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Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission                                        July 2009
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Consumer Alert: Illegal Movers
Stay Safe Around Trains and Tracks
Natural Gas Prices Fall
Smart Recycling
Check Your Meter
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Welcome to the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) e-newsletter. If you have questions about UTC Connections, please e-mail consumer@utc.wa.gov.

The UTC works every day to protect consumers by ensuring that utility and transportation services are fairly priced, available, reliable and safe. This bi-monthly e-newsletter is intended to provide you with current information about
regulated industries, current issues and topics that impact you.
Consumer Alert: Hiring an Illegal Mover is Risky Business
MovingThis summer the commission issued a warning for consumers looking to hire a moving company: check with the state before its too late! Companies operating without a commission permit are violating state law, and customers have little to no recourse if their goods are lost or stolen. One call to the commission's Consumer Protection Help Line can get you a company's permit status and consumer complaint history, saving you time and money. To read the full alert, click here. For more ways to protect yourself and your belongings when making a move, click here.
Get HelpStay Safe Around Trains and Tracks
As summer travel season begins, Operation Lifesaver wants residents to protect themselves and their families around trains, tracks and crossings. Be sure to take proper precaution when approching a train crossing of any kind. Failure to do so could land you a ticket or put you in a dangerous situation. The commission's Operation Lifesaver program offers helpful tips to keep you safe. For more information on train safety, click here.
Natural Gas Prices Fall
Get HelpA steady drop in wholesale natural gas prices means companies in Washington are passing those savings on to customers. The cost of natural gas is adjusted regularly by companies to reflect the change in wholesale prices. 
For more information on the process of setting natural gas rates in Washington, click here.
To see natural gas price trends in the US, click here.
Check the latest news for your energy company below:
Smart Recycling
Get HelpDid you know that recycling a single aluminum can saves the amount of energy needed to run a TV for three hours?  Being smart about our household recycling can help conserve energy and preserve vital resources. Many communities now have curbside pick-up programs or centralized drop-off sites. To find a program in your area, click here.  
The new energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) also need to be recycled, but need to be disposed of separately because they contain a small amount of mercury. Check with your county's solid waste program to find a CFL recycle site. Some hardware stores also offer CFL recycling drop-off locations.
When you make purchases, choose products that have been made from recycled material, look for 'post-consumer recycled content' on the packaging.
For more information on recycling in Washington state, call 1-800-RECYCLE or visit www.1800recycle.wa.gov.
Check Your Meter
Are you being charged correctly for your energy usage? A simple test can alert you if there is a problem.
First, turn off all circuit breakers in your house. Check your meter, if the dial is still spinning with all circuits off, you may have a problem. Call your utility company as soon as possible and tell them what you observed. .

If you are having trouble resolving a meter problem with your company, call the commission's Consumer Protection Help Line at 1-888-333-WUTC (9882) or consumer@utc.wa.gov.  
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