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Michelle Molitor and Bethany Molitor 

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 "StoryCorps was empowering, encouraging, and I felt--really for the first time--honored as a teacher... Thank you, Teaching for Change." 

--Troy Grant, Prince George's County (Md.)  

high school history teacher



Ramiro Acosta 

Ramiro Acosta, an elementary school teacher in Washington, D.C., shares his story as part of the National Teachers Initiative for StoryCorps in partnership with Teaching for Change.

Teaching for Change is a proud partner of StoryCorps' National Teachers Initiative to honor and celebrate teachers and their contributions by recording, sharing and preserving their stories.

After surpassing the project's goal to honor and celebrate the impact of public school teachers in Washington, D.C. this past August, Teaching for Change and StoryCorps partnered once more to record conversations with teachers in McComb, Mississippi.

"We had a fantastic experience partnering with Teaching for Change," said Nicole Berger, Coordinator of the National Teachers Initiative.

"When we learned of their collaboration with McComb Legacies in Mississippi, we jumped at the chance to work with Teaching for Change again. The work that Teaching for Change and the McComb School District are doing to engage students in transformational learning through oral history interviews is a perfect fit for StoryCorps, and with the National Teachers Initiative, we were able to bring into focus the voices and stories of teachers from the rich Civil Rights history of McComb."     

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Deborah Menkart
Executive Director, Teaching for Change

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