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SIGMA and Unique Wire Weaving Company Collaborate on Redesign that Boosts US Industrial Productivity
Our Capabilities - Reverse Engineering for New Product Development
SIGMA Networking with Federal Labs to Accelerate USA Tech Commercialization
People Power: Thank You and Best Wishes to Kathleen Lynch, SIGMA Marketing
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We are delighted to share with our clients and friends relevant insights and announcements about new technologies, products, and solutions for successful technology commercialization and new product development. 


Join us in promoting a New Manufacturing Era for local manufacturing in New Jersey and throughout the USA. Share your news or thoughts with us at or (732) 629-7555.


Sigma Design Company, LLC

SIGMA and Unique Wire Weaving Company Collaborate on Redesign that Boosts US Industrial Productivity


How do American manufacturers compete effectively in the industrial wire weaving business that supplies the medical, electronics, filtration, process and other industries? First, take a proven machine design; second work with the right US based design engineering/manufacturing firm; third, be creative and redesign the machine to double output using the same floor footprint; and four, manufacture and assemble the machines in the USA. This is the exact story of how two New Jersey companies - Unique Wire Weaving Company, Inc. of Hillside, New Jersey and Sigma Design Company of Middlesex, New Jersey collaborated

Loom 16 for Unique Wire Weaving
Redesigned Loom 16 for
Unique Wire Weaving Company, Inc.

to double US productivity through successful reengineering and production of a redesigned "Loom 16 Machine".

Unique Wire Weaving Company Inc., located at 762 Ramsey Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey is  led by Mr. Ken Beyer, a fifth generation wire weaver. In business since 1946, Unique Wire produces and supplies wire mesh and filter cloth in specialty alloys and exotic metals, weaving wire as fine as 0.0008" diameter. They are known for their strong technical capabilities and quality products and are committed to producing in the USA for supply to the medical, electronics, filtration, process and other industries.


The challenge for Unique Wire was that it had several 1950s looms that worked well, but they needed these machines to have greater precision and higher production speed thereby adding capacity at their existing facility at minimal cost. For this machine conversion project, Ken Beyer turned to Sigma Design Company, LLC, a company that offers comprehensive services - including prototyping and mechanical design engineering through machine and product manufacturing, validation and assembly at its 'Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center' in central New Jersey.


The result was that Ken Beyer and Sigma Design developed and built a modified loom - Loom 16, using the common base, but completely redesigned and built a new wire feed system and drive train assembly. This allowed a two-fold increase in both production speed and production volume using the same machine footprint that had been used for years - thus increasing productivity in the same space. The redesign also improved controls to allow them to broaden the products that are manufactured on this machine - such as weaving precise tungsten mesh that was previously not possible on these machines. 


Sigma Design will continue to work together with Unique Wire to find ways to help them to build more capacity with solid ROI. This type of ongoing collaboration, four years to date by these two New Jersey companies, is the foundation of creating a New Manufacturing Era for New Jersey and the USA.

Sigma Design Company - Collaborative Engineering for Improved USA Productivity  

Our Capabilities: Reverse Engineering for New Product Development 


Sigma Design Company uses in-house gage inspection techniques using 3D Scanning and FARO Technology to verify manufactured parts for products we design, as well as for reverse engineering of components supplied by our clients.


Reverse engineering is a viable method to create 3D

FARO Arm for Reverse Engineering
FARO Arm for Reverse Engineering and New Product Development
manufacturing models from existing parts and system components. The process involves disassembly, inspection, measuring a component and reconstructing it as a 3D CAD model. Once captured the part can be manufactured anywhere to specified tolerances and materials.


Learn more about our capabilities by viewing SIGMA'S online brochures


Sigma Design Company - Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions

SIGMA Networking with Federal Labs to Accelerate USA Tech Commercialization


US investment in R&D at federal laboratories has been the fuel for long term US technology advancement and competitiveness - from space exploration to internet development. Now, more than ever, the private sector needs to bridge the chasm between the federal laboratories and the marketplace in order to boost the economy and propel hi- tech job growth. There are opportunities to harvest the $400 billion of annual US R&D spending* for high-tech products and high-wage jobs. Sigma Design Company (SIGMA) is one private company that is taking the lead in this arena by networking with federal labs and offering its comprehensive service suite for technology commercialization and total new product development. 


Major government initiatives, such as the space program and other R&D initiatives, led to significant inventions such as the microprocessor chip, specialty materials, the microwave and the internet, just to name a few. These inventions have forever transformed our communications, social exchange, and lifestyle. Other benefits were the creation of trillions of dollars of economic value and numerous high-skilled and high-wage employment in the communications, computer, aerospace, consumer, media, social network and other industries.


SIGMA is stepping up to leverage its full range of capabilities for technology commercialization with resources of the Federal Labs Consortium ( As you know, SIGMA offers concept designs, drawings and prototypes as well as engineering design services in the areas of failure analysis, electrical engineering, and machine engineering. With its new expanded facility in Middlesex, New Jersey, SIGMA offers on-site contract manufacturing cells with lean production and quality assurance services in New Jersey, USA. (SIGMA still has several cells available -- from 500 sq. ft to 5,000 sq.ft..) 


But there is more. One SIGMA collaborator adds industrial and human factor design to the total process; while another SIGMA collaborator adds strategic business design, planning, finance sourcing, and market development.  Such a coordinated Total New Product Development approach enables interactive dialogue and early validation with customers, markets and investors, to better deliver products for market with best ROI.


Contact us today to learn more about transforming patents and technologies into products and businesses. Email us at or call (732) 629-7555.


*Source: 2012 Biennial report 'Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI)' of NSF's NSB, January 19, 2012 as reported in


Sigma Design Company - Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions

People Power: Thank You and Best Wishes to Kathleen Lynch, SIGMA Marketing


Kathleen Lynch who has enhanced SIGMA'S marketing activities since last summer is leaving SIGMA for a position to promote art projects in nearby New York City.


Kathleen, a 2010 Rutgers University Graduate spent a year in France, working in the art world, before joining

Kathleen Lynch - Sigma Marketing

SIGMA in July 2011. Since then she was instrumental in designing a new look and feel for SIGMA'S marketing collateral and trade show messaging. Kathleen also served as a representative of SIGMA at industry trade shows (see Cimquest story) and college recruitment fairs (See Middlesex County story).  Kathleen provided not only a much needed visual sensibility during SIGMA'S expansion and opening of our 200 Pond Avenue Center, but she generously shared her enthusiasm with us all and brightened the office every day.


Kathleen started in March at a New York non-profit that produces public art projects in New York City, where she will combine her love for art, her fine arts degree and her marketing talents. The SIGMA family wishes Kathleen well.

Sigma Design Company, LLC   Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

Located in central New Jersey, Sigma Design Company conceives, designs, prototypes, engineers and manufactures novel new products in the USA. We specialize in complex mechanisms, electro-mechanical devices, and analytical systems and appliances for the renewable energy, medical device/laboratory, clean technology, marine, filtration, consumer products and other sectors. Our professional team offers design engineering consulting, failure analysis, human factors design, and rapid prototyping services, as well as new product development, marketing and business development services. The company also offers manufacturing cells that are fully staffed and tooled - from 500 to 10,000 square feet.
The company started in 1962 and was acquired by its current owner in 1999. In October 2011, Sigma Design Company relocated, expanded and opened its 'Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center' in Middlesex, New Jersey.
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