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SIGMA Upgrades National Ohmsett Testing Facility in Leonardo, NJ
SIGMA Exports Fuel Filter Testing System For Army Desert Vehicles - A Global Collaboration
Our POV - High Tech Manufacturing by Small Businesses is Key Driver for Job Creation in NJ and USA
People Power: Bob Messinger, Senior Project Design Engineer
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Happy New Year 2012! We are delighted to share with our clients and friends relevant insights and announcements about new technologies, products, and solutions for successful technology commercialization and new product development. 


Join us in promoting a New Manufacturing Era for local manufacturing in New Jersey and throughout the USA. Share your news or thoughts with us at or (732) 629-7555.


Sigma Design Company, LLC

SIGMA Upgrades National Ohmsett Testing Facility in Leonardo, NJ


Oil spills in waterways or the Gulf of Mexico are serious business and call for innovative water cleaning technologies. To test emerging technologies for oil spill clean up, many turn to the Ohmsett National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility, located in Leonardo, New Jersey - right on the Raritan Bay about one hour south of New York City.  Sigma Design Company of Middlesex New Jersey (SIGMA) was awarded a contract to lead the upgrade of the Ohmsett Test Facility. 


The Ohmsett National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility is the largest outdoor

Ohmsett Test Platform

saltwater wave/tow tank facility in North America -70 feet long and weighs 35,000 lbs, with a Test Platform which is affectionately called the Aux Bridge. After a competitive bidding process, SIGMA was awarded an engineering contract to design and manage the construction, as the owner's representative, of a new test platform for Ohmsett. The major design challenges were to develop a larger test structure that was safer, easier to use allowing quicker operational set ups while reducing the overall weight, and increasing operational test load capacity.  


With the completed installation and acceptance of the new test platform in January 2012, the Ohmsett Test Facility is ready to serve oil spill clean up and wave energy technology testing needs for many years to come.


Click here to read full article on SIGMA'S blog.


Sigma Design Company - Solution Analysis, Design
and Construction/Installation Management 

SIGMA Exports Fuel Filter Testing System For Army Desert Vehicles - A Global Collaboration


Anyone who has waited too long between car oil changes knows how things start to slow down and wear out. Now imagine sitting in a military vehicle in the desert on a critical mission; well this is not the time for your diesel fuel filter to be clogged or you will be a "sitting duck". What to do? Well the Army conducts extensive testing on automotive fuel filters to avoid such events and to ensure efficient operation of military vehicles used in desert terrain. For this important preventative work the Army is using a new state-of-the-art Fuel Filtration Testing System that was made by Sigma Design Company (SIGMA) of Middlesex, New Jersey. In December 2011 SIGMA and IFTS Inc. USA shipped the first system for export to the Middle East.


This diagnostic laboratory based filtration equipment will test diesel fuel filters for efficiency and dirt holding and retention capacity for mission critical vehicles to be used

Fuel Filter Test Stand - by Sigma Design Company

by the Army. This effort is part of global automotive filter manufacturers' requirement under ISO 4020 for diesel fuel filter testing. The laboratory system is being procured under the "Buy America" project of the United States Army.  "This is a great example of SIGMA'S role in bringing global manufacturing for export back to New Jersey", explained Jerry Lynch, President of SIGMA.  "With increased orders for filtration laboratory equipment like this, SIGMA expects to hire additional engineers in 2012", he added.


The client turned to IFTS and SIGMA due to their special expertise in applied engineering and science for filtration for all types of substances - such as oil, water, blood and other fluids. SIGMA was selected by IFTS because SIGMA had previously designed and supplied the United States Navy with a filter test system to evaluate desalination pre-filters on the CVNX Aircraft Carriers as well as their experience in the development of laboratory equipment and appliances. SIGMA looks forward to designing and assembling many new highly engineered filtration systems in the coming years at its new 20,000 square foot Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center that opened October 2011. 


Click here to read full article on SIGMA'S blog.  


Sigma Design Company - Local USA Design and Manufacturing for Global Export

Our POV: High Tech Manufacturing by Small Businesses Is Key Driver for Job Creation in NJ and USA


Since the peak of 2.5 million US high tech jobs in 2000, the US has lost 687,000 of those desirable manufacturing jobs. Meanwhile, about 85% of R&D growth in US multinational corporations since 2004 has been based abroad. These trends reflect an emphasis by large US corporations on high growth and low cost labor markets found overseas over the past decade - especially in China*. The good news is that now economists estimate that production cost differentials between US and Chinese markets are rapidly dwindling - with a very narrow gap expected by 2015**. SIGMA believes US small business manufacturers are nimble and competitive enough to grow and lead the turnaround in high-tech production and employment in the USA. Read on to find out "how".


"In New Jersey the creation of about 40,000 new jobs (only 12% of our current manufacturing base) would restore the manufacturing sector back to its peak level. This is a realistic goal over the coming few years", proclaimed Lynch of SIGMA. "If we could start more small manufacturing businesses that each create 25 to 50 jobs per company, then we will be well on the road to reestablishing our hi-tech manufacturing might. Each small manufacturing firm needs to buy screws, paint, machining, plastic which all builds momentum", he added. A recent Business Week article confirms his point - "manufacturing still has the highest leverage factor of any sector. It creates much more value and many more ancillary jobs than any other sector"***  And the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) indicates that each dollar's worth of manufactured goods creates another $1.43 of activity in other sectors, twice the $.71 multiplier for services.


For its part, SIGMA will follow its successful B2B technology commercialization model. One example is a diagnostic laboratory apparatus that SIGMA newly designed in 2011 for the US market and which SIGMA has been producing monthly since August 2011. This product is creating steady work for SIGMA employees and for numerous local suppliers. Significantly, about 40% of sales are for export, which is also beneficial for the US trade balance, the US dollar and for US competitiveness. SIGMA is committed to repeating this local B2B commercialization-production model for other highly engineered products at our New Product Manufacturing Center in Middlesex, NJ. Come join us!


Sigma Design Company - Promoting the New American Manufacturing Era


Sources: *, **Boston Consulting Group, ***Business Week

People Power: Bob Messinger, Senior Project Design Engineer


Whether you need Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on an injected molded medical device part or on a large steel bridge structure, then Bob Messinger, Senior Project Design Engineer takes care of business. Bob is an experienced mechanical engineer and one of five Solidworks specialists at SIGMA. His recent project experience spans the Ohmsett National Testing Platform (see SIGMA blog article), Motion Power Express™ energy harvester (see SIGMA blog article) and the Rapid Vodka Chiller.  


Bob joined SIGMA in 2004 after a 21 year career with Hayward Pool Products where he designed filters, pumps, valves and water management devices that utilize precision injection and blow molded plastic parts. 

Bob Messinger SIGMA
Bob Messinger - Senior Project Design Engineer, SIGMA

Prior to that, Bob spent 4 years with Valcor Engineering Corp. designing electro-mechanical solenoid valves for aircraft, aerospace and nuclear applications. Bob has extensive training that includes Cosmo FEA (linear and nonlinear), Solidworks (Beginner in 2000, Advanced in 2000 and Advanced in 2011); Solidworks surface, SDRC Ideas Design and Drafting, and Pro/E Design and Advanced Design. 


Bob is a long time Harley-Davidson enthusiast who also enjoys cabinet making in his home woodshop. What Bob likes best about Sigma is "the wide range of activities, from micro to maxi, keeps the job interesting and challenging".    

Sigma Design Company, LLC   Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

Located in central New Jersey, Sigma Design Company conceives, designs, prototypes, engineers and manufactures novel new products in the USA. We specialize in complex mechanisms, electro-mechanical devices, and analytical systems and appliances for the renewable energy, medical device/laboratory, clean technology, marine, filtration, consumer products and other sectors. Our professional team offers design engineering consulting, failure analysis, human factors design, and rapid prototyping services, as well as new product development, marketing and business development services. The company also offers manufacturing cells that are fully staffed and tooled - from 500 to 10,000 square feet.
The company started in 1962 and was acquired by its current owner in 1999. In October 2011, Sigma Design Company relocated, expanded and opened its 'Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center' in Middlesex, New Jersey.
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