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July 2008
Good Morning
It's already time for issue 2 of Triton News.  With all the doom and gloom about the economoy currently in the news we decided that the main theme of this months newsletter should be around making the most of your existing investments and assets.   Whether that be your DBA team or getting more value from your mainframe data.
Also, in an effort to lighten the mood there are a couple of articles which we hope will amuse.  Ever wondered how to install DB2 without touching a keyboard or mouse?  Neither had we, but it's worth a watch!
Don't forget to read our Techie Tip - a new feature this month! 
Hope you have a great summer, we'll be back in September!
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What does DB2 mean to you?
IDUG have launched their "What does DB2 mean to you" video competition. 
You have until 22nd August to get your entry in and can win a variety of fantastic prizes from Premier IDUG Membership to an ipod touch and registration to IDUG conferences. 
Have a look at the competition website for entry details.  For inspiration check out the current entries on Channel DB2.
Industry Insight
Online gaming
Gamesys are the UK's leading online Instant Win and Bingo entertainment brand. Gamesys Group is one of the fastest growing businesses in the e-gaming sector. Voted as Bingo Operator of the year at the 2007 E Gaming Review Awards, Gamesys have built a solid reputation within the industry and with their customers. 

Challenge - As a result of their increasing popularity, Gamesys were experiencing vastly growing numbers of visitors to their website which put a strain on their current database.  Recognizing that they needed a database that was robust, scalable, and able to provide high levels of performance, Gamesys made a strategic decision to move their 24x7 backend database from Firebird to DB2 UDB V8.2.
Triton provided Gamesys with consultancy and subsequently managed services for the day to day running of the database. 
Click here to view the full case study.
Increase the value of your mainframe data 
Do any of these data challenges apply to you?
"Most of my business critical data resides on the mainframe"
"I want to make better use of my mainframe data but don't understand the alternatives"
"I have business intelligence projects taking data from the mainframe but I'm worried about controlling the security of that data"
"I am finding data integration inefficient in terms of time and resource consumption"
"The amount of new hardware and software required for data integration goes against our strategy of streamlining operations"
"I need a data integration solution that runs on my mainframe"
IBM's Information server is the market-leading data integration platform.  It enables mainframe users to understand disparate data sources, cleanse data to ensure consistent quality and transform and restructure information
Also providing metadata and proof of data lineage IBM Information Sever helps with data compliance regulations.
The benefits include:
  • Speed - 12x faster than hand-coding.
  • Lower batch run times as no need to transfer data off the mainframe
  • Security

With mainframe data representing 60% of business structured data assets and growing 20% per year it's important that you can get your systems running as efficiently as possible.

Contact us to talk about how we can helo you gain increased benefit from your mainframe data. 
DB2 Goes Viral 
Watch the video!  IBM's "No Dragons, just pureXML" viral campaign can be viewed on the DB2 community site Channel DB2.

DB2's unique pureXML capabilities allow organisations to store XML data natively in a database table, providing seamless integration of XML and relational data. Giving:
  • Performance improvements
  • Productivity improvements
  • Cost savings
Triton Director Named IDUG President
The International DB2 user group (IDUG) has announced Julian Stuhler as its new President at the annual IDUG conference in Dallas. 
Julian comments "IDUG is the premier user group for IBM's Information Management brand, and I'm excited and honoured to be leading a strong and vibrant organisation at such an exciting time in its ongoing development"

This latest announcement cements Julian and Triton's commitment to the development of the DB2 community. 
Julian continues
"Although it's a major commitment in both my personal and professional time, it is also tremendously rewarding to be able to help drive the growth of the worldwide DB2 community and empower other DB2 professionals to excel in their roles."
Click here for the full story 
Beat data crime and corruption  

Brother Watchdog LogoWe are all aware of the increasing pressures and legislation around data compliance but when compliance is no longer enough you need to proactively manage compliance and achieve real accountablity.

Triton work with DBI Software to bring Brother-WatchDog to the UK market.  
Brother-Watchdog provides breakthrough technology for tracking access and updates to corporate database data.  Web application End User identities and locations are captured, exposed, and correlated to their database statement activity thus making it possible to answer the tough questions of who, what, when, where and how much. 
IDUG Europe 
This year held in Warsaw, the conference runs from 13-16th October. Following the success across the pond at the American event we can expect a great few days.
The advance program is available and booking is now open on the IDUG website.
There will be a huge range of sessions covering DB2 for z/OS, DB2 for LUW, Application Design, Tools & Utilities and new for this year is the Managers Forum designed specifically for the DB2 management community.
Techie Tip 

How many DB2 for z/OS Stored Procedure Application Environments Should I define?


As always, the answer to this is "it depends"! However, here are some basic rules of thumb that you may find useful:


         Define an application environment specifically for your Java stored procedures. This should have NUMTCB set to a relatively low value (6-8 is good) as Java stored procedures typically require a lot of storage. Java SPs also have their own JCL DD statement requirements, such as entries for JAVAENV and JSPDEBUG.

         Define another environment specifically for your REXX stored procedures. Only a single REXX SP can run in any given application environment at any one time, so you need to set NUMTCB=1 for these.

         Define an application environment specifically for stored procedures that need to run under RACF program control (some of the IBM-supplied SPs fall into this category, such as DSNACCUC). These SPs need their own environment: if you try to execute both program-controlled and non program-controlled SPs in the same environment you'll receive message ICH420I and the controlled SPs will fail.

         Define an application environment to host all of the IBM-supplied stored procedures that don't fall into one of the above categories.

         Define 1-n environments for your "normal" COBOL, PL/1, C or SQL stored procedures. NUMTCB for these can typically be set fairly high (40-50 isn't uncommon).

         Finally, you may want to consider having one or more test environments for your normal procedures, but with NUMTCB=1. This forces procedures to be run individually, which can be very useful during debugging when your procedure writes messages to address space log. Failing to do this can result in several procedures interleaving their debug messages, which can get very confusing. A simple ALTER PROCEDURE statement is all that is required to change the application environment, but don't forget to stop/start the procedure afterwards.


If you'd like to find out more about how to set up your DB2 for z/OS environment to make best use of Stored Procedures, take a look at Triton's Stored Procedures Masterclass course which is due to run in August.

Issue: 2
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IDUG News - Triton Director Leading the Way for IDUG
Software to beat data corruption
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Techie Tip
Feature - Make the best use of your most valuable assets

Free up your most valuable assets - DBAs

Good DBAs are vital not just to the smooth running of your system critical databases but also for DB2 development work.  
"Having worked as a DBA myself for many years I know that it can be difficult to work on both the day to day maintenance and development of the database.  IT departments are facing increased pressure to meet demands for innovation whilst managing tight budgets"
Paul Stoker - Sales and Marketing Director,
Triton Consulting

This is why Triton developed their unique managed services offerings.  Handing over the day to day maintenance of your database frees up DBA time to work on development projects providing a win:win situation.  DBAs' are able to work on more interesting projects whilst IT departments are able to meet the budgetary and delivery demands placed on them.
The cost of this service is probably less than you think and included in the fixed yearly fee is:
  • Initial database healthcheck
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Day to day housekeeping
  • Routine preventative maintenance
  • Dedicated hotline
  • Access to Triton's customer support suite with online system report viewer
"The service that we have received from Triton has been fantastic, they are always available to help with any issues that we have. The staff have a superb knowledge of DB2."
Elizabeth O'Neil - Holiday Extras
To find out more about our managed services offerings for both DB2 and IBM Content Manager please: visit our website
or call 0870


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