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Ruth Shagoury Who Stole Helen Keller?       

Helen Keller joined the picket line against the debut of the silent film Deliverance, about her own life.

By Ruth Shagoury, teacher educator, Portland, Ore.


Helen Keller worked throughout her long life to achieve social justice; she was an integral part of many social movements in the 20th century. Yet today, she is remembered chiefly as a child who overcame the obstacles of being deaf and blind largely through the efforts of her teacher, Annie Sullivan. While she may be hailed as a "hero" in lesson plans for today's children, the books recount only a fraction of what makes Helen Keller heroic. Read More. 




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The Truth About Helen Keller. Article for teachers and high school students. By Ruth Shagoury. A review of children's picture books about the life of Helen Keller reveals the omission of any description of her active role in key social movements of the 20th century.

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