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Someone I've met has mentioned that she is "starved for" intellectual input, and wants to know if I can fill her need with talks or a general explanation of my field.  It's not the first time that I've been petitioned to give talks on "my philosophy" or "what I do".  There seems to be a generalized hunger, maybe a yearning for a new and different way of looking at life outside of the mainstream's, and apart from typical beliefs and their sources, such as the narratives presented by schools and churches.  It's apparent that the existing storylines of many traditional parental or societal dogmas aren't enough for these trying times, or for an aging-though-with-it population!

There are questions and much curiosity.  There is direct interest in alternative and powerful concepts such as the meaning of life, the existence of god, life before death (reincarnation), and life after death (the continuation of consciousness).  There is a hunger for new viewpoints, and even if there is a certain amount of suspicion or reserve, there is also an open-mindedness that seeks to discover, weigh, consider, and make up its own mind.

I told my inquirer/petitioner to look over my two websites (wisdompath and wisdomsblog) where I have laid in an enormous amount of content in podcasts, in archives of writings, and in store products such as CDs, transcripts, and special reports.  Here, there is a wealth of material to satiate anyone's curiosity, and most of it is free.

It is my intention to leave a legacy of my journey on the web in this way.  Please feel free to check it out.  And since I'm still doing speaking engagements, workshops, radio interviews, and this newsletter, the content will continue to increase.  Hope you enjoy!
With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 


Contact info is: Wisdom Path/Judi Thomases, 99 Cherry Hill Rd., Magnolia DE 19962.  Cell phone is still 845-548-8200, and land-line phone # is 302-697-3630.   [email protected] or [email protected].

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Book Review: "Resilience and The Future of Everyday Life", by James H. Lee (Wasteland Press)


This book, written by my friend Jim Lee, financial advisor and futurist, is terrific! In it, he first tackles the current challenges that we face economically and socially at a time of increasing pressures and reduced resources, by presenting the doom and gloom scenarios that people are fearing and headlines are pushing in our faces on a daily basis. But when all that is said and done, he mines the underlying trends, some more obvious than others, that offer a multitude of options in a fresh light.


As he says early on, in spite of dire predictions and current pressures, he is an optimist. The body of his book then proceeds to show why he feels optimistic for the upcoming generations and the innovative trends that are arising.


We all know the doom and gloom stuff. In Part One, Jim breaks this down by discussing, among other things, the pollution in the ocean, the stress upon water supplies, the diminishment of oil reserves and fossil fuel access, and the factors in climate change. Even in this early part of the book, he faces each of these scenarios with some solutions or possibilities, and gives anecdotes of people who have already revamped their everyday worlds, and are living lifestyles that are sustainable. His one constant theme is humanity's need to change and adapt.


His writing is very clear, and the book is an easy read. Lots of pointed statistics are given, but they are embedded in material that is conversational and not pedantic. Jim has no problem discussing financial data as well as technological innovations, social changes, real estate issues, consumer findings, inventions, and many other topics. In fact, some of his most important concepts are listed on the book cover, and include discreet consumption, edible landscaping, radical economics, transition towns, homesteading, time banking, repurposing, DIY culture, microfarms, co-housing, and bartering.


The second part of the book, Part Two, is all about the ways in which we can dig our way out of gloom and side-step doom. Revolutionary concepts that are hip and trendy, and gaining traction, that foresee the ways in which technological innovations can be brought into our kitchen, our doctor's visits, our food supplies, and our living arrangements, are just some of his suggestions. These suggestions are based upon lots of fascinating research. Jim seems to have the ability to gobble up dry statistics, digest data from numerous sources, and bring forth condensed understanding of where many trends are headed. This, I gather, is the true work of a futurist. And he includes a number of tales about how people are implementing these trends in their lives right now. For instance, in a reduced economy, it becomes hip to make things yourself, grow your own food, cook or bake specialized treats, live in smaller communities that are structured around family, better time management, healthier nutrition, or even home schooling - all of which is enhanced as never before by global communications, bartering, swapping, and sharing. He explains how the internet is building communities that allow for information gathering and relationship forming in ways that have never before been available. People can sell, trade or swap, sometimes without money even being transacted.


Some of the concepts may seem pretty far out to us now, such as - a way in which travelers can crash in a stranger's home without the need for expensive hotels. Much of the projected new culture might make more sense for the younger generation, but fits the theme of the book, which is resilience - a world undergoing quite radical change that must and will find new forms under which to survive and thrive. For instance, a simple concept such as time banking would use volunteer time as a type of currency; people who have the least amount of money might have the most amount of time, and could therefore accumulate hours of service by contributing skills to others and to their communities. They would bank their time spent serving others' needs, and then barter with another who can provide a service in return, all without the exchange of coin.


Jim also covers trends in the workplace, new career choices, different family structures, innovative household set-ups such as "found families", and even fresh ways in which to handle the growing population of senior citizens. Finally, he looks at financial trends and economics in every way from investment strategy to revaluing the elderly.


As I read the book, I found myself feeling hopeful about the array of possible opportunities that a new society can offer. I enjoyed the Online Resources & Books that were recommended for each chapter's subject, as a go-to guide should that need arise or that curiosity be piqued. I found myself nodding in agreement with many of the concepts, and in fact recognizing them as something that I'd heard of or felt the subtle growth of as a background element, but when presented as a whole in this fashion was exciting and as Jim says, optimistic. The new world may not be what some of us old-timers feel comfortable with, but this book is a testament to the fact that humanity is resourceful and resilient, and will take adversity as its gift to reshape into a whole new approach to life.


Highly recommended. Available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 


Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling- June '12

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages




In the first place, the thing to do is to not waiver.  To remain steady.  To not move the point (focus) of attention  hither and thither, for it is no small task to conduct the mind in this fashion.  A solid and unwavering mind is the ticket to greatness.  There are several advantages to learning how this must be accomplished, and to putting it into practice. 

As we say, the first thing is to remain steady.  What does this mean?

Thoughts are what waiver.  Thoughts are very much of the nature of pure energy.  Thoughts contain words or symbols that have meaning to the conscious mind.  Thoughts therefore are an accumulation - sometimes even a jumble - of such particulars.  Lumped together, the thought becomes a thing, and follows its energy path here and there.  For instance, a thought may be of another person, of a task, of a desire, and so forth, each of which has a target contained within the substance of the thought.  And so there is a trajectory: the thought wants to move from Point A to Point B.  This can accomplish nothing other than moving the mind, distracting the one-pointed location, carrying it elsewhere.

And so thoughts are what must be considered or addressed.  Even in our words here, we are attempting to move the mind from not knowing to understanding, all contained within the meaning, and that is also movement or trajectory.

To be still means to calm thoughts and to literally put them aside.  It seems incredible that this is possible.  How can one exist without a continual stream of these thoughts (mental energies) moving?  But it is very possible.  It is always the point or achievement of the mind of a master. 

One-pointedness, as often suggested, is arrived at by the repetition of a word (mantra) or a prayer (rosary), and even by a concentration upon the breath (Mahayana Buddhism).  All well and good!  But success is even easier if one can simply dissolve each thought as it coalesces.  Being still, then, is a prize!  It is reaching a goal.  It is Nirvana.

Once one has achieved thoughtlessness - not in the sense of selfish inconsideration, but only in the sense of pure being - one arrives instantaneously and without further effort at a place described, for want of a better term, as The Now. 

Being in The Now is being of the moment.  All sounds, all sensory input, all occurrences affect you not, for you sit (stand, lie, walk) in a place of pure being, a pinpoint of time and space without attributes, even without you!  For without thoughts, you are not there.  You cease to be. 

A different You arrives instead.  A vast knowing, a pure awareness without identity... simply presence.  This is how "You" stays in the moment, and becomes serene.

� 2012 by Judi Thomases



Tensions increase worldwide this month with the drive to reform at odds with the emphasis on individual rights (Pluto square Uranus).  Pleasantries can be exchanged on the 2nd (Mercury conjunct Venus), and idealism is growing (Neptune stationing in Pisces, its ruling sign).  A cycle pitting ideologies (love versus war) sees a turning point on the 4th (Lunar Eclipse in Sag square Mars, opposite Venus).  All forms of communications including social networking and news media are emphasized by mid month as data pours in (New Moon in Gemini; Jupiter enters Gemini).  The last week requires tempered choices (Saturn station direct in Libra) although optimism reigns (Jupiter square Neptune).  At the end of the month, there is good news (Mercury sextile Jupiter) and excitement (Venus station direct sextile Uranus), although economic pressures continue (Venus quinqunx Pluto).
For the U.S., transformation and reform, especially of the media, continues into July (Pluto retrograde sextile U.S. progressed Sun in H3), and an air of hope arises (Neptune station retrograde trine U.S. Venus).  Innovative technology thrives, bringing greater possibilities than ever (Uranus trine U.S. Node, sextile U.S. Uranus).  An overly expansive mood bubbles up, perhaps based upon better unemployment figures (progressed Moon square U.S. progressed Jupiter, while Jupiter in H6 squares U.S. Moon!).  However, between June 16th-19th, energy issues with foreign allies prove provocative and confusing (Mars conjunct U.S. Neptune in H9, square U.S. Mars in H7).  Long-term planning by the 25th is slow and unpopular (Saturn station direct square U.S. Mercury, opposite U.S. progressed Venus) yet realistic and smart (Saturn station direct trine U.S. Mars, trine U.S. progressed Mercury in a Grand Air Trine).  The last days of the month bring excitement regarding fresh news about healthcare (Venus station direct conjunct U.S. progressed Uranus exact in H6, sextile Node).  In general, the nation is now poised for recovery and growth (Jupiter trine U.S. Pluto in Capricorn H2, trine U.S. Midheaven, in a Grand Earth/Air Trine).  We are a nation that can rise from the ashes - a true phoenix - especially in three years (U.S Pluto trine MC; in 2015, U.S. progressed MC will reach 27 Taurus, trine U.S. Pluto).

Hope and fantasy, along with much confusion, color the mood of President Obama in June (Neptune square his Moon, quinqunx his Mercury) but he continues a strengthening transformation regarding beliefs and alliances (Pluto sextile his Neptune in H9, trine his progressed Pluto).  However, secret fears and hidden karmic obstacles remain his nemesis (Saturn station direct square his progressed Saturn in H12).  If the Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare is rendered in late June, especially between the 26th-29th, its decision will be a happy one for the President (Jupiter conjunct his IC/Moon, trine his Saturn/Jupiter), who will regardless be popular and upbeat at this time. 

Obamacare  (3/23/10, 11:55 AM, Washington DC) has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  Feisty and pioneering yet eccentric and too far out (Sun, Mercury, Venus in Aries 10th; Sun trine Mars in Leo 1st), in its attempt to create and fight for a fresh start it is instead extremely polarizing on a core (personal) level (Grand Cardinal Cross involving Sun square Moon, Moon square Saturn, Moon opposite Pluto in H6).  Many people do not cherish (hate) it, or would feel wounded by it (Moon in H12 square Saturn in H4).  In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources especially regarding childcare, homecare aides and medical personnel (Saturn from H4 square Pluto in H6); in its attempt to reform healthcare, it would encounter blockage (Sun opposite Saturn).  Obviously, it was not planned by an astrologer!  Furthermore, the luck that brought it thus far (Jupiter trine Ascendant), while displaying nurturing care and compassion for people (Moon in Cancer; Cancer Ascendant; Jupiter in Pisces; Neptune conjunct Chiron), can also be interpreted as an enabling rescue trip!  Deep emotions, hidden enemies, and even sabotage would indicate that it has taken a divisive approach (Moon in H12; South Node in Cancer), whereas sensible efficiency is what is required (Node in Capricorn).  Finally, it is too wordy and voluminous at 2700 pages (Mercury in a t-square to Ascendant/South Node)!

For Mitt Romney, June should prove quite upbeat. He is buoyant yet business-minded at the start (Jupiter opposite his Moon/Jupiter, then conjunct his Ascendant/progressed Node, and sextile Saturn), and is experiencing lots of exciting opportunities on the stump (Uranus sextile his Venus/Fortuna).  By mid month, his prospects are delightful (his progressed Moon semi-sextile Mars, sextile Node, and sextile MC), but there can be a big showdown on the 15th-16th with an antagonist, or even a display of unfettered anger (Mars opposite his Sun).  Throughout the month and continuing through September, his finances grow as big money comes his way (Pluto Rx in H8 sextile his Mars in H10).  The 27th brings a lovely event such as a celebration (Venus station direct conjunct his Node, trine his Fortuna/Venus).

For more forecasts, check out my articles "Destiny in the Balance", "Making a Case for the U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant", and "9/11: Ten Years Later" now posted on my website.

(c) 2012 by Judi Thomases.

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