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For those who might be interested in following "the adventures of Judi", August has been a pretty active month.  I joined a new group that I found through - the Delaware Tarot Society.  The meeting was quite remarkable.  Our hostess Rebecca, in true Cancerian style, as I came to discover, made us a delicious artichoke risotto (Cancers, of course, love to feed and nurture their guests). 


The proceedings were fascinating... six of us, from all walks of life, without much preamble or introduction, dived into a Tarot boardgame that elicited the deepest, most personal questions that we could choose.  The point was to advance around the board until someone reached the center point while studying the cards appropriate to each move, and answering questions or otherwise actively participating in simple tasks like storytelling that were completely self-chosen and fitting to the chosen placement.  It also gave us a chance to hone our psychic abilities by focusing on each card that we handled in the course of play.  The point was to find inner answers to our challenges and to do so openly with a group of intuitives whose desire all around the table was to help everyone probe profoundly into their karmic predicaments. 


The end result was intriguing because here was a group of people - perhaps second cousins to the holistic fellows I usually gather with - who were exploring deep emotional growth and clarity of self-awareness without bothering to do all the usual introductory prelude.  We just got down to it.  Even if some of us were strangers, on the deepest inner level we were not.  We were fellow travelers seeking guidance.  And we were all healers of one sort or another, at different stages on our own journey, looking to find wisdom.


I felt that the sense of belonging to a universal archetype was never stronger, even at the same time that I felt a little odd with this new group of offbeat kindred souls.  I'll be pursuing this new path to see where it leads!



Judi from Del-Aware 


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Movie Review: "THE HELP", Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Cicely Tyson, Sissy Spacek (Dreamworks/Touchstone Pictures)

I enjoyed this movie but I was at the same time dissatisfied.  "The Help" looks at the civil rights movement in American in the Sixties from a hitherto unexplored perspective - that of the domestic situation between white Southerners (primarily housewives) and their black domestic help: their maids.


Poignant, humorous, shameful, courageous, and sometimes outrageous, this chick-flick certainly evoked lots of emotion as we learned about the poor black women's plight, their desperation to keep their painfully ill-paid jobs, and the tyranny of entitled bitchy young white female bosses.  A major point made during the movie was the unconditional love the black maids gave to their white infant charges who invariably grew up to become the very same despotic, cruel bosses of the next generation in southern white households.  So our emotions, as moviegoers, were quite manipulated even though the story being told was essentially true.


My beef, moreover, was that the characters were one-dimensional, painted either as the saintly downtrodden victims or the nasty and pitiless employers.  Nothing's ever like that in real life.  People's actions are motivated by their fears, and sometimes their hopes.  I was longing for better writing!


Nevertheless, the movie managed to distribute fairly evenly amongst the races the good guys and the bad guys, although every instance of negative behavior by the African-American characters was shown as, if not just or innocent, then motivated by dire desperation.  That included a gross action involving food.  And a white female lead was so blatantly one-dimensional in her hatred and arched and arrogant behavior that, to me, it was cartoonish.  Even our heroine journalist, who exposes the painful goings-on, thereby doing her share to bring change and enlightenment to an insidious hidden racist problem in the deep south of Mississippi, was portrayed as goodness and purity personified.


My fellow moviegoers - i.e., my retirement community's "ladies who lunch" - seemed unanimously happy with the satisfactory emotional rewards of this tear-jerker... uh, I mean, chick-flick.  And in fact I, too, felt a bit of eye moisture during the course of the movie.  It's fun to watch although it's certainly not great filmmaking.  But considering the batch of stuff that's out there nowadays, it gets my recommendation.  I just hope there are still some really good writers waiting in the wings to give us a few truly deep and satisfying movies once again, but until then, happy trails, all my fellow moviegoers...!


Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

cvr design
Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling- Sept. '11

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages


A COSMIC PLAN         



We have before us a plan.  It has no specific beginning - or, we might say, it has already begun.  And it has no deadline.  Nevertheless, here is our concept:


We may say that before all else can be accomplished, the human mind must become observant and ready for its next phase.  This phase will require readjustment in the form of a wrenching twist, or shift.  There will not be much about it that comes easily or does not require effort.


The change in consciousness occurs in increments, not instantaneously.  The plan is to force the individual out of selfish self-containment whereby all motivation is for personal pleasure and gain, but toward a new reality... that unless one is in it for the greater good, to actually become one's brother's keeper, things don't work and they fall apart.  The plan, then, is to resist the urge to act selfishly and to learn the reason why it's generally better to act and to behave as though one's personal gain or reward depends upon the maximum gain or reward for the many.


Obviously, this is not a plan that has been designed by average people, for they are the very ones who will be sausaged into the new mentality, and so they are not the ones who are enthusiastically on-board from the beginning.  Such a plan has had to be designed from a different source, another angle, a place of removal from the daily thrust.  This plan is what can be labeled A Cosmic Plan.


Now is the time, because now is when the human mind, being fully developed, has reached mastery of the planet's resources and the scientific, technological know-how, but has been limited by a lack of wisdom.  Wrong values are what harm each other and strip the planet.  Wrong-headed mentality is the result not of lack of capability, but of self-serving.  A closed heart plus a developed brain is a formula for disaster.  Egoistic desire plus superior skills has caused the downfall, not just of civilizations, but even of galaxies!


Thus, a plan exists.  It is in place.  It is the last recourse, we might say.  It is a make-or-break endeavor.  The heart center of the average person is being stretched, pulled, and challenged.  Blockage, resistance, and ice are slowly being overcome.  Bridging between people's hearts and their minds is being heavily re-emphasized, shaped into linkage within the individual and between multiple individuals.  Actions based upon personal self-aggrandizement are being weighed as lacking, insensitive, foolish.  And caring and nurturing are being highlighted and applauded.


The shift will not be sudden; it will not be without struggles.  But it is happening.  And it is a manifestation of a greater purpose.  Be assured things are not going down the drain, and the world is not going to hell in a handbasket.  Quite the contrary, a light is shining and there is aspiration toward that beam.



2011 by Judi Thomases

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Readers of this column might remember a prediction in the May 2011 issue about Moammar Gaddafi:


"... [he] might prove very hard to dislodge at this time as he has supportive and protective aspects (Saturn trine his Gemini Sun through September; Jupiter sextile his 29 Gemini Jupiter in late May). If he is still in command over the summer, he will face a huge power struggle by mid September, with violence, upheavals, and loss of control (Pluto station retrograde square Moon exact; Saturn leaving trine to Sun)."


Much of the world seems to be going nuts, with the bloody violence in Syria and Libya connected to the "Arab Spring", with mob riots and thuggery in the UK, with previous riots in Greece, and here in America with the stock market on a wild rollercoaster ride, and fears of a second recession as this is being written.  (A lot of this is a reflection of the outer planets in square to each other - rebellious Uranus square to transformative Pluto).  Another factor that has been occurring brings restriction and limitation on the homefront.This will last until September 25th (a Saturn Return in the U.S. chart square to the natal Sun, especially as Saturn is now returning to the same degree [17 Libra] it had previously stationed at in late January). 


In addition to global disruption and American limitation, we're facing the beginning of a presidential election campaign pitting extremely polarized points of view against one another.  Before I look at specific aspects, I just want to say that some have compared America's trajectory to that of  the Roman Empire - its arc, its glory, and its ultimate fall.  To my mind, the Roman Empire represented the peak of Yang energy - that is to say, the male ego in its full grandeur but also with all of its pitfalls.  When force coupled with egotism manifests in a way that's tyrannical and even insane, it brings the structure of society to its eventual end and results in a period of lunacy.  Are we on the same track?  Will those who are narcissistic, ruthless, and in power be able to give up their dominion?


It's against this question that we can look at some of the presidential contenders and Obama himself.


For the latter, he is facing a trial of karmic proportions throughout the remainder of this administration (Saturn, ruler of H12, square Saturn in H12, conjunct progressed Mars/progressed Mercury, progressed Descendant, opposite Fortuna).  He will feel stymied and unhappy about his responsibilities and limitations.  In fact, he could feel bullied (Solar Arc Pluto from H7 conjunct progressed Mercury, square Saturn).  Because Election 2012 sees him heavy-hearted (Solar Arc Moon in H6 opposite Saturn), the picture does not look good for re-election.  Thus, it's fair to ask the question: (With multiple placements in Leo including the Sun, the Node, and an angle of his chart), will he be able (if it should come to that) to accept defeat?  Will he be able to let go and walk away with pride?


Let's take a look at some of the other contenders.  It's no surprise that Aries Michele Bachman's chart (4/6/56, 12:08 PM, Waterloo, IA) looks lit up like a rocket now (progressed Mercury Rx now conjunct natal Venus in H10; progressed Venus station retrograde; progressed Midheaven conjunct Fortuna; progressed Sun, chart ruler, conjunct South Node)!  It's a destiny thing!  And she will resonate with a large part of the nation, especially females (natal Moon conjunct U.S. Moon in late Aquarius; natal Node conjunct U.S. Ascendant).  The question is if she can keep the momentum going, especially after February 2012 (transiting Saturn station retrograde conjunct Neptune exact).  She might be asked to take just a pioneering secondary role in which she campaigns strenuously (transiting Mars conjunct Ascendant from late September - early November 2011) but should gain some kind of rewards by Election Day (transiting Jupiter sextile her Midheaven).


Another top contender is Pisces Mitt Romney (3/12/47, 9:51 AM, Detroit, MI).  He's a lucky and sensitive guy (Sun trine Jupiter/Moon in water; Grand Air Trine; Fortuna/Venus at the top conjunct Aquarius Midheaven) who is now confused about his goals, misunderstood, and perhaps seen as weak through late March (progressed IC leaving conjunction to Neptune; progressed Mercury/progressed Sun SQQ Neptune).  However, from April 8th through Summer 2012, his message improves and his likability increases, giving him a better shot for the Republican National Convention in late August (progressed Mercury, chart ruler, SSX progressed Venus from H10; good progressed Moon aspects).  He makes a strong showing in October (progressed Moon conjunct progressed Midheaven, trine Pluto; progressed Mercury SSX progressed Mars), and by late November he is quite empowered (progressed Pluto trine progressed Midheaven).  Furthermore, by Inauguration in late January 2013, he is under a success aspect (Jupiter station direct at 6 Gemini trine his Midheaven exact).  He could be the person who defeats Obama (Romney's Pluto conjunct Obama's Sun).


Rick Perry, also a Pisces (4/4/50, 10:40 AM, Haskell, TX), is another lucky contender (also Venus at the top conjunct an Aquarian Midheaven... and it's the chart ruler!), with a message the nation likes (his Jupiter/Mercury conjunct the U.S. Moon).  But he has some built-in problems, such as being seen as overly idealistic (shades of Obama!) (Neptune conjunct South Node in Libra), distant or unpopular with women (Moon/Saturn opposite Sun), and too militaristic (Aries Node; Mars/South Node in Libra).  The end of 2011 through early February finds him facing an upsetting crisis (progressed Moon SQQ Pluto, opposite Uranus).  He puts up a terrific fight from July 9th-August 16th, right before the nomination process (progressed Moon square Mars/Node, SSQ Mercury) but in the end, he does not look like a winner (progressed Moon square Neptune, QNX Pluto by Jan-mid Feb '13). 



For more forecasts, check out my articles "Destiny in the Balance" on my website , and, "Making a Case for the U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant" now posted on my website.  And look for my new article in September Dell Horoscope, on newsstands now: "9/11: Ten Years Later"

(c) 2011 by Judi Thomases.

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