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SIGMA Helps Redesign Surgical Supplies Stand for USA Market Relaunch
Our Capabilities - 3D Rapid Prototyping
SIGMA'S Lynch Speaks at Entrepreneurship Day at Rutgers
POV: Design Determines 90% of Product Cost
People Power: Gustavo A. Balcazar, CAD Designer, SIGMA
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We are delighted to share with our clients and friends relevant insights and announcements about new technologies, products, and solutions for successful technology commercialization and new product development. 


Join us in promoting a New Manufacturing Era for local manufacturing in New Jersey and throughout the USA. Share your news or thoughts with us at or (732) 629-7555.


Sigma Design Company, LLC

SIGMA Helps Redesign Surgical Supplies Stand for USA Market Relaunch


SIGMA is capable of improving the functionality of various industrial, consumer and healthcare products for relaunch into the marketplace. One example is the surgical supplies stand, which was recently introduced from Europe to the US surgical market by our customer.


The global fortune 500 medical supply company identified a 'bell weather' product used for over 30 years in Belgium and German. This seemingly utilitarian supply cabinet plays a crucial role in hospital surgery rooms for efficient organization and on-demand availability of critical surgical supplies.


In order to introduce this product into the US market the

Surgical Supplies Stand
Surgical Supplies Stand (US Market Relaunch)

customer needed to adapt its design to accommodate the different sizes of surgical supplies in the US. So the surgical cabinet drawings needed to be reworked from the metric system to the US Unit system (based on inches) for manufacturing in the US. One challenge was to produce CAD manufacturing drawings in US standards (inches) from old hand drawings (metric).  


SIGMA helped in this product relaunch for the US by creating a more futuristic look, improving certain features, suggesting design improvements and recommending materials. New functionality was added to allow for carrying, pushing, spinning or connecting the surgical supplies cabinet to the wall of an operating room. 


The updated product was successfully released by the customer in the US surgical market with new functionality for better productivity for surgeons and their teams. 


Sigma Design Company -  Reverse Engineering and Design for Product Relaunches

Our Capabilities: 3D Rapid Prototype


SIGMA Design provides in house 3D rapid prototyping services for proof of concept review. With our Rapid Prototyping FDM machines we can take your design concepts and grow ABS plastic parts. Used as a quick

A SIGMA Prototype for Better Health

proof of concept development tool, parts can be created, manufactured and shipped in two days.


SIGMA Design is ready to:

  • Take your geometry and produce prototypes.
  • Design new geometry and produce prototypes.
  • Develop and manufacture prototype devices, specialty production equipment and controls with testing capabilities in-house.

Learn more about our capabilities by viewing SIGMA'S online brochures


Sigma Design Company - Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions with 3D Rapid Prototyping

Lynch Speaks at Entrepreneurship Day at Rutgers 


SIGMA Design's President Gerard J. Lynch, P.E. was a speaker on the "Entrepreneurship Helping Developing Economies" panel at "Entrepreneurship Day 2012: Innovate for Humanity" event held at Rutgers University on April 17th.  Lynch was invited because of the global

activities of his Middlesex, NJ company and for his role as a technical advisor and Board Member of the Metuchen Diocese Catholic Charities Global Solidarity Team which

SIGMA Jerry Lynch (biege jacket) speaks at Rutgers University
Entrepreneurship Day

delivers development projects in Guatemala and India. His message was "How Can Technology Development Help Reduce Global Pain and Suffering".


For the Entrepreneurship Day, Rutgers brought together leading social entrepreneurs, impact investors, business support organizations, faculty, students and alumni at its New Brunswick campus for a unique event designed to address the most pressing social issues of modern times. Is entrepreneurship the way out of poverty? Should the poor have to pay the same to get access to the food and medicine they need to live? Can developed and developing nations work together to create a better tomorrow?  


As owner of SIGMA, Lynch has developed hundreds of new products and systems for clients world wide, including some suitable for developing economies' needs for water filtration, renewable energy and food sanitation products.


In additional, Lynch is now in his tenth year volunteering as technical advisor and Board Member with the non-profit

Rutgers Campus

group Catholic Charities Solidarity Team (CCST) in New Brunswick, NJ. "Using the guidelines of CRS global strategy for sustainable development", Lynch explained, "we have enabled, funded and participated in the development of water purification systems, solar power, medical clinics and power for refrigerated medicines, efficient smoke controlled cooking stoves and latrines in the countries of Guatemala and India".


Lynch said he was honored to be part of the discussion at the Rutgers Entrepreneurship Day. "I think we did increase awareness of the potential that applied technology and new product development solutions can bring to these global situations".


Sigma Design Company - Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions

POV: Design Determines 90% of Product Cost 


In the New Product Development (NPD) process, 90% of the cost of a product is fixed by the end of the design phase, By this time in the process the direct material, direct labor and product specific capital equipment costs are set in place, whether we fully realize it or not. The ability to control cost is greatest during the concept development stage. Getting manufacturing and suppliers involved early and clearly understanding customer needs from the start are key to managing product costs.


Ways to implement such approach involve careful selection and early collaboration with suppliers for help in making design tradeoffs for customer requirements, functionality, and cost. What is needed is great communication across the design and supplier network that is responsive to customer requests and priority requirements. This effort will reap great dividends for a more salable and profitable product.


Of course, it is important to first probe deeply into customer requests. Is a functional capability a must have, need to have or nice to have? Clarifying and prioritizing of customer requirements provides design engineers with the maximum range of options, and allows them to make informed trade off decisions when handling competing performance and cost goals in the design process. Finally, be sure to evaluate usability to deliver a user-centric design, which is critical for total design success.


With these practices of understanding customer needs and usability and by collaborating with the supplier base during the concept development phase, designers will be in the best position to deliver an optimal design - and to maximize their impact on 90% of product cost from the start.


Sigma Design Company - Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions

People Power: Gustavo (Gus) Balcazar, CAD Designer, SIGMA


Gustavo (Gus) Balcazar is CAD Designer for SIGMA Design Company. Gus joined us in 2001 and has been active over the years in projects for medical, renewable energy, consumer and many other products.


At SIGMA, Gus's role is drafting and modeling during the concept development and prototyping stage for new product design and development. He uses CAD software such as SolidWorks to create electronic technical

Gus Balcazar, CAD Designer, SIGMA
Gus Balcazar,
CAD Designer, SIGMA

drawings and a 3D Printer for rapid prototyping of physical models.


More, Gus collaborates with other SIGMA team members including our industrial designer to consider human factors and with our mechanical engineers to 

ensure stability and performance to create the best product design. Some of Gus' recent project work includes MotionPower™ System (See November 2011 eNews article) and redesign of surgical supplies stand for the US market (see article at top of this eNewsletter).


Gus is very interested in ergonomic design. He shared that what he likes most about SIGMA "is the diversity of the projects and the 'family' environment".


SIGMA Design Company Offers a TEAM  of Professional Designers and Engineers  

Sigma Design Company, LLC   Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

Located in central New Jersey, Sigma Design Company conceives, designs, prototypes, engineers and manufactures novel new products in the USA. We specialize in complex mechanisms, electro-mechanical devices, and analytical systems and appliances for the renewable energy, medical device/laboratory, clean technology, marine, filtration, consumer products and other sectors. Our professional team offers design engineering consulting, failure analysis, human factors design, and rapid prototyping services, as well as new product development, marketing and business development services. The company also offers manufacturing cells that are fully staffed and tooled - from 500 to 10,000 square feet.
The company started in 1962 and was acquired by its current owner in 1999. In October 2011, Sigma Design Company relocated, expanded and opened its 'Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center' in Middlesex, New Jersey.
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