional organization; from the initial project plan and estimate, to completed drawings." 
Chief Engineer- Electronics Manufacturer

"Sigma Design Company, LLC has in-depth knowledge of industry. They are current in the design tools available for analysis and have the personnel that understands the design tool's capabilities. This total package makes Sigma Design Company, LLC a valuable resource."
Senior Design Engineer- Filtration Manufacturer 

"Our customer was impressed with the trolley assembly. Thanks again to you and the staff. I'll be sure to keep you folks in mind for the next project. Nice job!"
Senior Systems Engineer- Instrument Manufacturer 

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We are delighted to share with our clients and friends relevant insights and announcements about new technologies, products, and solutions for successful technology commercialization and new product development. 


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Sigma Design Company, LLC

Bird-Friendly Wind Power Brings Manufacturing Jobs to New Jersey 


Raymond Green, a World War II veteran and retired welder and operating engineer has hired Sigma Design Company located in Middlesex, NJ to test, analyze, refine, optimize and manufacture his patented invention: Catching Wind PowerŪ (CWP) Compressed Air Enclosed Wind Turbine. Once launched, it will bring 25+ new technology jobs to New Jersey.


Catching Wind PowerŪ pilot test set-up at Sigma Design Company in Middlesex, NJ.  

The blades of traditional wind turbines can kill bats, birds, and other flying wildlife. This was a concern to Green, so he designed a system that eliminates external blades. The patented "Inner Compression Cone Technology" (ICCT) squeezes the incoming air, compressing it as it is drawn through the turbine and multiplies it creating more power. The ICCT technology also creates virtually no noise. The blades are internal, closer together, and smaller therefore eliminating the sound traditional blades make as they spin and swoop past the tower.


Catching Wind PowerŪ turbines can replace or be added to existing wind farm towers.


The turbine is offered in different sizes ranging from personal portables to massive wind farm units. This versatile product is very cost-efficient for any location and allows the user to take green energy anywhere they go.


Green, who is 89 years old and resides in Jackson, CA, felt strongly about entrusting this project to a veteran-owned company. He found Sigma Design, owned by Jerry Lynch, P.E., a U.S. Navy veteran. Green's vision is the launch of this alternative energy product, which will create jobs in America for U.S. veterans.


CWP is an early-stage company and has patents in the USA, which were granted on 02/13/2007 and 03/16/2010. The company also has patents in New Zealand, Australia, China and 27 countries in Europe. These patents and IP will become major assets of the company. CWP products will have numerous applications such as military and remote installations; these systems have global market appeal.


Sigma and Raymond Green are forming an investment team to bring the product to market. Interested investors are invited to contact Sigma Design.  

Sigma was featured in the Courier News and Home New Tribune about the collaboration with Raymond Green. Read the article here:

Contact us today and find out how Sigma Design Company can make your product a reality.        


Catching Wind Power pilot test
Catching Wind PowerŪ pilot test


For more information about Catching Wind PowerŪ  please visit: 


Our Capabilities: Fiberglass Pattern and Mold Making


Sigma Design used a suite of skills to develop the design

for the base for WATTLOTS Power Arbor's™ solar parking lot canopy system. The system is designed to provide renewable electrical energy where it is needed to existing surfaces.

A rendering of WATTLOTS Power Arbor's™ solar parking lot canopy system.  

The process began with designing a 3D model in CAD. The design was then printed in the fused deposition modeling (FDM) machine and the pattern for the fiberglass decorative protective base covers were built. The base provides stability to enable rotation to maximize sun exposure.   


Fiberglass mold plug

The covers will be used with the Power Arbor's™, which will be installed at Runnells Specialized Hospital of Union County located in Berkeley Heights, NJ. The pattern can be used to make exact duplicates for years to come.


Charles Horvath, Sigma engineer tech, works on the plug for the fiberglass mold.


Learn more about our capabilities by viewing SIGMA'S online brochures.      



For more information about WATTLOTS please visit: 



SIGMA Design Company- Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions with Fiberglass Pattern and Mold Making 

People Power: Charles Horvath, Engineer Tech 


For five years Charles Horvath has been the Engineer Tech at Sigma Design Company. He is responsible for the hands-on building of projects and prototypes.


Charles uses his problem-solving ability at Sigma in order to troubleshoot issues. He does not take shortcuts that will compromise the quality of our customers' projects.  

Charles Horvath, Engineer Tech, SIGMA

He has recently worked on building the Glen Mills French Press G-M™, which is used for cell destruction; the WATTLOTS Power Arbor's™ base for a solar parking lot canopy system and a piezo motor used to micro position X-ray beams for a major spectrometer manufacturer. 


Charles enjoys working with his hands and the creative ability he has at Sigma. "I enjoy creating something from nothing," he said.


Outside of Sigma, Charles is "always building," whether the project is a boat, car or house. He enjoys fishing and currently serves as the Captain of the Millington Volunteer Fire Company. 


SIGMA Design Company Offers a TEAM of Professional Designers and Engineers 

Sigma Design Company, LLC   Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

Located in central New Jersey, Sigma Design Company, LLC designs, optimizes and manufactures novel new products in the USA. Sigma's professional team offers design engineering consulting, failure analysis, human factors design, and rapid prototyping services, as well as new product development, marketing and business development services. The company also offers manufacturing cells that are fully staffed and tooled - from 500 to 10,000 square feet.


The company started in 1962 and was acquired by its current owner in 1999. In October 2011, Sigma Design Company relocated, expanded and opened its "Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center" in Middlesex, New Jersey.

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