October 2010

We thank you for your support of Ormond Mainstreet!
If you haven't noticed the gas station at the corner of Granada and Ridgewood, it has finally been painted and it looks super.
The project was coordinated by James Stowers and Paul Momberger co-chairs of the MainStreet Design Committee and with the help of Ormond Beach Rotary. Thank you all for a job well done.
Just west of the gas station on Granada is Granada Crossings. Dorian Burt of the Highlander Corporation recently shared their vision for that property. The designs are super and the project will be a wonderful addition to our downtown. Our downtown is really taking shape thanks to the efforts of the Highlander

Nancy Cortez of our event committee is busy working on volunteers for Riverfest November 20-21 at
Rockefeller Gardens. If you would like to volunteer for this fun event please contact Nancy. Her e-mail is:
[email protected].

We are working on the MainStreet Marketing initiative to help bring customers to our MainStreet businesses. If you would like to be a part of this effort please contact Maggie Sacks? Her email is:
[email protected].
Don't forget to shop the Famer's Market every Thursday at Rockefeller Gardens from 8-1PM.

Little Blog Dress is a social media marketing company that recently launched into a full time business for lifelong Ormond resident Darlynn Nangano. Little Blog Dress will set up and maintain your Facebook page, Twitter, Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Google Places, etc accounts for your business.  They are also proficient in e-newsletters and graphic design.

Darlynn has over 15 years of marketing experience and is constantly using new trends that will promote your business. Using Little Blog Dress and its services gives you the peace of mind that this one aspect of your marketing plan is done properly.

Packages start at $199 monthly. Little Blog Dress can be reached at 386-299-8973 or via email [email protected] and on the web at www.littleblogdress.com.







Cool Fall breezes and non-stop music from 50 groups of every variety, await you at  Ormond RiverFest 2010 to be held Saturday November 21st  10AM-10PM and Sunday November 22nd  10AM-6PM at Rockefeller Gardens and Fortunato Park, on the shores of the Halifax River is downtown Ormond Beach.Mouth watering dishes served from your favorite restaurants.


Many thanks to Pat Spano for her beautiful RiverFest 2010 Art Poster and logo.  Check out her web site www.patsgems.net.


Check out LuLu's Oceanside Grill, River Grille on The Tomoka, Hull's Seafood, Song Kran Thai and Armands Bakery and German Deli and more.  Rowing demonstrations will be held on Saturday and Sunday by the Halifax Rowing Association, so bring your sneakers and jump aboard!  Shop the MainStreet MarketPlace with vendors of every description. 


Bring the children and join the fun for all ages.Admission is $5 per person and FREE for under 12.  For further information and vendor applications please check out www.ormondriverfest.com or call 386 451-2138.Presented by Ormond Beach MainStreet and Ormond Beach Leisure Services.  Sponsored by Ritchey Autos, Daytona Beach News-Journal and S. R. Perrott, Inc. 

LULU Costume Fun Run October 26th






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Anyone who's driven along south Halifax, below Granada, is fully aware of the beautiful house located at, 128 South Halifax.  It is quite possibly one of the most architecturally notable homes in the whole of the Daytona/Ormond area.

Set back on the property, this Normandy-Style home is a real eye catcher.....bringing to mind thoughts of 'Hansel and Gretel', some Mother Goose fable, or maybe trolls and gnomes.  The picturesque setting and nature of its design is something that sticks with the viewer.  And I can only think that, like myself, (before I realized that the house belonged to one of my friends) others had their own fanciful imaginings as to the house and its history, as it is so atypical in style and so unlike any other house in the area as to make an impression on the viewer, which remains, and is re-awakened every time they drive by.
The house was originally built by the A.F.Wilson family, in 1928.  The Wilsons owned the property/house directly behind on Riverside Dr, known as 'Riverway'; the house in mention, on Halifax, was built for their mother.  The Wilsons were also the parents of Sloan Wilson, author of, 'THE MAN IN THE GRAY FLANNEL SUIT, and SUMMER PLACE.  Both books were made into movies.

The Wilsons named the cottage, 'La Tourette', the 'little tower'.   It was authentic in all respects...a cathedral ceiling done with hand hewn and pegged beams, internal balcony, stone fireplace, wood floors, and a wishing well out in the front yard.  There was also a bay window looking out over the back yard.

When it was originally built, the house was much smaller than it is today.....more like a cottage. It was after the Mc Swains-Dr. George and Mary Jane and their two young sons-bought the house in 1952, that it was enlarged to its present size.  With the aid of the original architectural firm from Orlando, they pretty much doubled the size of the house, adding as well, a very large carport, basement, entertainment room, formal dining room, another bedroom, the walled patio and much more.  All was done in the original Normandy architectural tradition.....hand hewed beams, plank floors, vaulted ceilings, etc. they also added a nice screened porch on the north side of the house, off the kitchen.

Previously, there had been a circular driveway out front, but that was removed and entry to the house was moved to Bosarvey St. to the north.

In the early fifties, there was no North Halifax, just a few properties, including some horse stables.  Mrs. Mc Swain used to ride horses up the 'halifax trail'. She recalled encountering herds of wild pigs, snakes, coons, foxes, as well, all the critters we're all familiar with.  And although she personally never saw one, she said that black bears lived in the area.  She also noted that you could follow the 'trail' all the way to the beach well north of Granada, where we know it today.

This incomparably beautiful and enchanting home has since passed to new owners, and for myself, I couldn't imagine it going to a more appreciative and loving family.  They are naturally possessed of an appreciation for beautiful architecture, and lovingly attend this home's grounds and structure as no others could.  The new owner even retained the grounds keeper who had cared for the property for many years, for the Mc Swains...imagine.

The owners, Dr. Alexander and Elizabeth White and their infant daughter, Isabella, are the wonderful and fortunate occupants of this incredible home.  And love it, they do; inside it is beautifully decorated with  period antique furnishings...the furnishings, along with early american paintings, are mostly family heirlooms, and bespeak of generations of culture and taste both by their ancestors, and, as well, dr. and mrs white.  their taste in furnishings and art cross the gamut of antique to modern and just about everything in between.  the atmosphere in their home is at one and the same time, entertaining and beautiful; each piece a testament to their love for the creative and unique.  previously, the home was listed on the historic registry, but no longer.  the registry plaque is still on the front of the home

It is clearly the most outstanding-visually-of Ormond's historic homes and quite possibly the most memorable of all the homes one might see here in the Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach area.
Every year, the City of Ormond hosts a tour of historic homes, and two years ago, La Tourette was on the tour. possibly, some time again in the future, the home will be featured and you, the public, will have an opportunity to see the home, inside and out. every year there are a number of local artists who sit in the yard and paint the house.  Dr. and Mrs. White have managed to collect a number of beautiful oil and watercolor renderings of their home. these will no doubt be on display again if the house is on the open house tour.

Be kind to yourself and put the open house on your agenda; it will be an experience you'll cherish, and not soon forget.

d w martin


What woman doesn't love to shop and find a great selection of stylish clothing from size 2 to plus sizes at a fraction of the cost?  Downtown Ormond Beach is home to a little boutique located at 218 E. Granada Blvd that specializes in consigned clothes and home d�cor.  It's a treat to stop in and meet owner, Amy Moore and check out her great selection.  You will be amazed at the many beautiful treasures you just can't live without!

Amy has a full selection of accessories and jewelry to complete your outfits.  Have you ever tried on something and not sure if it looks well on you or not?  Amy has creative suggestions of what looks best on you and will tell you when something is a bit too tight or just not flattering!
Urbane Chic is one of three consignment boutiques in downtown Ormond Beach.  Check out Miss Priss and the Treasure Cove on West Granada Blvd. Make a day of treasure hunting.  You will come home with the most beautiful clothes and home d�cor at a fraction of the cost!  Happy Hunting!

Dress your Darling Doggy in his or her favorite Halloween costume and join the parade at the Ormond Beach Farmers' Market on Thursday October 28th at 10AM.  Darling Doggies will be judged in three categories:  Most Beautiful; Most Handsome and Most Scary!  Prizes for each category.  No cost or obligation; just come and show off  your pooch and have some fun!! 

We will have lots of yummy food available from farm fresh produce to European breads and cakes and everything in between.  See you at Rockefeller Gardens at 10AM on the Halifax River on Thursday October 28th.  Music and face painting for the delight of the young and young at heart!



October 1st,  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

First Friday on E. Granada
October 1st    5 - 8pm

 We would like to thank each and every one
of our patrons for attending our First Friday events
over the past two years!
We hope you have enjoyed our art contests,
scavenger hunts, poker runs, great food and wine, entertainment, wonderful boutiques and fabulous local art!

For more information, contact Joy at 676-2525 or  Nancy at 451-5273 or visit firstfridayeastgranada.com


350 Badge

What is the 3/50 project?  It is a grass roots initiative to support our local businesses and make our purchases from local independent businesses. According to the 3/50 project pamphlet ;"if just half of the employed U.S. population spent $50 each month in independently owned businesses, their purchases would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue.  Imagine the positive impact if � of the employed population did that.  For every $100 spent in independently owned stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.  If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays here.  Spend it online and nothing comes home. The number of people it takes to start the trend....you."  If you plan to make a purchase that you "think" a local business would not carry in stock, I suggest you give them a quick call and ask if they carry it or will order it for you.  You will be surprised you can purchase almost every item you wish right in our downtown Ormond Beach and at a comparably price. Check out the web site www.the350project.net.



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