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Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission                                    October 2009
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Using Pre-Paid Calling Cards
No Small Change
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Natural Gas Rate Adjustments
While wholesale natural gas prices continue to drop, natural gas companies in Washington have adjusted their rates downward to reflect falling prices. Click on your company below for more information.

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-Charles, Friday Harbor 

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Using Pre-Paid Calling Cards
telephone iconPre-paid calling cards can be convienient, allowing the customer to call long-distance from anywhere. But buyer beware! It's important to do your homework when you pay in advance with the promise of service.
When you buy a pre-paid card, go through this checklist to better protect yourself:
  • Is the calling card company registered in Washington?
  • How much am I paying for a minute of talk time?
  • Are there any additional taxes or surcharges?
  • Will the card expire? If so, when?
  • Is the toll-free telephone number for the company printed on the card?
  • Will it cost you extra minutes or credits to use the card from a pay phone?

If you are not familiar with a card, start with a small dollar amount to confirm the service works for you. For more information on pre-paid calling cards, click here.

No Small Change: The Difference Your Thirteen Cents Makes!
Become a FanThirteen cents. That's what you pay each month for every phone line coming into your home or office. And that little fee adds up to a lot of money statewide, and helps people on public assistance get the phone service they desperately need. For the full story from KOMO News, click here.  

Can't Pay Your Phone Bill?
If you need help staying connected to telephone services, watch this video on the Washington Telephone Assistance Program. To view, click here.  
Are You Prepared for an Emergency?
Become a FanIf disaster strikes, will you know what to do? Do you have an emergency plan and survival kit? If not, now is the time to get prepared. Take these steps today to protect your family tomorrow.
  • Have a plan. Know where your family will meet and how you will communicate if you are not together. Make sure everyone understands the plan and is prepared to execute under various situations.
  • Make a kit. Build your survival kit with at least three days of fresh water, food, blankets, a radio and a first aid kit.
  • Stay informed. Know where you'll turn for updated information and alerts.
For information on the Green River Valley flood preparations, click here.

For more information on emergency preparedness, visit www.ready.gov. To find local emergency resources, click here.  

Prepare for the Winter Chill 
Become a FanAs cooler temperatures set in and heating bills rise, avoid the shock of high winter bills by following these simple winterizing steps.
  • Sign up for budget billing. Budget billing averages your bills over a 12-month period, with a fixed payment every month. There are no income restrictions and the payment is recalculated every year based on your usage. 
  • Seal the leaks. Before temperatures drop below freezing, evaluate the areas of your home that allow cold air inside. Use weatherstripping or foaming caulk to fill any gaps and stop hot air from escaping. 
  • Cover your windows. Utilize heavy drapes and window coverings to prevent air loss through thin windows.
  • Audit your home. To complete the Department of Energy's Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit, click here.
  • Join the discussion! The commission wants to hear what you are doing to be more energy efficient this winter! Share ideas with other residents on our Facebook Discussion Page.
For more information on energy efficiency, click here. If you need energy bill assistance, click here.
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