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The Official Newsletter of Wisdom Path, by Judi Thomases 
        Astrology & Channeled Guidance in Every Issue                                                         May 2011  Volume 46

          Well, it's almost moving time again!  The interim has sped by as the new house is being built, and very soon it'll be boxes and bedsprings and trucks once more.  That means that next month's newsletter may be late arriving... or skipped.  I'll see how it goes as I go with the flow.

Meantime, this is truly the New Phase of my life.  As I look ahead I see many changes - for me and for the world - many are good but it's not an easy period.  Right now, I slog through Saturn - on my career point and square my Capricorn Sun, a very blocked and challenging period.  Not much gets done (outwardly) during such a time; it must all be inward and patient.  I weigh the tasks still to be accomplished, and I see that there's much yet to do "before I sleep".  Writing, counseling, teaching, publishing, maybe even via the internet...  A friend tells me I came to him in a dream as a guide, and helped him reach the deep realization of his true work.  He's been reading my second book, and thus my role in his higher connection makes sense.  The new book, having been channeled through (and collaboratively with) the Brotherhood of Light Workers, is deeply, profoundly transformative.  Its truths are what I'm supposed to teach, if Saturn ever lets go and cuts me a break!

I'll bet many of you are examining your real purpose lately.  The world is calling that forth, isn't it?  It's the right time for deep introspection and serious choice.  What are you here for?  What's your deepest mission or your most important work at times like this?  Why did you choose to incarnate during this crazy epoch, and for what bliss or benefit?  If things were all love and light right now, would your service be as needed?

Check out my blog posting for some inspiration this month.

Love, light & perseverance,


My new contact info is: Wisdom Path/Judi Thomases, 612 King James Ct., Bear DE 19701.  Starting in June, the address will change to: 99 Cherry Hill Rd., Magnolia DE 19962.  Cell phone is still 845-548-8200, and our new land-line phone # is 302-832-2127.  Use or for all email contact because is no longer active.

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Movie Review: "Limitless", starring Bradley Cooper     


Enjoyable but ultimately weak.  Why? 


I'm always glad to see Hollywood explore philosophical themes, such as here when unlimited potential can be unleashed just by popping a pill.  The question is raised during this film: what can be achieved with a life when a chemical substance can release all the brain's latent ability, bringing superhuman powers of mentality and ultra-clear thinking?  What does super-functioning man look like, and how does he behave?


In my opinion, the movie falls short of the mark because the writers can't conceive of goals beyond the typical young-soul ones of fame/wealth/power.  The movie is fun, and doesn't lag, plus it has some terrific dialogue especially between Cooper's character and Robert DeNiro's to illustrate the power games taking place between two "masters of the universe".  But the goals of the characters lack higher aspiration.


When a loan shark "enforcer" gets hold of the pill, his goal changes from thuggery to import-export business success.  When the leading man gets addicted to it, his goal is to amass wealth in stock market trading, and then become a politician!  When the girlfriend pops a pill, she figures out how to elude a hitman.  When a businessman gets hooked, he has a meteoric rise on Wall Street.


Is that all there is??!


What about the Law of Attraction?  What about humanitarianism in today's battered world?  What about the goals of service and loving kindness?  And why not excel in reaching your divine nature, your self-realization, if you've tapped into so much unlimited potential?  None of this is even considered in this film.  It would have been oh-so-much-more satisfying if the schlub who was down on his luck found the key to interior latent powers and began using them for others' enrichment besides just his own.  The movie might just have had a heroic ending.  This guy could've ended up solving world hunger, for instance, instead of just becoming a rich, smug, get-the-beautiful-girl politico of the screenwriters' limited imagination!


Well, hopefully it's a start.  Can you imagine the possibilities if Hollywood were to start producing works of real mental grandeur?  But first steps are always good.  Now I'll look forward to viewing "Source Code" (free will versus fate) and "The Adjustment Bureau" (ditto).  Hope they'll be fun and mind-expanding but in any case, this is why I love sci-fi! 



Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling- May '11

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases   


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages



If you are wondering where to begin, begin at the point where YOU start.  Where is that?  You begin at your moment of knowing - not a second sooner, nor later.  All else is memory or projection.  The only thing that is You is the knowledge of self - the self-awareness in each moment.  The question to be asked is: who am I in this moment?  What constitutes the nature of my identity and the purpose it is here aiming at?


Now, for all you know, ages of history behind you have led you to this moment, and they remain in your psyche, churning, bundled, activated by thoughts here and there, and encompassing  your notion of yourself.  Whereas for all you know, ahead lies acres of new efforts, new tests and lessons, new accomplishments, and a new trajectory towards your improved self.  However, both the ancient stuff and the incipient fresh starts do not  really exist in you in this moment.  As said, they are either memories or projections.


So let's get down to it.  The true you is only that which exists as awareness right here, right now, and can be built and created in as new and fresh a way as you wish.  This is the most liberating concept you can grasp, for it leaves you essentially clean, essentially free, essentially a blank slate. 


Now, we do not say to throw out your hard-gained wisdom with the bathwater.  It has sunk deep, and now comprises your beliefs about what life is, and your values as to what is desirable.  Your ancient experiences - even just yesterday's - have molded you into the shape that you are in this fresh moment.  Go from there.  Shape new desires.  Bring to bear important new beliefs.  Start afresh.  If everyone does this, the world will be rejuvenated as well as yourself.  The New Human starts with you, and you start in this moment.


That is all. 


2011 by Judi Thomases

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The session combines astrology (dates, energy, patterns), Tarot and AstroDice (oracles, psychic info). We'll see the energy patterns unfold, and determine how best to navigate them with awareness; your wisdom and empowerment will deepen. 
Email me at for details and appointments



            This month, for a change I'm going to play with some players' charts!  Will Donald Trump run?  If so, will he give President Obama a run for his money?

            First, let's look at their synastry (comparison of charts).  They are natural enemies (Trump's Mars on Obama's Uranus/Node in H7), with Trump able to provoke upsetting fights that have a karmic purpose, possibly bringing out explosive antagonistic energies in both men (Obama's Mars square Trump's Sun/Uranus in H10).  It's as though these two guys have an ancient grudge to explore... two rival Kings at swords!  Trump can pressure Obama to change (Trump's Pluto on Obama's Sun in H6), forcing issues about work to the forefront, and perhaps even cause an effect upon Obama's health (e.g., stress).  However, they are well-matched and on equal footing (Saturn opposite Saturn).  Although they can be charming and diplomatic with each other (Obama's Venus conjunct Trump's Mercury), in truth Trump can't stand Obama (Trump's Venus opposed by Obama's Saturn)!  Trump is not shy about his urges (Mars in Leo in a Gauquelin degree on his 29 degree Ascendant - to wit, the hair!), and will say what he chooses.

            Will Trump run?  Mid June 2011 sees a lot of activity in his career (transiting Mars cross Trump's Midheaven), and a definitive choice one way or another (Lunar Eclipse conjunct his Moon in H4).  His family's needs will be the deciding factor.  By mid November 2011, he'd be blocked and unpopular (transiting Saturn square natal Saturn/Venus), and perhaps even fiscally challenged despite his boasts (natal Neptune in H2 square Mercury).  In my opinion, Trump could definitely "stir the pot" between June and the end of 2011, but would be wise not to pursue this prize.

            Of course, the next question is: can Obama win a second term?  That's a lot trickier to answer at this stage of the game.  Here's what we can see:  throughout 2012, Obama is faced with setbacks, frustration, power struggles, even grave threats in unmasking serious secrets (transiting Saturn, ruler of H12 from H12, square natal Saturn, conjunct progressed Mars/progressed Mercury/solar arc Pluto while the latter is conjunct progressed Mars in H8), making the year a most difficult uphill climb.  In June 2012, he is either quite confused and vulnerable, or living in a fantasy about his home/homeland and finances (transiting Neptune, ruler of H2, stations retrograde exactly square his Moon in H4, and quinqunx his progressed Sun in H8).  These hard aspects, along with his over-idealistic natal pattern (Sun/Mercury, Jupiter t-square to Neptune), are like a bubble waiting to be burst, while bringing problems to the nation he's attempting to govern.  His best strategy is to keep reinventing himself while building better alliances (transiting Pluto, ruler of H10 from H7, trine itself from H11).  By September 2012, relief is shown (transiting Saturn leaves conjunction to progressed Mercury) and activity is very strong throughout Election Day of 11/6/11 (Mars in H10).  He gives it his all.  Between Election Day and Inauguration Day, the fantasy encounters reality (Saturn conjuncts Neptune in H9 of government, and squares his Sun in H6 of employment), and by January 2013 there is an emotional crash (solar arc Moon opposite progressed Saturn in H12).

            In summary, while Trump may not be Obama's ultimate nemesis, I think someone else will be, and Obama will not win a second term.




For more forecast of Obama, the economy, and our nation's destiny, check out my articles "Destiny in the Balance" on my website , and, "Making a Case for the U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant".

(c) 2011 by Judi Thomases.

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Dear Judi.


A heartfelt applause, appreciation and thanks for your "Personal Note."  A right-on perspective on our interdependence and what anyone can contribute to the world scene.


Love and Light always,

Alice Kann, Interfaith Minister





Dear Judi,


I want you to know how much I appreciate your site.

I love it.

I thank you for all your hard work / your inspiration.



Mary Aver, Hampstead, London UK 

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