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Sigma Invests in New Jersey Manufacturing Expansion
New Medical Device Product Launch
POV Smart Hedge Funds Invest in Local New Product R&D
People Power: Introducing Nicholas Faust
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We are delighted to share with Sigma Design Company LLC's clients and friends, through this eNewsletter, relevant news and insights about new technologies, products, and trends for successful technology commercialization and new product development. Join us as we seek to revitalize local manufacturing in New Jersey and throughout the USA. Let us know your insights or announcements by connecting with us at, (973) 912-7922 or online.

Sigma Design Invests in New Jersey Expansion and Adds Contract Manufacturing Cells  



Sigma Design Company, LLC purchased a new property on August 25, 2011 in central New Jersey. With its new 20,000 square foot facility (eight times its current footprint), the company is betting on the future of New Jersey manufacturing.  In its new space the company will add a new manufacturing center with 10 independent production cells to serve customers local production needs and to help them to successfully bring novel technology products to market.


"The time is ripe for business people to invest in a manufacturing renaissance in New Jersey", said President, Jerry Lynch of Sigma Design - a product design, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing company. "We were at capacity, our team is primed, our clients seek growth and I firmly believe that now is the time for confident industrialists to invest in R&D for new engineered product development", he added.   The Company designs and optimizes creative engineering solutions for the medical/laboratory, renewable energy, clean technology, consumer products and other sectors.


"Later this year we will offer space at our new 200 Pond Avenue facility in Middlesex, NJ for small scale manufacturing as well as other resources to business ventures to more successfully 'cross the chasm' to technology commercialization", added Lynch. 


Come join us at our new Research, Engineering, New Product Development and Manufacturing Center!

New Medical Device Product Launch:

Glen Mills / Zellwerk ZRP Reactor System, Cell Tissue Engineering Apparatus Improves Laboratory Productivity  



Commercial shipments have started of the "Glen Mills / Zellwerk ZRP Reactor System" - a cell disruptor and high pressure homogenizer that dramatically improves cell culture and tissue engineering capabilities for laboratories.  "Based on a 60 year old medical device, that is still valid, the System was newly engineered by Sigma Design Company of Springfield, New Jersey with great operational and safety improvements", explained Mr. Stanley Goldberg, President of Glen Mills, Inc., Clifton, NJ.  Sigma Design Company completed the new product design and engineering of the pilot System in December 2010 and went to commercial production by August 2011.


The System with Glen Mills/Zellwerk ZRP Technology, utilizes high pressure to burst cell walls. The GM French Press uses a hydraulic press and carefully machined parts to produce pressures up to 40,000 psi. Culturing of adherent cells/tissues in a sterile natural 3-D environment continuously for over 12 months allows for impressive cell densities exceeding 10^10 all in a compact laboratory tabletop apparatus. This massive concentration of cells (up to 10,000x more than conventional systems), in the Glen Mills / Zellwerk ZRP Reactor System opens new areas for development in medicine, cell research, tissue growth for replacements, large-scale biomedical production by perfusion, and others. The medical device equipment complies with GLP, GCP, GTP and GMP standards.


The Reactor System is currently being manufactured by Sigma Design at its Springfield, NJ location. However, in house production will shift over to Sigma's new Middlesex, NJ expanded operations by the end of this year. Glen Mills will continue to handle sales to their end customers.


Made in USA Made in New Jersey Made by Sigma Design Company, LLC

Our POV: Smart Hedge Funds Step Up Investment in R&D for Locally Engineered and Manufactured Products


We applaud the hedge funds and private investors who are brave and smart enough to invest today for the technologies of tomorrow.  Early stage technologies, which historically had the highest risk profile, now have a better outlook given the stagnant macroeconomic environment. 


As everyone knows, traditional safe industries have been whacked the past few years and others may be on the brink of new unknown disasters. At least many people are sitting on the sidelines on their cash and their backsides.  However, these once conservative plays in steady state businesses are no longer your dad's (or mom's) blue chips - and most have very little upside potential.  On the other hand, investments in R&D for emerging technologies and new product development have enormous upside potential with the right mix of success factors and players. 


More importantly, investing in U.S. based entrepreneurship and new product engineering provide, and importantly grow, local know-how and good living wages. These are both critical assets that are fundamental to any sound economy and nation and also important for our families and neighbors.  So big kudos to those with the guts to go for the glory of spurring new technology commercialization and local engineering services and manufacturing in New Jersey during these uncertain times. 


Onward and upward!

People Power: Introducing Nicholas Faust, Sigma's Newest Team Member
Nicholas Faust


A successful entrepreneur and a Stevens Institute grad, our newest member, 

Nicholas Faust, who began as an intern in January 2011, was hired full time in May 2011 and has settled nicely into the Sigma team. 


Nick's success with helping to launch a successful skateboard start-up company that relies on human energy dovetails nicely with one of his first assignments at Sigma - a renewable energy project to prototype a vehicle energy harvesting device.  


Nick is excited by such green technology/renewable energy projects and also aspires to be involved with industrial automation technologies.  Nick earned both a Masters of Engineering in Product- Architecture and Engineering (May 2011) and Bachelor's of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (2009) from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.


When asked what he most enjoys about Sigma, Nick shared: "I think the breadth of projects at Sigma Design Company - from consumer products to medical devices to renewable energy projects, keeps it interesting and challenging. I've learned a great deal about the challenges of manufacturability. It has been a great transition from the academic to the professional world."


Welcome aboard Nick!

Sigma Design Company, LLClocated in central New Jersey, conceives, designs, prototypes, engineers and manufactures novel new products in the USA for a range of needs in the renewable energy, medical device/laboratory, clean technology and other sectors.  We turn smart ideas into valued products - especially complex mechanisms, electro-mechanical devices, and analytical systems and appliances. Our professional team offers design engineering consulting, failure analysis, human factors design, rapid prototyping service, as well as new product development, marketing and business development. The company started in 1962 and was acquired by its current owner 1999.
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