We are pleased to share with you highlights about what we have been able to accomplish already in 2011 thanks to your generous support.

People's Uprisings: Past and Present, Home and Abroad

During these past few months we have witnessed an inspiring response to injustice around the world----starting in Tunisia, spreading to Egypt and then here in the United States in Wisconsin and other states threatened by devastating cuts to social services and the rights of public workers. We have redoubled our efforts to provide teachers with the resources to make these teachable moments. Not only are students learning about the history and need for organized labor----in McComb they are participating in the Young People's Project, a national youth leadership project with a focus on math literacy.


People's Uprisings: Past and Present, Home and Abroad 

Zinn Education ProjectRoving Readers Parent team

Young People's Project 

Sharing Resources. Over 13,000 educators received ideas and resources for teaching about revolution and labor at home and abroad.People's Labor History. We added dozens of titles on or about labor and organizing for all ages to our Zinn Education Project website.Parents Reading Swimmy. Parents and grandparents in our Roving Readers program read Swimmy/Nadarin, a book about organizing for young children, in classrooms. The Young People's Project is now promoting youth leadership in McComb, Miss. In addition, four representatives visited us here in D.C.


Women's Work 

Malalai Joya on Skype 

Parent Power at 2 Schools

Women's Activism. We updated and posted online the complete lesson on women activists from Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching. This is a wonderful lesson for middle school to college.

The Show Will Go On. When the U.S. denied a visa to one of our authors, we Skyped her in---- see story about women's rights activist and politician Malalai Joya's presentation.

Building Parent Power at Two D.C. Schools. This spring parents at two schools have come together to create a quilt and address concerns and joys about the school.

Teaching for Change in the Movies

One of our goals for this year was to share stories about our work on social media and through films. We are off to a great start by launching a blog on our webstore and posting a dozen film clips on our YouTube channel.


Enid Lee at Place at the Table 

Jonathan Tucker at BookstoreLibrarian at Bookstore

samual williams II clip 

Putting Race on the Table. Beyond Heroes and Holidays co-editor Enid Lee delivers a talk on race and education.Backpack Journalist Skye Wheeler captured the spirit of our bookstore at Busboys and Poets through the eyes of a staff member and teacher.Librarian Loves Teaching for Change. Find out why D.C. librarian Eboni Curry sends teachers to our bookstore.Teaching About the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Second grade teacher Mr. Clover explains why he reads Nikki Giovanni's Rosa to his students.

The People Who Make it Happen

Our board, staff, volunteers, advisors, and a wide informal network of teachers and parents make all of this work possible. Meet a few here.


TFC Board Jan 2011Derrick Weston BrownLynda Tredway at Book EventAmber Massey

Meet our four new board members. Don Murray, Sheldon Scott, Sheryl Winarick, and Rahiel Tesfamariam are joining the board this spring. Learn more about them.

Published author. Teaching for Change staff member Derrick Weston Brown published his first book, Wisdom Teeth. Read our interview with the author.Lynda Tredway reads to full house. Lynda (former TFC Board chair) led an interactive session on her book Leading from the Inside Out, at Busboys and Poets along with Joe Feldman.

Volunteers make it happen. We depend on our volunteers, such as Amber Massey who updated and posted online our lesson on women activists.

Spreading the Word

Best of D.C. Logo
Top Three. By popular vote, we made it to the top three on the City Paper's Best of DC Bookstores.National Audience. América Calderón presented with the Center for Applied Linguistics about our Tellin' Stories Project at the annual TESOL convention in New Orleans.A Major Milestone. In just one year, 10,000 teachers registered for the Zinn Education Project website.Award Winner. The film we developed a teaching guide for ---- The Most Dangerous Man in America ---- won a Peabody and many other awards.

Staying Afloat

Of course, all this work requires financial support. We extend our appreciation to all the donors and funders. Please continue to help us to build social justice, starting in the classroom.

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Jammin for Justice Poster 

Afro Peruvian Performance 

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Vote. Our Zinn Education Project (coordinated with Rethinking Schools) was one of just 40 groups selected for the 2011 CREDO ballot. Vote today.

Jammin' for Justice: Phenomenal local musicians donated their time and talent for a Teaching for Change fundraiser at Busboys and Poets. Read more. 

Afro-Peruvian Musical: The GALA Theatre is donating the preview night of this fabulous new show to Teaching for Change. Make a donation for ticket(s) today.

Want your taxes to be used for books, not bombs? Please donate this year's tax return to Teaching for Change, it's an investment in a better future.


Deborah Menkart
Executive Director, Teaching for Change

Board, staff, funders, and partners of Teaching for Change.