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A lot of busy-ness and travel have gotten in the way of putting out this newsletter on a monthly basis, so I've kind of fallen into a bimonthly report.

As some of you may know, Mars is retrograde - has been since January 24th, and will remain so until April 14th, hanging out in the worker-bee sign of Virgo.  Now, in general, a retrograde Mars (which doesn't happen too often) indicates delays in projects and also irritation.  Several of my projects are definitely on hold, including a book manuscript being edited - but not until May, they say - and an interactive web endeavor which has not been able to move forward.  I'm sure many of you are experiencing the same frustrating effort to push or propel your desires forward while it feels as though brick walls or boulders are in the way. 

Another aspect of the Mars retrograde can be irritation.  I have lots to be irritated about!  For instance, my blog server, GoDaddy, suggested that I drop a second hosting package as unnecessary... and then promptly lost my entire blog!  Repeated correspondence with the tech department (a) threatened to  cost me $150 to restore the erased folder, and (b) demanded that I do a series of tech steps to allow them to restore what they lost.  Grrr!  Needless to say, this irritated me to the point of writing to the president of the company to get satisfaction.  Which I have!

I've got a few of these relatively-trivial-in-the-larger-scheme-of things-but-annoyingly-irritating-experiences going on in daily life.  I think Mars in its retrograde motion asks you not to give up but to keep chugging away, perhaps at the same time working on emotions so that you can lay to rest anger.  I'll keep trying to do so, of course, but at the same time look forward to that good ol' station direct on April 14th.  By the time you read this, it will be very near.

Take heart!  It's all transitory anyway.  But it's good to acknowledge the energy patterns so that you can know what you're dealing with, and how long it may last. 

Judi from Del-Aware 


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Book Review: "The Out-Of-Body Experience: The History And Science Of Astral Travel", by Anthony Peake (Watkins Publishing)
 I was attracted to this book via a book review; it's on a topic I'm interested in.  In particular, I'm fascinated to know how science is handling mystical experiences... and what theories are postulated to explain them.  For those of us who are naturally psychic, and have had frequent paranormal excursions - which include astral travel, but also precognition, shamanism, visions, channeling, visitations, etc - the life-altering astonishment of a one-time event such as a near-death out-of-body seems overblown.  It's understandable, of course, in a layman's daily life, but is no big deal in an intuitive's.  So, in reading such material, I have to ramp down my expectations to remember that most people interact with the world quite differently than I and my colleagues do.

The author, an economist with an abiding interest in the paranormal ever since encountering a few people whose stories did not jibe with normal reality, has taken a researcher's approach to many things that fall into the mystical category, such as remote viewing, lucid dreaming, bi-location, non-physical guides, the third eye, rainbow beings, life after life, and the continuation of consciousness apart from the body and its brain.  Although it was somewhat disappointing to find him discussing case histories and third-party accounts rather than his own incidents, it was nevertheless pleasant to see his rigorous application of strict parameters and neutral observations.  He uses lots of formal studies from organizations and professionals, applying a practical approach of inquiry and listening.  Still, it's the Western mind grappling with the numinous realm... always a struggle! 


Among the best of his reported discoveries are that (a) in OOBs (out-of-body experiences), one feels that he/she is in the same reality but has moved apart from one's physical body or soma, and is quite aware of the transition, such as floating upwards, "rolling out", walking through wall, etc., but in LDs (lucid dreams), one is instantly transported to a new scene without the sense of journeying; and (b) OOBs seem to take place in the "real world" whereas LDs give an experience of waking up within a dream world.  Adding further complexity, since experiments to induce the subject to report back with verifiable evidence of his/her ecsomatic experience (a coined word meaning OOB), such as reading information left high up on shelves that only a ceiling floater could see, were constant failures, the author is led to the theory that OOB-rs could enter only one of three different realities: the consensus reality (Locale 1, our regular world, which doesn't seem to be the case in these experiments), a similar but different reality (Locale 2, a middle world that's not quite here and now), or a faraway reality (Locale 3, the dream world).


This is all wonderful scientific analysis of mysterious phenomena that leads the rational mind to conclude commonality between powerful incidents of OOB, LD, NDE (near-death experience), remote viewing, and the like, and asks great questions such as Are there transition states within your journey? Or, Is this locale the same or different from the real world?  This road of inquiry inevitably leads to concepts involving holograms, virtual worlds, the effect of mind upon tangibility, and all such mind-benders.  When questioning how reality is built, and where it is located, it's impossible not to touch upon quantum physics!  Are we all living in a lucid dream in which both PMR (physical matter reality) and NPMR (non-physical matter reality) are both being created by a TBC (The Big Computer, i.e., a god force)?!


What can I say?  No matter what science deduces, it will still have trouble with the typical mystic's reality.  For me, e.g., my spirit guides telepathically channel words of wisdom to me (from which reality to which reality?); I was taken OOB and shown my empty shell while a more real "me" - older and male - was shown invisibly in a mirror behind and to the left of my shell (who was he?! And from whence?); visions of great import are routinely conveyed, lighting the future path for me and for humankind (how can science address that?); and once while watching a shoot-'em-up movie with my husband, the entire theater and then the entire world became a mere projection that lasted long enough for me to grasp the concept (that it's all a dream, it's all maya, the Hindu world for illusion).


The scientists are catching up, but there's still much, much more to dissect and comprehend.  Not only is the entire world - consensus or dream - a fabrication of mind, but even more mind-blowing indeed, it's a fabrication of the Mind of God.  There is Plan and Design behind it all.  There is purpose and meaning.  In this new, cerebral Age of Aquarius, the scientific mind will be pulled to merge with the mystical mind, and so much more will be revealed.


There is no reason not to read this book!  I hope this author and all other meticulous and passionate scientific researchers keep writing this stuff.  The visionary, thought-based intangibility of "consensus reality" is truth, and will be discovered.  If you know of similar literature, please keep me posted.  WELL RECOMMENDED.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

cvr design
Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling- Apr. '12

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages




When things are looking bleak or glum, that is the moment/instant for you to develop spiritual muscle.

Spiritual muscle, by definition, is not anything physical.  It does not lie in your body (although it can affect the cellular structures, and thereby improve your health or give you additional strength).  Spiritual muscle consists of a type of discipline in which you go through steps/stages of awareness to change your outlook and begin to create new reality.

The first step is to stop the endless production of similar and negative thoughts that have produced the feeling of gloom.  This looping of thought is mostly/often unconscious, and goes on in the back of the mind endlessly, affecting mood and suppressing the immune system.  Once the thought-loop is stopped momentarily/temporarily, you are free to recognize yourself as in its thrall; in other words, helpless and enslaved to your own unconscious thought-production.  This insight is enjoyable, for it switches mastery from elsewhere to your conscious control.

Step two involves replacement.  The gloomy outlook, fueled by negative thoughts, is yours to change/alter.  Some type of positive thought must be at the ready, to replace the negatives.  It behooves you ahead of time, in daily life, to develop a basketful of positive thoughts, otherwise called optimism.  Optimistic thoughts can be at the ready to replace any gloomy ones.  For example,gas prices are climbing and affecting my wallet.  This will make me poor.  At the ready:My income is increasing proportionately, and no matter what happens, I will be fine.  At this stage, it matters not if your optimism is realistic or fantastic.  The point is, you have successfully mastered thoughts that lead to emotions.

Step three is to validate the switch by observing your new emotional state.  A frown can turn to a smile; a heavy heart can feel lifted.  Nothing has changed in your life so far, outwardly, but much has altered inwardly.

Finally, with this brighter outlook, based on nothing yet but supposition and faith, your interaction with the world will be seen as altered.  Relationships with others will probably improve, for you will greet others with smiles instead of worry lines.  Their anxiety will be soothed by your good will.  You will be buoyed by your new-found victory over an inward process.  And thus, all will become well... until the next round of negative thinking.

We are not promising a rose garden; we are giving a suggestion, tried and true, for the production of wellbeing, over and over again, as many times as need be, until your world becomes peaceful and nice.

Think what it would be like if a majority of people could do this even in the face of bad news!  Think how personal wellbeing and optimistic faith can change reality locally until it ripples outward!  This is not pollyanna-ism; it is the use of spiritual muscle, and should and will be developed in the coming years, as enthusiastically as people now pursue physical fitness.

That is all.


� 2012 by Judi Thomases



Happily, a long-lasting pattern in the stars continues to affect the world in a positive way: Europe is getting control of its debt, the U.S. stock market has topped 13,000, money is flowing again, and the world-wide economy is growing (Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto in a Grand Earth Trine).  On the 4th, people will be inspired and more sensitive (Mercury station direct in Pisces).  On the 10th, the overall transformation of government, banking and corporations continues (Pluto station retrograde in Capricorn) while a lively and innovative period provides excitement (Venus sextile Uranus).  Productivity goes forward after the 14th (Mars station direct in Virgo).  A new effort to bring more enlightenment into the materialistic sphere is seen after the 21st (New Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune), and progressive new ideas will be possible after the 23rd (Mercury out of its shadow, sextile Uranus).

America is in a period of shifting alliances (Uranus square Jupiter in H7), and although we are less clouded about our ideals and ever more practical, we are seeking a better balance with faith or spirituality (Neptune off U.S. Moon, in Grand Water Trine to Venus in H7 and progressed Saturn in H11).  The time-frame is difficult for change regarding the job market, profits, and healthcare (Pluto station retrograde conjunct H2, quinqunx Uranus in H6) because rising costs are squeezing wallets, blocking loans, and increasing debt (Saturn in t-square to Pluto in H2, and Fortuna/Mercury in H8...) but the slowdown is actually helpful (...Saturn trine Moon).  Offsetting these problems, a different trend is marvelous for growth and prosperity in trade, investments, and real estate (Jupiter in Taurus sextile Sun/progressed Jupiter).  We'll see some smart ideas and helpful practical news on the 4th (Mercury station direct trine Mercury), but aggression vies with peace negotiations on the 6th (Full Moon in Libra conjunct progressed Moon/Mars in H10).  The 14th is lively (Venus conjunct Uranus) and excellent for the wedding and travel industries (Mars station direct sextile Venus exact).  In fact, love and kindness are in the air on the 17th and 21st, respectively (Venus conjunct Descendant, trine progressed Moon).  

President Obama experiences a positive transformation regarding his career (Pluto trine Pluto), and is gradually toning down any lingering willfulness (Saturn sextile Node/Uranus...) but he remains vulnerable and deluded (Neptune square Moon, quinqunx Mercury).  This is an important karmic turning point (Saturn square Saturn in H12) during which he can be stymied and depressed about hidden matters (...Saturn conjunct progressed Mars/progressed Mercury).

Republican candidate Mitt Romney is finding it hard to realize his dream (Pluto station retrograde square Neptune exact), and is confused regarding the right direction (Neptune square progressed Node), but he'll have some new options (Uranus sextile Midheaven).  He'll remain calm and steady all month (progressed Moon trine progressed Saturn), and has a terrific aspect for speechifying and decision-making (Jupiter sextile Mercury).  (Romney, as I wrote last September is "confused and seen as weak through late March... [but] has an improved message and increasing likeability after April 8th.")

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum is getting battle-hardened (Pluto sextile Mars), and finds success during the first half of the month especially (Jupiter conjunct MC/Sun).  Yet he could also experience upsets and tension with little permanence (progressed Moon opposite progressed Uranus), and either a windfall or a sudden separation now (Uranus conjunct Venus).  Newt Gingrich is inventive (Uranus sextile Uranus) but rather hopelessly deluded (progressed Mercury conjunct Neptune; Neptune square Mercury).  A crisis, possibly involving a female, could cause him to drop out (Pluto station retrograde opposite progressed Moon).


For more forecasts, check out my articles "Destiny in the Balance", "Making a Case for the U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant", and "9/11: Ten Years Later" now posted on my website.

(c) 2012 by Judi Thomases.

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