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The Official Newsletter of Wisdom Path, by Judi Thomases 
        Astrology & Channeled Guidance in Every Issue                                                        May 2012  Volume 56


This has been a transformational period for me. 


Although in prior years I had done work with groups of women that we titled "goddess gatherings", a new and somewhat different such period seems to be coming forth.  Personally, I feel impelled now to teach.  The material I want to teach is deep and philosophical but also scientific and metaphysical, all rolled into one.  And so, I'm madly writing away, giving talks, doing radio interviews and library book signings - all of which is great, a real surge of energy - but it is not so much the work/task/calling to be the teacher of this material now, as to participate with others in profoundly metaphysical work as women, as metaphysicians, and as wisdom seekers in a challenging era, in our little corner of planet Earth.


And so we formed a group - not a class, not even all female - and our group is a combined effort by several advanced lightworkers to bring the goddess energy down into our lives, and from there, radiating outwards, into the lives of our close ones. 


 I'm sitting on the sunporch on a beautiful April day - mild, sunny, perfect - and watching a gigantic cargo plane land into Dover Air Force Base, which is just minutes from us, thinking of the pilot's mission, the places he has just come from, and what the plane is carrying.  There is a duality here, as though different universes or worldviews are intersecting.  


And it is in that dual place or juncture between the everyday world (the "heavy duty" reality of today's politics, economics, and challenges) that our women's work proceeds.   


We lit candles; one of us brought in beautiful purples irises from her garden; we brought pictures and figurines of goddess figures from around the globe - everything from Pallas Athena to the Virgin Mary to a sorceress archetype; we did an incantation to purify the space and to open the portals; we asked that our vision and abilities be dedicated to service for the good of the world; we did some ohm-ing, some toning, some ritual words; we felt light spreading between us and we became playful; we shared deeply as people.  Some of us always felt different, but really we're not, because the energy today, now, that will knit us together as spiritual consciousnesses in individuated form is what is shifting.  Our minds are expanding.  Our hearts are too.  And soon we'll all begin to see ourselves as aspects of the divine source.


I wish all of you were around our circle the other night, and I'll visualize you there if you wish to be, in future meetings.


With blessings and always, with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 


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Made-for-TV-Movie Series Review
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Made-for-TV-Movie Series Review: "THE GAME OF THRONES", by George R.R. Martin (HBO)


This epic fantasy, set in a fully inhabited world of different climates and medieval governments, is a very rich and engaging immersion for those who like the genre. It is based on the book series called The Song of Ice and Fire, consisting of five published novels (A Game of Thrones, Bantam Books, 1996; A Clash of Kings, Bantam Books, 1999; A Storm of Swords, Bantam Books, 2000; A Feast for Crows, Bantam Books, 2005; A Dance with Dragons, Bantam Books, 2011) with two more in the works (The Winds of Winter, forthcoming/Bantam Books; A Dream of Spring, forthcoming/Bantam Books). So far, the HBO series has produced the very popular Seasons One and Two, the former now available on DVD.


The general plot involves a colossal worldwide battle, involving at least seven sub-kingdoms and other free lands, to regain the rulership of a primary throne that would rule over all. When the King of all the lands, Robert Baratheon, is killed (murdered?), various rivals clash for his Iron Throne. His older brother Stannis, his younger brother Renly, his widowed queen Cersei, her bastard son Joffrey, the newly-voted-in King-of-the-North Robb Stark, and the last remaining offspring of dragon-blooded ruling clan, Daenerys Targaryen, are all vying for the top position. Meanwhile, some shrewd characters such as the clever dwarf Tyrion ("the Imp"), the pragmatic advisor Littlefinger, and the spunky noble daughter Arya fill in many roles and important elements in the fictional but believable world of Westeros. In fact, the intrigue, layers, plethora of characters (too many to mention), wit, and very human traits of the major and minor characters that clash against a fantasy background of murderous rejuvenated dead people (wights), blue-eyed monsters (white walkers), dragons, and sorceress-born shadow figures make these episodes very entertaining and deep.


One of the most satisfying delights for me isn't the X-rated soft porn, or the high production values of sets and costumes, or even the richness of the endless march of new characters, but the terrific grasp of the way power is wielded in medieval feudal government. Loyalty ("leal"), bannermen, knighthood, honor, patrilineage (inheritance through the male bloodline), court intrigue, favors, and punishments all crystallize the way in which a single family must rule over a geographically broad kingdom. Don't get me wrong! I love the dragons and special effects. But, in my view, only "I Claudius", the PBS special of years past about the twisted and murderous clan of Romans who ruled the Empire after Caesar, measured up to the sheer intelligent entertainment of this show.


The author, GRRM, a science fiction writer and former Hollywood scriptwriter (Twilight Zone, Beauty and the Beast, etc.), has been called the American Tolkien, likening this epic to The Lord of the Rings because of its sweep, depth, and three-dimensional characters. In my opinion, the opus is so fully fleshed out and well written that it deserves literary recognition and whatever awards this industry might bestow. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

cvr design
Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling- Apr. '12

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages




Come to us.  Come into the light.  Come forward.  Don't be shy, for you radiate too.  Your beams are seen and felt by those near and dear to you.  Your energy influences others, and is a tangible thing when you're present.  Just as when you are gone, a loss or lack is felt.


Do you not know this?  Do you think you are invisible, or plain, or not shiny?  Do you see yourself as low, hapless, forgotten?  Have you felt that the world does not need you, and that sometimes, maybe, it might be good if you were gone?


Ha!  What falsehood, for you are a key ingredient in the world at this time.  Your vibration is meant to contribute, to be present, to partake, and to structure the moment.  If you, and similar others, were to blink out of being, how the world would change!  It is false, false, false to feel unrecognized, to despair.


And so we say, come.  Come into this light.  Come into this moment - this moment that is created for you, and that you have created.  Be still in this moment, and as you are, take in as many feelings, as many vibes, as many bits of information about it as you can manage.  And, as you are receiving, play with it. 


Turn the energy around, and send a little out.  Send out a smile, a wise word, a gesture.  Send out love from your heart, or prayers.  Send out a question.  Make your question meaningful, and send it out to the airwaves.  Ask, and ye shall receive.  Be in a modality of openness, of receptivity, for if you have sent out a question, surely the universe has felt this, and will in time provide an answer, or a meaning, or some thing or bit of information that clarifies.  Send out a wish.  This wish can be a dearly held and long yearning.  Send it out again, even if it has not yet been fulfilled.


Practice!  Try sending for a smaller wish.  See if that's granted.  See if you encounter soon the next bit of your desire.  Play with this.  You are the creator; you are something, not nothing.  The universe hears and responds at all times.


Finally, send out love.  Heart energy, radiating.  Send it out to those who haven't given.  Send it out to those who have always given.  Send it out to the very young, to the very old.  Send it to those who suffer.  Your love is healing; they will know, they will feel it.  Something will trigger a memory in them, or a reminder.  In stillness, in quietude, in personal space, and in the moment of doing nothing, as it were, you can manifest all.


Come into the light, and be.


2012 by Judi Thomases



The world has its mind on finances and power as the month of May opens (Full Moon in Scorpio).  Economic prosperity and positive growth are favored by mid month (Jupiter conjunct Sun; Venus station retrograde trine Saturn).  Progress can be made through negotiations and a show of force (Mars trine Pluto; Mercury trine Mars) - no one is wimping out, but talk is preferential over military action, especially after the 20th (Sun moves into Gemini under a Solar Eclipse).  Discussions and social intercourse become effective.  By the 28th, a technological breakthrough or new invention is possible that will continue to advance the communications industry (Uranus in Aries sextile Sun/Mercury in Gemini).
 My April prediction, "aggression vies with peace negotiations on the 6th (Full Moon in Libra conjunct progressed Moon/Mars in H10)", seems to have been about Syria.

For the U.S., the entire month of May indicates growth in technology and beneficial focus on individual rights, real estate, and finances, such as unusual efforts to reorganize foreclosures or high student or credit card debts (Uranus trine U.S. Node from H4 to H8), as well as much sensitivity and compassion that anchors idealism and helps the arts (Neptune trine U.S. Venus, trine U.S. progressed Saturn in a Grand Water Trine).  However, the first half of the month brings depressing news about useless efforts to corral rogue regimes (Saturn square U.S. Mercury).  Hope springs anew by the second week - a pattern that returns in late month (Jupiter trine U.S. Neptune; Venus conjunct U.S. Mars, square U.S. Neptune); but thankless responsibilities lead the nation only to stagnation and regrets over futile loss of life in our world role (progressed Moon conjunct U.S. Saturn in Libra H10).  We have little taste for war anymore, but can experience a sudden drastic event, either natural or man-made, that causes destruction by mid month (Mars square U.S. Uranus).  Excellent news on the job front is seen by the third week (Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Midheaven in H6). 

President Obama finds early May to be full of emotionality and female issues, with lots of upsets and change (progressed Moon conjunct his Solar Arc Ascendant).  Though he meets a good connection then (progressed Node trine his progressed Ascendant), he will likely feel befuddled, uncertain and anxious (progressed Moon quinqunx Neptune), and be swamped with paperwork or say more than he should (progressed Mercury square his progressed Jupiter).  Ever since March 28th, he has felt much stress over one crisis after another (progressed Moon quinqunx his progressed Pluto/Pluto).  He finds some strength during the second week (Jupiter trine his Mars), but is very aggravated then (Mars conjunct his Pluto/progressed Pluto; Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his progressed Mars).  An explosive tantrum is possible.  The befuddlement and sense of betrayal continue during the second half of the month, perhaps concerning a family dilemma (Neptune from H9 square his Moon in H4). His choice by mid-month is between charm or aggression (Venus station retrograde square his Mars).  He moves into the third week with excellent business plans but must avoid self-sabotage via willfulness or eccentricity (Jupiter trine his Saturn/progressed Jupiter, square his Uranus/Node).  By the 20th, a new start regarding women and emotionality begins (Solar Eclipse conjunct his Moon), and he can project himself much better once again (progressed Midheaven semi-sextile his Ascendant; progressed Ascendant trine his Uranus), but he remains plagued by old secrets that keep cropping up unbidden (Saturn, ruler of H12 square his Saturn in H12).  In my Oct '11 newsletter, here's what I predicted: "Beginning next month and lasting at least through next summer, many dark
secrets of his own doing can be forced into view (Saturn square natal Saturn in H12, ruling H12)."  By the end of the month, he finds greater empowerment vis--vis women or his spouse (Pluto retrograde trine his Pluto, sextile his Neptune). 

May is a very good month for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who easily captures the nomination (Jupiter sextile his Sun; progressed Ascendant trine his Jupiter/Moon).  The prospects are exciting, and the news is good (Uranus sextile his Midheaven/Fortuna [a natal aspect that pretty much guarantees a successful career]); he can maximize the internet or use social marketing now.  However, he continues to find it hard to pin down his dream (Pluto square his Neptune; Neptune square his progressed Node); and remains unpopular with a large contingent - a pattern that wanes now but will increase again through August (Saturn temporarily leaving opposition to his progressed Venus/progressed Mars).  Month's end sees him buoyant and eloquent (Jupiter opposition his Jupiter/Moon, conjunct his progressed Sun/progressed Mercury), and he will find some fighting words then (Mars opposite his Mercury).  My prediction in this September '11 newsletter told that he "has an improved message and increasing likability after April 8th."

In comparing Romney's and Obama's charts, there is a strong power struggle between them, with Romney forcing Obama to change (Romney's Pluto on Obama's Sun); Romney criticizes, discourages, restricts, teaches, and holds Obama to his promises or claims (Romney's Saturn conjunct Obama's Mercury exact).

As for Newt Gingrich, he continues to dream and fantasize about unrealistic prospects (progressed Mercury conjunct his Neptune; Neptune opposition his progressed Sun, square his progressed Mars), but he may stay in the race or involved at least through August (Saturn trine his Sun, sextile his Moon).  I get the sense that, for this 69-year-old, the campaign is like a second wind or a career boost (progressed Jupiter conjunct his progressed IC in H6; Uranus sextile his Midheaven) - why not?, he may be thinking.  It's better than retiring, and who knows what might come along?!


For more forecasts, check out my articles "Destiny in the Balance", "Making a Case for the U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant", and "9/11: Ten Years Later" now posted on my website.

(c) 2012 by Judi Thomases.

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